Round 2: Rolex or Omega for First timers or Beginners!

A look back at Rolex or Omega. This time I show the SeaDweller 4000 and the Omega Seamaster Plante Ocean Limited Edition Liquid Metal. I take less of a look at the marketing and look more at the companies instead of comparing the watch this time.

Lets see if this one does better than my last video.


Leo Chang says:

The big thing about Rolex for me is the stigma on you that you like to show off and be flashy. I know for collectors and fanatics, thats far from the case

Thecryingdevil666 says:

Omega all the way

1000lightyrs says:

Eff Rolex, I’ve bought and sold a couple hundred grands worth of luxury watches in the last 6 yrs of my enthusiasm, and I still feel like Omega has the one up on Rolex. That being said, IWC is my watch now.

Autos389 says:

Re comments on AR coating. Rolex doesn’t even have AR coating I don’t think. Older Omega had it only on the inside of the crystal – they may have it on both but you can probably remove the outside portion pretty easily.

As for holding value try looking at the Omega I bought the Seamaster Professional 2254.50 – it’s worth quite a bit more used than it was new.

pgreenx says:

Not sure Rolex buyers pick between Rolex and patek. Not the same style, price points, or quality

apan gurra says:

The Omega has AR coating on both sides of the crystal.

korencek says:

Omega is the most innovative company regarding mechanical watches. Basically rolex is copying omega and they attempt to uplift it with better finishing, while their design is lacking behind. omega with their co-axial really came above rolex.
also I thought all omega seamaster have coating on the inside only, because they are diver versions, while de ville has coating on both sides.

Mike Howard says:

Only an ignorant peasant would anything other than Rolex.

burak uestuen says:

Your voice sounds like Barack Obama’s voice. Mr. President?

jfdomega says:

i think maybe the Rolex (feels) tougher is because it’s smaller!

Magoo says:

Completely my opinion, but I think if you were to use the ceramic Planet Ocean 8500, I would argue it is just as good as the Rolex. The real price tag and upper level of the Rolex comes from the identity of the brand, and the prestige of that label. From my personal perspective, my brother bought a Rolex (he is a VP and only desk dives) within 1 year, the Rolex failed and needed to be sent to Rolex under there guarantee. I’ve had my first Omega for over 7 years and it’s hasn’t had a single issue. I know not every Rolex will fail, and not every Omega will be perfect, but this definitely left an impression on me.

Sir Alfred Powell says:

A rolex service is no more expensive than an Omega one.

Sam Zhang says:

The anti-reflective coating is on both sides.

LYNX HQ says:

Omega for me. A cheaper Rolex makes you look too materialistic. A bottom of the range omega just sorta says you have a nice watch.

muffemod says:

The new ceramic subs have a thicker case design which makes it look boxy and out of place.

Jens Lindmeyer says:

You are Barack Obama, aren’t you?

joao carlos Mastroberti says:

Comparação absurda. São duas tecnologias totalmente diferentes. O Rolex SeaDweller é para 4000m e Omega Planet Ocean é para 600M. Melhor comparação seria com o Omega Ploprof 2000M.

Polar Roller says:

When comparing Rolex vs Omega, easy…Rolex wins gads down. Much harder to compare Rolex vs JLC….now that’s a hard one.

Frmsanjosecalifornia says:

My opinion is..that Omega looks better

JRW3 says:

whaddup bro? I know they’re not Rolex’s, but check out They’re pretty cool and reasonably priced

Richie P says:

Rolex and Omega are mid-tier Swiss watches at best. If you only count watchmakers that make their own movements, they’re near the bottom.

Winston Tongco says:

For those who are a bit turned off by Omega being owned by Swatchgroup.. Here’s a brief info. Omega is the Swatchgroup!  1930 Omega+Tissot = SSIH. 1983 SSIH + ASUAG (two of the largest swiss watch mfg co) = SMH which bought numerous brands including Swatch. 1998 SMH renamed to Swatchgroup.

Vadim Don says:

that seamaster liquid metal is very nice and costs nearly as much as the rolex

Bluenote says:

Theres no point i think… its just about what you like. I hate rolex because design is too old for me. It is that simple. I would get a Rolex when i get older. Those watch brands are targeting different group in my opinion.

J Makaveli says:

Rolex is a must buy for first timers, in my opinion, Omega is built well and last ages for myself

sebastian flash says:

omega Seamaster all day , had mine over 5 years and never wanted a rolex bling .

superfast30 says:

No date Sub C is king! No contest!

bahoz erdal cilo says:

omega seamaster is the best..much beter than is elegant

Malcolm Macrae says:

What idiot spends thousands on a piece of equipment that does nothing but tell the time.I wear a watch I bought in the 80s for 99 pounds its never let me down yet.

Mark P says:

I have to admit I bought the Omega because it was much less money. IMO it is better looking and more stylish than the Submariner but in the end the Sub will hold it’s value better and the Rolex definitely has more cache for those who would notice.

I am a salesman and live in the Midwest, unless your are a banker, lawyer, etc most that notice think you’re a dbag if sporting a Rolex, God help me if I wore one into a meeting with a customer lol.

Both great watches, you cannot go wrong either way.

Leslie Han says:

Hi.. Can you do comparison for Rolex Sea-Dweller & Omega Seamaster 300, please? I know it’s 2 different class & price roughly +/- tripled between the two. But it will be great if there is a comparison:) thank you.
Info about – The movement & so on..

Abdullah Anwaar says:

you made a nice video it helps

Winsby says:

rolex first and then a speedmaster man on the moon just because
they look so cool

L Goodwin says:

If you buy Omega you will always be looking at Rolex, if you buy Rolex then you will not be looking at anything else.

logwind says:

Just man up and buy the Rolex. Don’t make the mistake I did and buy the Omega because you’ll lose your asshole on resale.

tnetroP says:

Out of those two I far prefer the Rolex. But strangely where I work most people tend to wear a Rolex and ther are getting a bit “me too”. Instead I went for a used Speedmaster Professional “Man On The Moon”. It’s such an iconic watch and has bulletproof value when bought used.

Will McDonald says:

What’s going on with the Omega’s second hand right at 5:03 in the video?

kim north says:

Omega all the way!!!!!

Sir Alfred Powell says:

The Omega’s going to look incredibly dated in 25 years time, the Rolex… not so much.

Daniel Kim says:

i don’t get the dislikes. bunch of jealous people?

atl3630 says:

Rubbing an AR coated crystal with a t-shirt isn’t going to rub off the coating. What an idiotic statement. I’ve been rubbing the crystal of AR coated watches for 10+ years without a single issue. These are watches, not eyeglasses.

Brett Kohli says:

The AR coating is on both sides of the sapphire on the Omega lol

thewookiee74 says:

The Omega second hand jumps at 2:35

80sruler says:

Omega in the US is like Tag Heuer – come on. Nobody notices an Omega or a Grand Seiko, well made or not

Fosi94 says:


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