Servicing An Omega Speedmaster At Manfredi Jewels

Consider there are significantly more old watches that need service each year than there are new watches that need to be made, and yet the Swiss invest so significantly into watchmakers for creation and yet barely consider after-sales service. In this video, we head up to Manfredi Jewels in Greenwich, CT, to talk about this, and see why now more than ever we need qualified repairmen via a detailed look at servicing one of the most iconic timepieces in history – the Omega Speedmaster Professional. For the full story, go to


Fpk Hk416 says:

Dis guy from jersey sounds like he’s gonna fix my car, not my watch

killamist666 says:

Where does the battery go?

Big E says:

question: should the speedmaster only be wound when the chrono isn’t running?

Skinematic Films says:

Nice condom fingers!

Ph MWU says:

for information & events on the Omega Speedmaster chronograph in its 60th birth year 1957-2017

Chris Boulas says:

I’m always appalled at the level of knowledge these guys have. Being able to identify the job of a single gear out of a pile is quite impressive.

Newbie49 says:

Really interesting comment from the owner about the importance of after sales service in maintaining the customer base. Guess that’s why he’s still in business…

logwind says:

$900 please.

Matt Blair says:

truly amazing, great video

Waez U. says:

Shia lebouf?

Zulfiqar Ali Shah says:

it would be better if you attached a telescopic lens, so that we see it in details.

Bob Gobanza says:

No clean and lube for mainspring???

Batt Man says:

why does this video deserve 14 negs???? is there any videos on toutube that escape the neg troll?

fdxman74 says:

this is like watching a master neurosurgeon at work.

omgbiskitlawl says:

This guy is wearing two watches

Alcatraz Aronsson says:

any tips for me getting into watchmaking? i want to become a watchmaker, should i search for some school in Swiss or america?

Robert Maderbacher says:

very interesting

Belrie Dagasuhan says:

i think the reason why the super brands in luxury watches dont give a damn fuck servicing its because theyre sales for the new watches would decline. And maybe the quality of their new watches is actually not as good as the old watches, that supposedly last a lifetime.

Argiris argi says:

ancient history

John23gr John23gr says:

I bought one of these in Genera in 1969 (the year of the Moon walk) and am still wearing it. The other day, some folks asked me “how do you wind a watch?” (They had never seen a watch that needed winding!)

braincrisp1 says:

Fascinating to watch…like a surgeon at work. By the way, I recently purchased my first Speedmaster Professional and couldn’t be
happier. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out the production date though. Watch is a 145.0022/345.0022, bracelet 1171/633, and serial begins with 3558. According to charts I’ve found online the watch was produced either 1972 or 1977. Do you know how I can verity the actual production date? Thank you!

986C says:

My Speedmaster has been a piece of dogshit.

Nick B says:

Man, that’s gotta be an intimidating process the first time you work through it

12sin8 says:

Hodinkee are miles ahead of the competition when it comes to horology on YouTube, keep it up!

Gerald Wood says:

He’s the guy from the Adam craniotes video that had the solid gold speedmaster

ianchen9449 says:

wow, talking without a face mask while servicing that watch! id be pissed if i were the owner.

Kyle Eggemeyer says:

Were any gears oiled in this process? I figured that would be part of the servicing procedure, yeah?

Lycosa says:

I want you to service my Omeguh in the future 🙂 Awesome job Sir

Jason Mauer says:

This video put a huge smile on my face. My father was a watchmaker (FBHI) for over 47 years, growing up and visiting the workshop and watching him work, gave me an appreciation for watches which sadly, my generation seems to have forgotten. Great video/channel. Keep it up!!!

Jacob Palmer says:

Such an awesome video – bravo. I love how the watchmaker is wearing a Speedy on a true Bond NATO. Badass – love it!!

Gusto Gusto says:

I need to find the condom size he’s wearing on his fingers.  Anyone?

Harold Conner says:

Amazing invention! Man can be very ingenious!

Hendler S says:


Pan De Lee says:

What watch is Harry wearing??

Duy Nguyen says:

what watch is this guy wearing?

Tomasina Covell says:

Sweety, they’re called Wheels, the wheel train, not gears!

Andrew G says:

I want this guys job


So funny – I go to Manfredi all the time. Crazy that they did this vid there…

Buzzsaw says:

Some of the most proficient technicians in the world (athletes, engineers, watchmakers, etc.) are so unfortunately dry and lifeless at talking about their subjects to the lay audience. It’s a lost-opportunity to put beauty into the complicated things that they do. Take super athletes who accomplish things that borderline magic and have them relate ANYTHING about their performance or life, and they sound like illiterates with single-digit IQ.
Watchmaking borderlines magic to me, and this fellow just put me to sleep.

Jere616 says:

How does a watch like that get dirty inside so it needs a cleaning?

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