The Best 5 Omega Watches $500 To $2000 & Coolest Used Market Bargains

Today I’m joined by former James Bond star and Omega watch icon Pierce Brosnan to discuss 5 unbelievably cool Omega luxury options from $500 to $2000, available on the used watch market.

Included in the video are some of the most stylish watches from the 50s and 60s – the glory days of the Swiss brand. I review a quirky and highly overlooked affordable conversation piece from the 70s, and arguably their most important watch that helped save the world in the 1940s.

This video would not be complete without a few choices from their most well known and iconic range, the Speedmaster, and of course the Seamaster lines. So even if you are on a budget and no matter your taste, Omega has something for you. Join me and Piece for some horological fun in today’s video!

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Omega Fan Man says:

Great video. I would chase down any 30mm movement. Maybe a CK2605 or CK2495….before word gets out… too late :0)
Ryan Gosling makes some good choices and he goes La La for Omega too in a lot of his movies. I would recommend any newbie going vintage finds a good watchmaker as well. It should not break the bank and a service can avoid bigger repair bills.

Kyle Lopez-Vito says:

Let’s be honest. Most of us initially wanted an Omega because James Bond wears one. Shame 007 never wore a Speedmaster, because it’s the Omega line I’ve come to love.

Pedro Saenz says:

You need to make video in wich the audience sends pictures of Omegas and you them recognice model and aprox date of manufacture. Specially for pre 80s..

Zoltan Szoke says:

Second hand prices ruined in 3..2…1!

marcus szewczyk says:

didn’t they rename the x33 in the minority report film

aRTy1996 says:

I’d love to know what you think of the Omega Deville Trésor Master Co-Axial. I’ve been looking for a dress watch under £10,000 and this one in yellow gold is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. Great video btw!

Grotto Deals says:

That Pierce bit is hilarious! “Better than making F*cking youtube videos about watches!” ha ha ha ha

Shaver Ray says:

Small correction, the Constellation wristwatch was named after an aircraft (the Lockheed Constellation) not the array of stars on the caseback. But no matter, it was an interesting and, as always, well made video.

christopher jensen says:

How can anyone thumb TGV down?? Superb vlog as usual!

SenseiKai says:

What happened to jomashop? Is TGV legit?

Paul Brar says:

Man there’s a lot going on behind you

steve eber says:

I lost my beloved Cosmic a few years ago. The C-case is just too perfect. I replaced it with a C-case Constellation with the white gold coin bezel. Still the most beautiful watch ever made. Best of all, the 500 series movements have never been equaled for reliability and accuracy even by Rolex. Well OK maybe grand Seiko, but who wants that.

Peter Richardson says:

Schumacher Speedy and Bond Seamaster sign me up !

Philipp M says:

I’ve been a watch guy since 2010 when I bought a new Aqua Terra. Now I have 15 watches but it was this one that got me hooked and I still love it. Good to have you back, TGV!

G. Allen Shell says:

Hunting for a reputable dealer where I can find a good vintage Omega Seamaster DeVille. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for the assist.

John Utting says:

What are your views on cal 611 manual ..

George Giesbrecht says:

Have you ever considered doing a video around kinetic watches?

Time2Chase 1 says:

I just need one of each is all.

Edward Henderson says:

Glad to see you’re back TGV. Another gem of a video. Thanks.

David Kleinfeld says:

Omega and Grand Seiko are favored by beta soys……alphas choose Rolex

Hoot AL says:

I never imagined I’d be attracted to a channel called “The Urban Gentry.” I’m a 70 yr old man who lives in rural Missouri, USA with four horses, three dogs, and an independent, strong-willed wife (aren’t they all, wives, that is?)

I discovered the channel when researching watches. My grandparents were born in Switzerland and my great-grandfather worked in the watch the trade. He designed and built a grandfather clock entirely out of wood. Sadly, it was sold long before my time. Also, my great-great uncle, who came from humble beginnings became a self-taught watch engineer and eventually became a part owner of a small watch factory near Geneva. From childhood I was fascinated about everything Swiss. In 1964 my grandparents gave me my first Swiss watch, a 21 jewel automatic, from that very factory. I wore that watch for twenty years, ubtil it finally quit running. Like everyone, the next years of the 70’s and 80’s were all about quartz watches. I wore Casio watches for the next twenty years. But I never forgot my love of a Swiss mechanical movement and the quality of a well-made metal watch, not plastic! So about five years ago I researched the market and bought an Orient Mako. I wanted a durable work watch and decided a driver would be best. Here in Missouri the summers get hot and dry. I make hay and am wet from sweat and covered with dust for weeks at a time. I also ride horses as well as take care of them, often involving dirty work. My cheap quartz watches would quite after a month or two.

I love my Orient but it’s pretty beat up after five years of abuse. Thus my recent quest for a watch and discovery of your wonderful channel. The more I watched, the more you, as a person, impressed me. I agree with your whole philosophy about life, especially the belief that being a “gentleman” is so much more than what you own. On the other hand, what you own and how you care for those possessions says a deal about who you are as an individual. It’s attaining that balance and a desire to continue to improve your mind and body and makes you “gentry”. I may not be “urban” but I’d be proud to be called gentry by you. So wonderful to have met you. Thank you for providing such excellent YouTube videos. Sincerely, Hoot AL, USA.

Blaine Cole says:

You present such an interesting combination of classic British reserve, passion, and nonchalance. Cheers for another interesting and informative production.

TheMrFishnDucks says:

Number 4 Scary Door…indeed. Another great video. Awesome watches. Keep up the good work.

Hungry Jacks says:

The quote unquote moon landing

Myke Ross says:

Best intro ever made !!!

Michael Zuccardo says:

Excellent video. I have the Blake, pre Bond 300 pro Seamaster. I just hand a full service done, and it runs great…right in spec. I paid $1,700 for it, and it’s in mint condition. Absolutely my favorite watch of the 20 or so that I have in my collection.

jammasterj13 says:

You should have your own TV show go global geeza! Beats that money cunt Martin Lewis any day of the week. This is the only interesting channel on youtube…lol..

Jorge Rivera says:

Great video – enjoyed it.

Thomas Jones says:


FlaneurSolitaire says:

Best intro ever.

Canadian Polak says:

I have to say Omegas are great watches but I would only buy second hand. If you can score a great deal it’s best bang per buck. I bought a solid gold 1960’s Seamaster for 700 Canadian 2 years ago from a guy who needed money quick. I wear the watch daily since I got it. Keeps great time and looks like a Patek. My wife also has a two tone rose gold Constellation w mop face with factory diamonds around. Bought that for 1700 Canadian. Watch new is around 10k. So yeah just do your research and you can find these great watches for cheap.

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