The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean “Deep Black”
Discover the revolutionary combination of materials and technologies that make the new “Deep Black” unlike any other watch. Inspired by OMEGA’s pioneering spirit, we have created a Master Chronometer that uses all of our most advanced innovations.


Jim Jones says:

If only they would put some effort into making it thinner
i.e. under 14mm 10-12mm would be perfect. 
I could care less about depth rating an honest 100m is fine for 99.9% of
the people that will buy this watch.  I know
most of the WIS community would say that you can’t even wash your hands with a
100m rating but I personally don’t believe in “hydrostatic pressure”  I only type this because the PO is my favorite
watch I’ve owned 2 but can never get used to the massive size.

Marcus McIntyre says:

I’ll pay $400 for one of those, let me know Omega. I’ll have the cash waiting.

วันนา ชูทองรัตน์ says:

สวยงามเหมือนดั่งเนรมิตรโลดแลนไปกับอนาคต ก้าวล้ำนำสมัยสไตน์จ้าวแห่งเวหาด้วยความดำ ที่ดูสง่างามราวพระราชาแห่งกาลเวลา

luca cossu says:

Can you give me the title Of song?

วันนา ชูทองรัตน์ says:

สวยงามอมตะเหนือกาลเวลา จริงๆๆเลยคะ

Mickey Mouse says:

Very likely the most reliable (and beautiful) watch in its class. Technologically, it’s wondrous! Certainly a grail watch for me.

My Email says:

Omega are realising too many limited editions and new models. Please concentrate on your core models focusing on subtle change. This way models become iconic and valued, you need to play Rolex at their own game if you want to win! Yes dark side of the moon is good and some limited editions but keep the numbers limited so they retain value. Simply making your watches more expensive will not add value to the brand. Please look at the comments from people on utube and notice their comments, value your customers who pay you! The planet ocean is a great watch and great opportunity to be as good as the submariner. Please  make it thinner so it fits under a shirt and please do not change it to much. Lets work towards making all Omega watches timeless and icons like a Rolex Submariner or Omega moonwatch. Omega why do you think the moonwatch and submariner is so iconic? It  is because they don’t change much. SHORT TERM you make a lot of money on mass new limited models. LONG TERM you build a more serious brand and SELLMORE and make MORE PROFIT if you have less limited ediions and focus on quality and EVELOUTION not REVOLUTION of your models. The only Omega I have is the original moonwatch from 2015 and a vintage Omega. My next one is a Rolex unless you change your strategy.

TruePrinceOfWales says:

I’ll have the blue one please.

igor555 says:

oh man what a beauty. i want them all haha

Romero Lins says:


Top Notch says:

if it was 42mm was the perfect watch

El Guapo says:

Epic ! Shut up and take my money 🙂

mark says:

Nice watches and video but awful narration!

FV4030 says:

Hmmm… I’ll replicate the feel by alternately wearing my Planet Ocean and Dark Side Speedmaster. My money will be going on the new Speedmaster Moonphase haha.

Greg Mieg says:

Whats with voice. Sounds retarded

cecilyt006 says:

Geoege Clooney sucks Omega cock, so I REALLY need to get me one of these watches!

Robert says:

It should have been available with a black chrome bracelet.

mero 787 says:

اعطوني وحدا

Mars Alexandre says:

Love the visuals, the time piece as usual is state of the art stunning.
Narrator… Big no no. That voice spoiled everything.
It should have sounded inspiring, instead the voice sounds like a lung cancer terminal patient with deep hate issues.
Sorry… I’ve been an Omega fan for many years and have a ni collection but I had to let you know.

Magoo says:

Superb! Take my $$!

Hea Beoun says:

it will be $3k up I guarantee

Sven Szabo says:

From Universe with Love

TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces says:

Wow love the black and blue.

Jonathan Bray says:

45.5mm though – if they made this in 42mm I’d buy one tomorrow.

Tyler Durden says:

Omega now has the “Batman Bezel”….Kind of.

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