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You’ve probably never heard of tokusatsu, but you’ll know it when you see it. Think of a man dressed in an awkwardly fitting rubber lizard costume, stomping on cardboard buildings and shooting crudely composited lasers out of his eyes. Godzilla is easily the most famous example, followed closely by the hit TV series Ultraman—and this is the Omega Ultraman limited edition.

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Darryl Fraser says:

James May didn’t appreciate you cutting off the announcer.

Nick says:

Only the moonwatch is a real Speedmaster….

Nguyễn Khánh says:

The hottest Limited Edition Omega is gonna be the one with Chronometer-rated caliber 321 AND 40mm in diameter. This one look like a toy IMO :))

IndeedBeni says:

These _videos_ are so _good_

raja chowdhury says:

at 1:58 the left dial looks weird

Yiannis Doritis says:

Can you please review the Tudor Pelagos LHD?

aaron alford says:

everything this channel does it does with total excellence. thank you watchfinder & co.

Collins T says:

Maybe Omega will become the Swatch of Limited Edition runs but that color combination actually looks nice.

mena seven says:

Beautiful limited edition Omega Speedmaster Ultraman. Watch collector and comiv book fan will like this watch.

tlyung Tan says:

eminem can’t beat this single

gmshadowtraders says:

Such a G watch! Pimp that shit my nigga

Bryan Danielson says:

I own this Ultraman and it’s my favourite Speedy LE yet out of those that I own.

G1234 X says:


Sylvain Paquette says:

Beautiful watch but the amount limited edition speedmaster is a joke. If you want something different and original get a regular of the shelf speedmaster …

Andrew Collins says:

Moonwatch is less than half the price of this!

Terrence Sanchez says:

Legit almost bought one

Dan Tan says:

Is there an Ultra Moon Man?

David Abraham says:

I think this video focused too much on ultraman and not enough on the details of the Watch. I was expecting you to go over some of the little things this speedmaster had that the speedmasters of the past had too, like the step dial and bezel. Still good though

Thanakrit Sathavornmanee says:

There are almost as many Ultraman spin-offs as limited edition Omegas, and that’s probably why they made another limited edition Speedmaster. Excellent review as always.

Make SPQR Great Again says:

honestly I would buy the one with white dial because that literally represents the colour of Japanese flag

Marcus Fordal says:

More silly than the highly successful Snoopy edition? Nope. More beautiful. Yes.

marks man says:

Next up, omega speed racer edition. Limited to 100 units.

blackopssavage says:

Dope piece

MikeZ32TT says:


Mats Norway says:

Why is the strap mounts angled?

JayeBird says:

What a riot!

Parijat Narayan says:

a very well put together episode!!

joren verbruggen says:

Wonderful review! Quite unrelated to this particular watch but I was always wondering how references work. Is there any logic behind them? For example, I’m trying to find a speedmaster with an original saphire caseback. Is there a way to know in advance by just seeing the reference number? Am I the only one wondering about this?

It's just the booze dancing says:

Awesome! Simply awesome!

Nvme Nil says:

Correct me if i am wrong, but some watch enthusiast/scholars claim that the first watch that was brought to space is a heuer stopwatch. Said heuer timepiece is the back-up stopwatch of certain john glenn in 1963?

batman Arkham says:

I love this channel. This is one of the best YouTube channels.
And I don’t know who is Ultraman but just because of the narrating style I will have a look

datzed says:

Nice, but I prefer the tintin edition.

Risto Laineste says:

Could you share what kind of camera/lens setup are you using for close-up shots? They look superb! Btw, agree with Omega having too many LE models, but this is lovely. Still prefer classic moonwatch though 🙂

Edmund Choy says:

Omega went overboard with this….c’mon man.

Karan Bhansali says:

Lovely piece.

Frank Castle says:

I love Ultraman been watching it since 72

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