Omega Watches – Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Mens Watch Review – Omega Watches – Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Mens Watch Review

Omega watches have a bit of a cult following, just like Rolex.

This is actually our first Omega watch review. The exact model that I’m reviewing is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, a watch from my own personal watch collection.

I like to think of the Omega Seamaster, which is a diver’s watch, as the Submariner line for Rolex, and the Omega Speedmaster, as the Daytona, both car racing inspired watch models.

Even though the first original James Bond watch was a Rolex (the Submariner worn by Sean Connery in the 1962 Agent 007 thriller “Dr. No”), Omega eventually took over as the watch of preference of the infamous British spy. The James Bond movies actually went a long way into helping Omega build the notoriety that the watch brand enjoys today.

One thing about the Omega Seamaster watch is that it is BIG! With a 45.5mm case diameter, the stainless steel Planet Ocean’s weight is enough to bring the wrist of many a collector to his knees! That’s the main reason why my Omega Seamaster spends most of it’s days in my watch safe!

The watch is a very nice looking diving watch with a chronograph function. It has a manual helium escape valve (as opposed to Rolex’s automatic escape valve) and a dial I find quite attractive.

Omega has always been a very big sponsor of sporting events. In fact, Omega was a sponsor of the most recent 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

In addition to this watch, when it comes to Omega mens watches, I also like the new, all-black, ceramic Omega Speedmaster. Even though I’ve never owned one, I do find it quite attractive.

Prices for the Omega Seamaster Watch

Even though the retail price for the Omega Seamaster is $7,200, I would personally aim to buy the watch pre-owned close to $4,000 or less. The thing is that, even though Omega watches have as much brand recognition as Rolex, they do not preserve their value as well as Rolex watches do. If you can find the Seamaster in the price area that I mentioned above, then it would definitely make a good starter or entry-level watch for your collection.

So what are your thoughts on the Seamaster or on Omega watches in general? Is Omega a go-to brand in your collection? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Edgar Flores says:

Great vid Eric, can u please do A review on Corum Admirals cup Chrono…

toobalkain says:

Imho this is the ugliest Seamaster, the third subdial is just an overkill, looks awful. Also looks better with at least the 12 in orange.

Michael Lee says:

Once again, great video man! Keep losing focus towards that beautiful white gold YM2 you got on tho :p

Thomgxx100 says:

My best advice to everybody – Should you by any chance stumble over a first generation Planet Ocean, BUY! BUY! BUY!, now is a good time to buy, eventually those pieces will be in high demand !

Maurie Barnes says:

Great review. I have the Speedmaster Mark II which is a great piece but you are right about the weight on these Omega’s they are ‘heavy metal’ for sure.

Thomgxx100 says:

The piece on display happens to be a diver chronograph, regardless, the PO has some serious heft to it and it remains the absolute best alternative to the Submariner. I simply love mine (Liquidmetal 1948 piece limited edition) and it always makes me feel absolute equal to any Sub wearer regardless of the price difference.

Keekee Fries says:

I’d buy that watch under $4k, beautiful piece. BTW, Omega has been the official timekeeper for the Olympics since the 1930s, and yet they still don’t get the recognition that Rolex gets.

Omega Love says:

Too bad this is a very old (pre-ceramic) model. Newer lines of Omega are much more beautiful with better( in house made) movements. Also you should mention omega has different sized PO’s. 42 and my favourite 43.5 GMT
Keep up the good work my man

lancer7610 says:

Make a review of the seamaster 300 vs the rolex submariner please

d lamp says:

spot on man, how do you feel about the 41mm master co-axial seamaster for a young man’s first watch?

Yuvraj Lehr says:

I’m being able to buy this watch mint for $3200 .. do you think its still a good buy ?

Dan Alvarez says:

I love Omega watches, especially the Seamaster. Great job Eric!

mazubamful says:

Aaaaaaaaaaand I just bought this last week…after owning a speedmaster for a year….both great watches…always respected your reviews Eric…nice one!!!

Shafir Iqbal says:

Nice watch…. love the music also. Happy new year guys to all those that find the ‘happy’ in the new year- God willing.

Michele Calò says:

Excellent review, Eric. I think what makes Omega really important in the watch market it’s for the “moon watch” thing. The Speedmaster was the first watch that astronauts wore in the 1969 mission to the moon, then as you said James Bond did his part with the Seamaster.
Keep up the good work!

Maq Shar says:

Omega wow, now we have something that fits our budget. Thanks Eric.

Gary Smith says:

Hi Eric, I appreciate your videos. You tend to provide your opinion rather than a review of the watches. I know you’re keeping the videos to a specific time limit but any chance you could put the watches on your wrist?

10000000peso says:

Nice review  45mm  wow,   doesn’t look that big…..

King Ridez says:

Ok so check for Omega … But im still Waiting for a Breitling review…

Kato 忍者 says:

Did you really pay 7 grand for That watch?

Arthur Scargill says:

It’s a pretty looking watch but if I were buying a Seamaster today I’d either be looking at a pre-70’s Seamaster 300 or the heritage inspired latest version: they just reek of class. Anyway, thanks for the review Eric, I could listen to you talk about watches all day. Take care.

Gijs Timmermans says:

eric can you do the other seamaster planet ocean 600m


Can you please review Piaget watches. Thanks love your channel

dima rabiner says:

Seamaster 300m blue dial is way way better!

Rob Logan says:

Omega is coming out with the new ceramic Planet Ocean Deep Black.  Very nice watch, check it!

z00h says:

So would you say you’re a bit of a size queen?

britewire s says:

I have the SeaMaster 300m Chrono pro (swordhands) now for about 5 years. The seamaster’s are watches you could beat a bull to death with and they won’t show a scratch. The Seamaster is my daily wear. About your comment on the weight, the Deep Sea is heavier than the Seamaster 300m. I don’t know about the Planet Ocean though.

Kato 忍者 says:

why u say a 7 grand watch is for beginners ? to to be advanced u must waste over 50k Really?

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