Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50 – The Moon Watch

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Sir Alfred Powell says:

Great review mate!

Raj Khosla says:

Great review! I’m currently considering between this and the one this was replaced by (311.

Any suggestions as to which one I should choose? Also, what would be the price difference?

kanishka sharma says:

How would the hesalite fare over time compared to the sapphire?

Duncan Idaho says:

Omega speedmaster and tattoos do not work together mate ! Sorry

daffidavit says:

I’ve owned one since 1969, and I still wear it, although it was refurbished. One negative is that it is not submergible. I’ve heard you shouldn’t even wear it in the shower. Can anybody confirm or correct this info? Thanks in advance.

Tomasina Covell says:

Did they ever find out what had made the Lem’s main chronometer to quit?

That big red box is such a wasted effort.

Vavazelus says:

love the watch and review. in 2017, it will be mine.

mike barela says:

Anybody buy one from Jomashop? Sounds too good to be true for $3300.

Gen Feng says:

have been thinking to get one of these. should i get a brand new or a pre owned and how much different are they?

Sir Alfred Powell says:

The cal. that was used during Apollo 13 was the 861.

Philip A Winged says:

Nice review, thanks! I can’t wait to get my Sapphire Sandwich Omega, I should get it in a month if all goes well.

Ron P says:

Such a dull and boring looking watch. Sure it went to the moon back in the 1960s but if I’m paying that match for a watch it better look good. I returned mine.

jim Maddox says:

i wonder what would happen if nasa ever said they never landed on the moon what would omega think and do make another omega speedmaster not the moon watch lol be funny as hell

Vogelspinnen Tarantula Ghostmyer says:

Great watch !

air9carbon1 says:

What is the point really in “hiding” the SN?

Mohammed a shekili says:

wish you enjoy it thanks

Peter Frenke says:

I fucking love this watch…i think i should buy this one

what do you think…..

Austin Wille says:

How much is this version without all the unnecessary crap with the new one? (College student can’t afford stuff I don’t need.)

Kenny Howell says:

Awesome job for a first watch review and so informative.  I have had my eye on this watch since I watched them land on the moon in 1969 as a kid.  If I can ever find a good deal on a used one I going to snatch it up.  I just missed one local because I did not know how good of a deal it was.. Hope I can find another,CHEERS

FV4030 says:

I just can’t help myself, I have two Seamasters and purchased the Dark Side of The Moon Speedmaster the beginning of this month but now… My eye keeps getting caught by this original moon watch. Gah!

Well presented video with great focus on the watch 🙂

sebwrafter says:

great review, looking to get a pre-owned myself! This watch on a black Nato strap might be the best looking sport watch ever

The Fonz says:

Is it really worth the investment or doest it depreciate like everything else??

N D says:

The 861 also went to the moon on the late Apollo missions. On top of that the 861-1861 have been to space more and on more missions then the 321 example. 1. Skylab 2. Mir 3.Soyuz 3. Space Shuttle 4. ISS

Nickfivelol says:

Just bought a high end replica version of this and I absolutely love it. Can only imagine how beautiful the genuine is.

Nice video

daffidavit says:

I was given this watch as a gift from my girlfriend in about 1969. She worked for Macy’s (Bamberger’s at the time later taken over by Macys). I think she got the watch for about $275.00 with a 20% discount as an employee. Since my watch was made before the moon landing, it did not have the “lunar stamp” on the back side”. However, it did have the plastic crystal, rather than a glass crystal on it. Since then, I had the watch refurbished to include a better plastic crystal. At the time, NASA did not want glass on the face of the watch, in case the face became broken. They did not want tiny glass particles floating in the cabin at the time for obvious reasons. After about two to three years, the face of my watch was scratched and gouged because of the plastic face. As a student at FIT near Cape Canaveral, I wanted my watch to remain just like the astronauts were wearing. However, years later, when I returned it to Omega for repairs, they took it upon themselves to replace the watch with a more scratch resistent Hazilite face. They also gave me a new wristband as well as doing a major overhaul to the inside guts of the watch. It cost me $300 for Omega to do the major overhaul in the 1990’s.. Today, if I wanted the same to be done, it would surely cost me megabucks. I love this watch and wear it with pride. . I think it will survive me, my son, and possibly my grandchildren. BTW, as of Sept. 16, I bought the Bulova replica moonwatch worn by David Scott on Apollo 15. It was the only other watch worn on the Moon. For $375, I had to buy it. It’s about 10% larger than the Speedmaster, but it keeps extremely accurate time, and can be worn in water down to 150 ft. Can’t do that with the Speedy. The Bulova is a bargin even if it’s a quartz movement.

gmshadowtraders says:

Funny you should mention the Apollo 11 and 13 missions… Gene Kranz who was flight commander wore not an Omega but none other than a Seiko 5 model 6119-8460.

braincrisp1 says:

I recently purchased my first Speedmaster Professional and couldn’t be
happier. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out the production date
though. Watch is a 145.0022/345.0022 with bracelet 1171/633 and serial
beginning with 3558. According to charts I’ve found online the watch was
produced either 1972 or 1977. Do you know how I can verity the actual
production date?

Lars Birkemose says:

Everybody forgets, because this is such an amazing watch, that it also has the coolest name on the planet.
Beat that, Datejust!

malthus101 says:

How can you sit down to do this review all nice and professionally.. and not have the name of the astronaut who was wearing the watch memorized lol?

DivineProvidence says:

Can someone please watch me Speedy review tell me what they think. -Thanks

Altex lan says:

speed master got 1 problem. the chrono cannot reset to zero. even quartz chrono have this problem but for quartz there is a procedure to reset to zero unlike automatic you have to send to shop to reset. good watch?

fdxman74 says:

It’s a tough choice between this watch and the IWC Pilot chronograph…decisions

Dave Savage says:

Bought mine in 2001 – loved it then, love it now. Elegant, accurate.

minzaw one says:
Watchstars Awards 2015-2016 ……..Selects Speedmaster Professional As “Stars For a Lifetime” Winner

Khaleeq Khan says:

very 5

Carson Red says:

absolutely stunning watch hopefully own this some day.

classic kool says:

A staple in any comprehensive watch collection …. Beautiful watch.

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