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While the Seamaster had been in Omega’s catalogue since 1948, the oldest in the current collection, it wasn’t until 1957—four years after Rolex debuted its Submariner—that Omega fashioned the Seamaster into a dedicated diver’s watch. Since then, it’s become one of the world’s most famous models, competing against Rolex to conquer the deep and worn by James Bond to add another movie death to Sean Bean’s repertoire. It’s been a long, long journey for the Seamaster, fraught with difficulties, but it survived. Just. Was it worth it?

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JD Bautista says:

You might as well do the trifecta and review the Railmaster 60th LE. Thanks for the video!

Ian Woollard says:

Great video,I’d like to see the latest version of the Breitling Super Ocean Heritage 2,or any version of the Navitimer reviewed please

Alex46519 says:

I really appreciate your videos. I can learn so many things about the watches from your knowledge and your way to deliver it. The video quality is perfect and your voice is very calm, just great to listen to. thank you and keep up the great work!

George Wallace says:

Excellent informative video. The Seamaster de ville from the 60s will always be my desert island watch. It is the Mad Men watch. A true timeless classic. It is important to remember that Subs and GMTs were professional watches and considered toys by gentlemen of the period. Now they are worn by men who experience no deeper water then the Saturday bath.

Disinf3ctant says:

I love this channel so damn much.

gmshadowtraders says:

Liked before I even watched 🙂

Anthony Dimaano says:

Very slick, professional video!

R Barrington says:

The new Seamaster 300 is a very bland looking watch, which seems to be the general trend with Omega. I haven’t liked much of their latest models at all.

adapids says:

Great vid. Do you consider the slower 25,2k beat rate of the seamaster 300 inferior to the 28,8k of a Rolex??

Atif Aziz says:

Excellent information as usual. Would be great if you could add/superimpose pictures / persons which you have mentioned in your videos. Cheers.

Alistair N says:

Another incredible watch video. Very insightful. Thanks again for the education!

Watch Geek says:

As usual, a wonderful video with exceptional knowledge. A true joy to watch.
If I could offer another advice, on top of the “more macro shots” one I wrote in one of the earlier videos, for viewers not knowledgeable enough to recognize and know watches by simple reference numbers, you could include photos of watches you mention but are not in the video, like the dressy Seamasters of the first generation and the Ploprof, as some people might be stunned by how different the design between these two watches is, despite belonging to the same line.
One more thing… if by any chance I move up in life and decide to get higher end watches I will make sure to look up your store, as you really deserve the business!

ابوعبدالرحمن الصلاحين says:

The Seamaster is a stunner. The PO seems to resemble the Seamasters of old now…right? how about a comparison between the old and new Heuer Autavias…Keep up the good work.

kchiem says:

Love the history lessons. Nice Pentax too.

Max Levine says:

This is one of my favorite channels, you reviews are superb! Could you do a review of the history and evolution of the Rolex Explorer II? One of the most under appreciated Rolexes in my opinion.

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