The Best $400 I Ever Spent! – A Super Classy Mechanical Watch From Luxury Swiss Brand Omega

In today’s video I review a unique and classy watch packed with character. This 1950s manual wind Omega (Ref.2496) has true vintage charm, a dial like marble, and is made by an iconic luxury Swiss brand with an in-house mechanical movement. This is the best $400 I have ever spent on a watch so far! Not only is it amazing value for money but Omega watches from this era have become increasingly fashionable after a similar reference was seen on Ryan Gosling’s wrist in the 2016 Hollywood movie “La La Land”.

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Mauricio Olguín says:

Such a great piece!

No User says:

TGV, you complain about the size of modern timepieces all the time. You need to understand that your feminine wrists are an exception, becasue the market nowadays is mostly men with large wrists. Brands are trying to appeal to customers.

Polished Buttons says:

Great video as usual, I just purchased a manual late sixties Omega also! Loving it.

Tim Schubardt says:

Great video. I love vintage Omegas.:)

Alex Montez says:

The director of La La Land seems to be on a mission to revive Jazz, with this movie and his previous movie, Whiplash. ..that’s a good thing. Emma Stone is talented and beautiful, too.

Xavier Lomnicki says:

Hey TGV, I’ve been wondering what happened to your Tag Heuer GMT that your friend gave you?

Jaypee TV says:

Can’t afford watches so I just come here to watch your watches lol

oba says:

I don’t like patina that much. I mean, it’s far more better then a repainted dial.. those are just awful. Patina also has some charm as well, it shows that this watch is very old, but its still kicking 🙂 I got to admit that. But it would be so amazing to see this Omega in its “clean” glory, with a nice, shiny original dial. Personally I don’t know what patina is precisely, but as I can tell, it cannot be removed gently. Anyway, very nice watch, absolutely worth the money, great value. Enyoy it TGV! 🙂 I’m also planning to get a nice 38 mm vintage Omega or Zenith with a subsecond. I just love classy vintage watches with arabic numerals and subsecond. Can you recommend me other brands other than Omega or Zenith in this category and in this sub 400 usd price range? Thank you!

Joel Damron says:

I would love to hear your opinion of the Bulova Accutron II Alpha with the quartz precisionist movement. I know you love the original 60’s watch and I do as well, but I fear it will be a bit too small for my wrist. Clearly the new one is not as “iconic” as the original and does not carry the same sort of emotion or meaning, but I am curious as to whether or not you believe it is a good watch nonetheless and worth getting given its larger size. Love your videos, always fun and enjoyable to watch! Thank you

100th Monkey says:

I think you’ve set the trend for vintage Omegas Trissty. Seeing them all over these days!

Unkle Terry says:

Superb vintage piece & a lovely review.
Anyone can wear a 34 or 36,it’s a huge mistake to dismiss the smaller case sizes…I did for years & missed out on purchasing some stunning watches.
The patina on the dial & hands on this Omega are really quite special & I hope it’s a piece you keep in your collection.
I have a 1960s Vostok dress watch with a very very similar case design which makes me wonder if some Soviet mischief took place regarding copying the design…all is forgiven as Vostok included a screw-in case back with an extra large gasket to improve water resistance!!
Bon Chance TGV!

Jeremy Corrao says:

Beautiful dial!! Great intro too man! Have a happy Mother’s Day!!

Claes Holm says:

Hey TGV, just found this vintage omega, thought it was really cool, reminds me a little bit of your tissot!—limitiert-auf-1945-st–id5809235.htm

Tobi 911 says:

What a beautiful watch, congrats for buying it once again. The dial aged so beautifully! A really stunning piece and great presentation as always.
Greetings from Germany,

Alex Montez says:

Timex or Seiko should make a watch with this Omega’s size and style.

Courtney Robert-John says:

Big fan of the Channel TGV. I would love to see a video about affordable world time watches. keep up the good work.

Cesar Abeid says:

Beautiful. I have two vintage Omegas – one from each of my grandfathers. They are beautiful but need some work. Id love to show them to you some time!

El Rhyno says:

have you already done a review on the seamaster aqua terra James bond edition. it comes in a 38mm and a 41mm I think the 38mm would be money for you. I think it’s a date just cousin

3guys1girlandfetus says:

Where did you get the strap from?

Pojosamaneo says:

Turn of the century Tamagotchi, ha!

TheMarkusrus says:

lol,now everyone will run to eBay to buy old omega))

Trapper2159 says:

Great video! It’s cool to learn something a bit more about vintage Omegas as my parents gifted me a 1962/3 Seamaster that looks very similar to yours 🙂

Marcus staffordo says:

Thank you for making this content. Earned a sub

jakewalle says:

When I look at vintage Omega watches I just ask myself why some of my friends dont buy them instead of some more or less homage rolex which is swiss made as well but not even close to the same value of both money and respect as Omega. Thats why im most likely gonna buy an Omega from a sellar I can meet in real life. Got some where I live happily enough and the vinate watch industry sure is a thing now haha. Thanks for the reviews!

Katrina Lopez says:

That’s a gorgeous dial. Truly envious of this watch. What a find and what a great review, TGV! 😀

Marcus staffordo says:

Another insightful video. Thank you again TGV for your honest and unbiased views.

BenFairbank says:

Your close up photography is stunning. I would love to see some shots of the movement in action

skyclown says:

BEST INTRO EVER (vintage new york, la noir soundtrack…Tristano- you made my day, AGAIN!)

simon boon says:

I always enjoy these. TGV you look like a thoroughly decent chap. Keep it up.

Tony Hill says:

Lovely watch. Large or small wrist a man who can’t wear a 34/36mm watch has no class. 🙂

Mans ZX says:

God this watch is beautiful…

kyndryd spyryt says:

Great close up shots! Stunning piece! KS

Brooks Meinecke says:

I need a watch around 500-700$ I love the sinn 104 and the squale 1521 but both are slightly out of my price range. Would like it to be automatic, anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Michael Eidenberg says:

Nice piece, great video!

Myrslokstok says:

Smaler watches are much classier.
How often do it need services, and how much are it then $.

Bubba B says:

Love your intros.

kalash 47 says:

Is Stuhrling a good brand?There watches look too good to be true, PLS help

JP Verwaard says:

Recently got myself a Seamaster 1961 for about the same price. Amazing. Get them while you can.

Ryan Mead says:

Hi tgv that piece simply love it, Ryan.

AhhMishMoneypenny says:

Always look forward to new TUG videos, especially concerning Omegas as I’ve not long purchased a co-axial Seamaster Professional. Love this channel. Great close up shots and great, knowledgeable narrative. Excellent.

Zeebra says:

Amazing video !!! Omega is one of my favourite brands

Mentendo says:

Ciao The Governor, complimenti per i tuoi video! Grazie a te la mia passione per gli orologi è aumentata e devo dire che sono sempre più affascinato da questo mondo per me ancora tutto da scoprire.Saluti dall’Italia! Ciao! ;D

Mak PARK says:

this guy really love natos! He even put a nato on a omega

InoxEdge says:

I absolutely love these older watches, pure style and class.

Can you tell me were you got the little diecast cars please, they look great?

TheMarkusrus says:

for me new orient star ,seiko sarb 033 or hamilton khaki better for this money p.s. intro with deep meaning ,class!)

EnglishAndFilm says:

Brilliantly spot on about the manual wind watch being an old days’ tamagotchi 🙂

Paul Dietzel says:

I am impressed with the even patina on the watch face. Very nice!

Russell Peterson-Womack says:

Is there going to be a review on your Casio databank?

Waldemar Schagerstrom says:

Amazing channel! I just got a gold plated Citized Eagle 7 Automatic with blue dial (70-80’s?), for 60$! Would loved it if you had something to say about that watch 🙂

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