Starting Your Watch Collection – Omega v Tudor

take a closer look at these two great watches, ideally priced for anyone looking to pick up a luxury timepiece that isn’t ridiculously expensive! You won’t go wrong with either but hope this helps if you’re choosing how to start/grow your collection.


Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

I like both but I would get the Omega Speedmaster over Tudor Black Bay

Mosco10001 says:

nice watches have the BB blue and used to have the speedy but the reduced version. Next time please check your facts regarding reason for using hesalite vs sapphire and manual chronos in space… you can easily google it.

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

The Black Bay may be less expensive than the Speedmaster, but it is certainly not “cheaper”!

Cris Rose says:

The Speedmaster has a “Chronograph” function. The term “Chronometer” means that it is highly accurate to a specific set of criteria, usually carried out by an organisation called COSC.

I gotta say, for someone making videos about watches, you’ve made quite a few mistakes that you really should have checked first. I’d recommend writing a rough script in future and checking on specifics you plan to state.

Timothy Casey says:

“hands with pointy bits….” Love it – keeping it real 🙂

Mike Murphy says:

Awesome video! Just a quick constructive comment -regarding your beautiful Speedy. It’s a chronograph, not a chronometer, and hesalite isn’t really that brittle; it’s more ductile than crystalline materials, which allows for plastic deformation, avoiding shards. Keep up the great work, I love your channel.

GROBNOB the Troll says:

Great video, I adore the Black Bay

George hall says:


korencek says:

comparing tudor to omega is like comparing horse shit to tiramisu cake.

mario siaven says:

right on the $3000 mark new

Andrew Roden says:

Great taste, have the exact same two pieces, and share the same opinions

Terry Moss says:

Great review!!

Dani Lo says:

Perfect choice Sir! I also own those two! In my case the Black Bay Red bezel.
Just in case, Speedy has a Valjoux based mouvement. Great watches.

Kenny Howell says:

Paul, Good job Mate,  I like the way you shot the video because it was of the watches not yourself.  So many people video their face more than the watch and  I do understand they are pretty or handsome but I check out the video to see the watch. Also they move the watch too much so you never get a good look at it. As far as your info. not being correct you did make it very clear that you were not sure so, as you said some of us are on a learning curve and we take the journey together.  I do appreciate folks like Michael and their great knowledge especially when given in the right spirit.  I’m ok with you making a video like this and I enjoyed it.  Thanks!

Pablo Murf says:

Is this a serious question?

evvignes says:

Archie has bought and sold at least one. Fucker!

MrJigglyBalls says:

It´s not an ETA in the Speedmaster, it´s a modified Lemania 1873 movement now exclusive to the Omega brand. Some say it´s an inhouse movement because both Omega and Lemania (now absorbed by Breguet) are owned by the Swatch group. Some say it´s not, because it´s not made by Omega. 🙂

Burkley Reed says:

I personally don’t like tudors at all. I would much prefer that they do their own thing and not just make cheaper versions of rolex’s.

atl3630 says:

I enjoyed the video. I don’t think I’d ever wear the Tudor when I also owned a Planet Ocean. Love the speedy.

Charles Carr says:

Not sure about the blue, but when the in-house black bezel is released later this year it’ll be in the region of £5-600 more expensive in the UK (RRP around £2800 I think, as compared to about £2300 for the ETA).

Brizzy 91270 says:

Hi paul I also own the black bay red bezel and I’ve owned a few decent watches this by far is the best watch for quality and value I own four watches but keep wearing the black bay keeps great time and now am looking at the black bay bronze not everyone’s cup of tea but I think think is great slightly bigger at 43m but with the brown leather strap looks great,I know it has the inhouse movement but would be happy with the same eta,yes I could buy a Rolex with inhouse but I would rather spend a couple of grand less for a Tudor which really is not going to make wish I had an inhouse movement.regarding the omega if I had the choice that’s the I would go for a great classic looking watch.keep the vids coming.brizzy

A Dylan H says:

Love the Omega on your wrist!!!

myscrnnm says:

Contrary to popular belief, self-winding movements actually do work in the absence of gravity, because they can be driven by inertia. The reason the Speedmaster Professional was selected by NASA for the Apollo missions is because there was actually no self-winding chronograph timepiece available at the time that NASA was looking for a watch for its astronauts. The first automatic chronograph hit the market after we landed on the moon in 1969.

Michael Alexander says:

Speedie does NOT have an ETA movement. The Lemania-based movement is one of the main things that makes this special. It IS an Omega specialized movement. I don’t mean to be rude, but please do a quick 10 minute fact check before sending out bad info to 1000+ people.

You are Offensive says:

Hi Paul, what do you think about my collection? Cheers

sp33d40 says:

“it’s quite brittle” then you state it doesn’t shatter. make up your mind man. it scratches easy, not shatters easy.

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Bought my Speedmaster 861 in 1984 and have never regretted it. Great video mate!

My Email says:

Speedy! I have the moonwatch, manual wind hesilite glass. Love it! Congratulations..

Abdul Tahah Moud Alfahid says:

dont interchange a dial with a bezel.

Gustapo Gomez says:

research Lemania. Interesting history

Tones says:

There’s no real comparison between these watches: yes both are beautiful in their own right. However:
1. The price difference is about 1-1.5k
2. One’s a dive watch, one’s a chronograph
3. One’s a classic, one’s a poor man’s imitation of a classic (Rolex Sub).

I got my Speedy and bracelet or NATO it’s my favourite.

johann schulten says:

I’m buying the black bay with the in house movement when it comes out but how does it stack up against rolex now that they took out the ETA?

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