Omega Speedmaster Silliness; Rolex Golden Age; Giving Watches As Gifts; Rolex Daytona or Omega Bond?

Rolex and Omega return to Watches Tonight as Tim discusses the new golden age of Rolex movements while considering Omega’s Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday “Ultraman” as a member of our silly watch selection. And yes, we have quite a few silly special edition watches from the likes of Sinn Spezialuhren, Omega watches of Bienne, Zenith watches of Le Locle, and Jaeger LeCoultre of Le Sentier.

Our primary feature deals with special edition watches whose premise appears to be … silly … in hindsight. Sinn’s model 900 Hummer recalls the infamous macho machine of the 2000s while Jaeger LeCoultre’s Reverso Grande Taille Batman Forever has dated somewhat earlier than “forever” implies. Tim reflects on his youth at the Long Island Westbury Drive-In and why his parents took him to see this ill-fated Batman flick instead of Toy Story in 1995. Back on topic, we consider Zenith’s now infamous “Zenith Christophe Colomb Hurricane Revolucion” series, an incongruous combination of Latin American revolutionaries engraved and enameled into the cases of $419,000 U.S. luxury Swiss watches.

Additional topics include the question of giving watches as gifts; when is it appropriate to give a watch as a gift? Graduation? Birthdays? To whom can one give a watch as a gift? Is it bad luck to give a watch to parents or spouses? We discuss the question of daily driver watches and when it’s inappropriate to wear a watch. Is there a time when luxury watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet need to be set aside for surrogates from Casio’s G-Shock family, the Seiko Prospex catalog, and the Swatch watch lineup?

Counterfeit Rolex watches and an appalling imitation Rolex Submariner “Hulk” 116710LV make an appearance in our popular “Time to Run” bad wristwatch sales listing segment. Finally, we feature the watches of our viewers in a two-part “viewer wristshots” showcase. All of this and live questions can be seen on “Watches Tonight!”

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chillwill120 says:

I knew the Hummer H2 Sinn was coming! I’ve seen a special edition Hummer Sinn 903 as well.

Bill Nyfeler says:

Dude, great content, but you gotta lose the sunglasses on your head. They really make you look like an amateur, which you clearly aren’t. Not a good look.

Iluvatar Gott says:

I love the show 😀

Rumblejungle says:

40 people contributed to your Omega Seamaster graduation gift and your parents pooled the money? You really should not own a luxury timepiece under those circumstances. A high school graduation? For a well-spoken, smart guy like you high school graduation is hardly worth extravagant praise.

SpeedRacer308 says:

Hi Tim: What is the status of the Panerai brand? Have they recovered some?

Diego OG says:

I think that’s a little editing error at 7:30 guys

gmshadowtraders says:


todd - says:

Fun ass final segment. Great brainstorming, Sir. Bravo

yasuka ts says:

Thank you for mentioning the SpeedyTuesday Ultraman. While I wasn’t able to get the one, the first 3 minutes marked in orange on its minute counter really brought me to tears of reminiscence of my childhood. After all, it’s just a matter of emotional ties to an imaginary character, which James Bond is as well.

Woodville says:

He seems to know what he’s talking about, but I can’t see beyond the UPSIDE DOWN sunglasses he wears on his head during a show that is shot INSIDE A STUDIO. What would make anyone think “I know, to make myself look more professional I’ll wear my sunglasses UPSIDE DOWN for this show that is shot INSIDE A STUDIO”.

Un-Named Trucker says:

Tim’s open arms at the beginning of the video beckons me to hug him. So welcoming! A terrifying prospect for him, no doubt.

Clive Williams says:

Great entertainment as usual, something new every week, never boring,always interesting.

javier teran says:

you should be on tv!!! genius

marcus copley says:

The energy level was high tonight Tim, great show. Thanks for opening my mind to Montblanc I had them down as a cool pen maker that dabbled in nice looking JLC inspired watches using generic movements.

zachariahwheat says:

Tim, the remarkable technology in Toy Story wasn’t limited to the film itself. I bought Woody and Buzz figurines for my two boys right after the film came out. It freaked me out to find that Woody and Buzz responded to each other. Pull Woody’s string and Buzz would respond to what Woody just said. Push a button on Buzz and Woody would continue the conversation without being touched.

I had no idea when I purchased them that they were capable of that. It felt like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone when I first heard them talk to each other. For a 1996 kids toy, that was pretty cool.

Luciole Dizerot says:

Loved this week’s show. Good work Tim!

Rytime says:

Tim is unbelievably skilled. It’s really a pleasure to just listen to him be an expert.

Also, how cool are the chocolate Daytona and Fiat?

Ryan M says:

Switch Che Guevara for Robert Mugabe on the Zenith….then it makes sense lol

TwentyOne Five says:

You were in the zone tonight Timmer…in the zone!!

thievesarmy says:

5:00 very well said man. And my absolute favorite thing about them is that for all the technology and fine craftsmanship that goes into their movements, they remain undecorated and without exhibition casebacks, which prioritizes function over form and is what makes them still true to their tool watch tradition in my book.

Publius Velocitor says:

Most overlooked mainstream watch: Hamilton Jazzmaster series- great styling and value for the money. No in-house movement, ETA, but that’s good at the price. Most overlooked brand: Alpina.

Best sports watch for under $5000 is one of the Sinn divers, probably, IMHO.

Edward Black says:

Cooler than Buzz was the doll repair guy! I think his kit would be great to repair watches lol

Matthias Heuberger says:

Bill Cosby level image implosion.. you got me there

Jake Roth says:

I’m actually tempted by the Ultraman. Not for the comic, just the color scheme. Gotta wait though till it’s taken the usual Omega depreciation swan dive.

george varughese says:

Hey Tim do you have any suggestions for a travel case for my watches???

Austin Davis says:

As a “watch guy” I think a really cool watch to gift is the mondaine stop2go. Its relatively inexpensive and it really cool. Most of the people in my circle either wear apple watches or nothing at all. So if i gave them a steel date just or a platinum day date, they wouldn’t know the difference. They would just see it as an expensive Rolex. But the stop2go is so interesting that I bet they would enjoy it as much as any watch snob. Lol.

Jonathan Goldstein says:

Wow, thanks for the shoutout, Tim. Had a nice chat with Claudio during my visit. Especially loved the red-line Sea-Dweller in the case!

Mythicregard says:

I will never buy a Zenith knowing that they glorified mass murdering communists. Did they experience any backlash from this?

Joshua Lalo says:

Tim, my parents took me to Batman Forever at the Westbury Drive In too! Brought back a great memory. Awesome episode as always!

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