Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch – Unbox & Review





Wow. A Moonwatch. A grain for many people, and rightly so. This is about as close to the watch that went to the moon as is currently feasible. Manual wind, hesalite, the lot. The looks haven’t changed much either since 1969…..

A big thank you to Mr X, a mysterious benefactor who chose to remain nameless for letting me have a crack at his Moonie before he had even worn it. There may be a few other pieces from him coming up………


Mohnnad Mercedes says:


mr bacchus says:

Love the Speedy Pro, wish I had Mister X’s watch collection

73 Maf says:

Great vid ☺

John Doe says:

have they discontinued the manual wind model?

WatchDater says:

Great review, what a ridiculous expensive retail price! Omega squeeze the story of the watch to much! Too many different Speedmaster models (1st. in space, dark side…..)
That makes Omega slowly but surely implausible! Where is the innovation or the courage to innovate?

Tony Hill says:

It is a stunner and out does everything else for back story. While acrylic crystal, 30m water resistance, and non-hacking seems apt and acceptable for the £200 1963 chrono reissue, which is a column wheel too, I couldn’t pay over £3000 for the Moon Watch. I agree it’s all about the history.

b kinseb says:

the cons out weight the pro for me,to expensive over 5k wow,easy scratch glass,and from what i heard a watch that needs more matience than usually watches and manually wind i know sticking close to original.Ill stick to my Bulova moon watch i bought for 266 brand new worry free.


Is ‘Mr X’ on the run from Scotland Yard

Chris Walls says:

For the price of this watch it should come with a life’s supply of PolyWatch scratch remover.

Nicholas Joseph says:

Thanks Mr.X….nudge nudge….wink wink….

Simba Lee says:

I wish you played “fly me to the moon” by frank sinatra for the intro!

Jeffrey Wood says:

I love this watch and its story (anything to do with space really) but at $3500 it really is not ‘affordable’ Thank you for saying another great video 🙂

Matt Case says:

Terrific review as usual! Love the understated, elegant simplicity of this watch itself. The contrast between it and the ostentatious packaging is almost jarring. It’s a tool watch with amazing provenance. It’s the history which sells this watch, and the reason why I own one myself.

mrfuriouser says:

Jody, I think the tax man/ex-wife is watching… someone gave the video a thumbs-down! Watch your back, man!

Lanciarules says:

I really like this watch but from several months I’m seeing that is far too common for my taste. For this reason I would rather buy a Zenith El primero 38mm

Suresh Obhan says:

Rightly said you buy the story and not just the watch…love that clasp…wow Sea Dweller up next…super excited…

DH Skips says:

The reduced is my grail, great review!

Ali Mouad says:

I have the feeling that we know Mr. X…

True2022 says:

Love the box ……Gets you thinking “Did I misclick on a kitchen clock” ? lol

Bill Feinberg says:

Great, great review…plus your enthusiasm is infectious!

In 1988 I bought a used 1970 Omega Speedmaster Professional from a mom & pop jewelry store in Manhattan for $375. I ended up selling it on eBay for almost $2,000 in 2008. At the time it needed about $800 in repairs. It did have the upgraded skeleton back and the modern bracelet.

I loved that watch and vowed to buy another. However I purchased a Bulova Moon Watch that I absolutely love. It looks like a combo of the Speedmaster Professional and the Speedmaster Mark 2.

I recently walked into Tourneau in Manhattan to peruse. A 20-year salesman noticed my Bulova and asked which Speedmaster model it was. I told him that it was a Bulova Moon Watch and he was blown away.

The build quality on the Bulova Moon Watch is superb, and the 262 khz Precisionist movement more accurate than any watch that doesn’t have an Atomic movement.

To top it off, hit the chronograph button and the chronograph second hand sweeps like a manual or automatic. The dial is magnificent with layers of detail.

A friend also has the Alpha Speedmaster “homage”. Honestly, I don’t know how Alpha does it for under $200? It has a manual wind movement that is really nice. Honestly it’s pretty difficult to comprehend spending $5,000 on the Speedy with these two alternatives.

Spencer Crosser says:

Ah that’s one of my favorite Police songs! You should start doing wrist-checks before you get into the review 🙂 nice as always!

True2022 says:

Great review and it sure is a beauty.If I was going to the moon I would def buy one .ps,Look forward to the sea dweller

arek314 says:

I’m conflicted when it comes to value of Speedy Pro: antiquated movement, plastic hands, so-so bracelet and surprising thickness for an manual on one hand. On the other same 3500$ buys you a IWC Mark XVIII with a (beep) ETA2892 or SW300. Or a Panerai with modified Unitas, but we all know “Paneristi” is Italian for “Makes bad decisions”.

charley says:

I would have preferred paying a couple hundred bucks less for my Speedmaster Pro a year or two ago, vs. having that mammoth, empty Omega steamer trunk taking up shelf space in my closet. 😀

Done Deal says:

Lovely watch.

kirathyst says:

You have nice friends lol


Lovely, lovely watch, but feast your peepers on these Omega Seamaster Olympic Games Limited Editions:

Bugster987 says:

Ah yes “Mr X”. I get you 😉

Christopher from 'It's Complicated' says:

I just picked up one of these and did an unboxing too. It was a real pain in the ass to film as well with the size of that box. I had to have the camera way back but it worked out haha. What great packaging though!

I don’t think I’ll ever flip that bad boy. What an absolutely stunning piece.

JayzBeerz says:

Another great video my friend. Why would anyone give this video a thumbs down. Guess they have no life.

William Parker says:

Wow. Nice watch. Great video.

The_Saint_1968 says:

Find an equivalent Chinese knock off please.

James P says:

I wonder what manufacturer is going to boast the first Mars watch, Japanese, Chinese or European. Could be the Chinese and I guess they’ll be sporting one of their home grown models

Michael Orme says:


Pablo Rages says:

DEEPSEA ….. we need a review …. that’s my Grail watch

Larry says:

I grew up watching the Apollo missions as a child,and had a love of everything aviation related.This is reflected in my modest watch collection,citezen nighthawk,seiko sna411,and casio gravitymaster.The Speedmaster is and always will be my grail watch.Thanks for the wonderfull review, allowing me to live vicariously through your channel.

Ayrton Senna says:

A non-hacking, hand-winder with domed acrylic that’s been in outer space? I’ll stick with my Komandirskie at 1/100 the rubles. 🙂

Joe monroe says:

Want one of the Dark Side Of The Moon version.

FlorianLify says:

FINALLY after all these Chinese $50 dollar watches an actual moonwatch! 🙂
What would you consider as alternatives for this Speedy and in this pricerange?

(I’m considering to buy the Speedy (Sapphire Sandwich) version but still in doubt…..are there better alternatives?)

Louis Evans says:

Can’t wait for the sea dweller review, thinking about buying one

MrNightpwner says:

Is there jomashop watch not come with the box?

Iain Wilks says:

Bulova Moonwatch next please. Looks nicer and better value for money.

huss1205 says:

Lovely watch, congrats to the owner…

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