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Bear Clooney discusses his point of view for recently announced reissue of famous Omega Caliber 321


L says:

Kad ce okupljanje fanova u Beogradu? 😉

DraykeFields says:

This will be an expensive caliber to manufacture, no? I don’t believe therefore it is destined for many new omegas. 50th anniversary & maybe one other edition – pm & steel-only variant. My uninformed guess.

Captain Dudi Knobson says:

my only fear is that they will milk this thing, make it a limited edition and charge a huge premium

Active Atom says:

Omega was the first finer watch I received still have it just reworked it as a watchmaker we finally got to one of our own watches instead of always being someone else I received that watch from my dad (still living well) for Christmas in 1979 or 1980 it is great the service was needed because in 1987 I went into the pool cloths and all even that fine gold watch at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Moon watches you say? We have the actual Accutron service tuning machine for servicing those original ones with the tuning fork, what a machine to have and of course we have a few of those vintage Accutrons, even the original desk clock these are not to be compared with the newer remakes for the brand. Just sharing because of the moon space travel mention. Your videos seem to bring up my memories mostly happy ones from my past so I am sorry to ramble but I like to share. We are against reissues of all items as holders of New Old Stock items from watches to bearings to watchmaker machinery.

Anastase Papoortzis says:

Very relevant topic Bear Clooney! Thank you!

Robert Padilla says:

I have a feeling these watches will fetch a huge premium. Just look at some of the snoopys. These will go fast assuming they are limited edition.

celestialfix says:

I just hope they don’t give one to James Bond, lol.

Jack Purcell says:

I can’t wait to get a 321 Speedmaster, I couldn’t afford a vintage piece, hopefully they will be in the 5000+/_ enjoy your mug

Sean M. says:

Prices on these new pieces are going to be way higher than people suspect. These movements and watches are to be assembled by hand by one watchmaker from beginning to end. I’d say a bare minimum of 15,000 and that’s a stretch. Probably much higher.

Clyve Watch-Wrangler says:

13:40 You’re welcome, Bear!

Mark LeBlanc says:

Bear, will they continue to make the 1861 or phase it out in favor of the new 321? I hope not; I like the higher beat rate of the 1861 and it is a proven movement. I know the column wheel is very popular, but the cam isn’t a loser. Take care.

Alexander Pineiro says:

Bear, I have a feeling you’re going to cry when the 321s drop on the grey for 300%

Jay Paster says:


Robert Sanchez says:

Good on Bear! I have been lusting for a Speedmaster 1861 do you think I should wait for the new versions to come out or go ahead with the 1861?! Thanks, Cheers!

Captain Dudi Knobson says:

Love the 321, owned two suckers with that movement. my Favorite!!
Liked your take,
kind regards,

Flippin Zippo says:

Excellent and informative video Bear! Great work!

Ed Gein says:

the MAN ON THE PHUCKING MOON watches without the 321 movement will drop the most. Who wants a historical reproduction that’s not as close to original as possible?

BARRY B.K.T says:

Thank you Bear…………

Blueshirt Buddah says:

Great video Bear, very informative. I can’t wait till the new 321 movement comes out.

GizmoTNL says:

My phone finally cooled down from all the posts regarding the Omega announcement. Good point (refreshing angle) about the beauty of the movement in relation to historical significance, so I wonder if they will use a sapphire caseback. BTW the font in the intro of this video really hurts my eyes.

Steve Tackett says:

I wouldn’t mind adding a Moonwatch with the 321 movement after they go gray market. I feel sorry for the collectors though.


Nice video…Would disagree with the vintage pieces losing value….The new pepsi came out with Rolex and the vintage pepsi’s are still rising..Also the vintage speedys with c321 movement have multiple dial differences with the current speedys like applied logo,straight lugs and so they will still appreciate …Omega has elevated its status as they will even sell more speedmasters now

Jan Gaži says:

Hello Bear, I wold love to have a speedmaster with a 321 movement, but do you think that prices will drop on the speedmasters with the 861 and the 1861 movements?

blazinmark1 says:

Like I had already mentioned, great Vid Mike!
Very informative and interesting, I hope you are wrong about the Vintage values plummeting…
(at least for the Cardinal ‘s sake!)
Keep the Vids rolling!

Bagrat Kankanyan says:

Great video as always !!!

Tony Hill says:

All talk of value of vintage watches aside I think this is a good move. I agree that after the initial fuss if all goes as usual Omega watches with 321’s will be available with big discounts. I have an interest in Russian space watches and I wish someone would reintroduce the Cal 3017 Strela chronograph movement as worn by Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov during the first spacewalk. I’d get very excited about that.

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