Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 42mm Ref. 311. – watch review

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Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 42mm Ref. 311. – watch review

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Chronometer (blue) review:

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Dennis 370 says:

Bought the watch today: 😀

johnpatricklopez says:

Just a question, around 13:39, I noticed that the minute chronograph jumped to 2nd minute when the seconds hand haven’t reached 60 seconds yet. I noticed the same when I watched the Moonwatch video from Omega website. At the start of the video below, the minute hand jumped before the seconds hand reached 60. Is this normal for Speedmasters?

MrEleven1181 - Luxury Reviews says:

Great review I got the same watch getting delivered tomorrow can’t wait

John Wright says:

NASA in the sixties told omega that they didn’t want sapphire crystal glass because in space if it shattered there would be tiny glass particles flouting around in zero gravity hessalite will not shatter it will just crack

A man scrolling through Comments says:

Did you buy this speedmaster from burj al arab

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Was hast du für sonstige Uhren wenn ich fragen darf?

Mike Hinkediker Bursztyn says:


J491 says:

If I ever win the lotto this is the first thing I’m going to buy.

redazi1 says:

Shit one ,no good at all and expensive i had and after 2yesrs i sold it so my problem was with the date .at the price you paid you could get a Rolex second hand and much more interesting than omega and retain its value

Tấn Minh Nguyễn says:


drawin code says:

Because everyone needs a suitcase just for a wristwatch.Man your a prat everyman and his dog owns this watch. Also prove they even went to the mun

Valence Ho says:

Thanks. U earned my subscription.

tbonesteak64 says:

Nice review of a fabulous watch! Hey Omega, can I have a discount if I just buy the watch and decline the big Box-O-Crap?

hiifee wong says:

Okay ! I`ll buy one as a birthday present to myself !

Anthony Yau says:

+PatricksTechReviews , congrats on that nice watch! Glad it’s a standard kit now. I’m assuming you know the actual name of the ‘watchmaker’s magnifier’, but it’ll be good to educate new watchlovers that that’s called the ‘loupe’. Watchmaker’s loupe/Jeweller’s loupe (usually jeweller’s has an even higher magnification).

and sadly, as many people want it to be close to the moonwatch, it’s never gonna be the pre-moon and moon-landed caliber 321 movement, with the column wheel chronograph, that went up to the moon. the cam lever is just nowhere near as attractive as the column wheel when you see it. so yea, in a way, solid caseback or display caseback isn’t that much of a difference.

Cheers and wear in good health! 🙂

Burkinater 48 says:

This really is where Omega trumps other comparable brands, the presentation and all the things you get with this watch is incredible.

y y_tryy says:

What’s the price

JackJumpin23 says:

Did you try the Velcro strap ? I was wondering if it was space suit long or normal wrist size, thanks

stefan diaconu says:

how was any watch worn on the moon if no one was ever on the moon?

Vogelspinnen Tarantula Ghostmyer says:

Beautiful !

Jaikumar Bhatia says:

hope to get mine soon for my 18th birthday! 🙂 Amazing video.

chrisfromoh says:

How to decide between the Hesalite and the Sapphire Sandwich?

Seven Positivity says:

Both watches are classy, my Reduced is in the mail, can’t wait…

HenryMania says:

Man On The Fucking Moon

Kenny Howell says:

Pat good job!  I also just got this watch in early 2016 in the same box however, I think this box is so useless as it’s too big.  The old red box is much more useful in that you can keep the watch in it and put the box in a drawer where this big thing is like a small suitcase with now practical use. I am also loving my new “SPEEDY”  CHEERS!

DJKingMagneto #1 says:

Omega Is Undoubtedly One Of The Best Watch Makers In The World.Nice Watch, But I Was More Impress With The Box,On that Particular Model.
Just Don’t See The Big Deal.But Everyone One Is Entitled To Their View. Realness!!!!!.

Ineke Mateman says:

Man never went to the Moon, it’s a HOAX, we cannot travel through the Van Allen belt, around 400 KM above Earth, so the watch is a HOAX too.

Johannes R says:

what can you do with that medal?

Joe Visaya says:

Great video. I love my speedy. In my opinion, an iconic watch and (like a tuxedo) will never go out of style. Also, one of the best mechanical watches ever made and worth the investment for any watch collector. Note: Impressive new box, however a little over the top. Also, like luxury cars, be prepared to pay a hefty cost (U.S. $710 circa 2016 @ Omega Boutique Stores) to fix or maintain the watch.

Krit Nicol says:

And now my question is: this or the Rolex oyster perpetual 39 gray?

Daniel Avital says:

The most beautiful watch ever made. No contest. In addition, its history is pretty awesome. I bought mine a year ago and definitely went for the hesalite. I’m wearing it again as I’d been wearing my IWC INGENIEUR for sometime. missed it!

IamMagPie says:

What is the probability that Omega will release a special commemorative version in 2019 (50 years since the moon landing) of this watch…?

Uhren online kaufen says:

Alleine die Verpackung der Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional ist schon genial.

Vavazelus says:

Man on the fucking Moon!

David Filip says:

this or a sea master for a daily wearer and first omega?

Jack Naylor says:

In a similar situation. My fiancé has bought me a hesalite speedmaster professional and I have to wait till christmas! its gift wrapped so cant even look.

Magoo says:

So do all new moon watches come in this type of box now?

bigairboarder121 says:

How long did you have to wait between buying it and your birthday!? That wait must have been painful.

fatjamma says:

Great review, I have the same speedy and truly love this watch, the big box with the goodies is a bonus

monsieur otternase says:

Sehr schöne Vorstellung, vielen Dank dafür.
Wird definitiv meine nächste Errungenschaft. Sehe es ebenso, dass die Konfiguration
mit Stahlboden und Hesalitglas die klassische Wahl ist.
Kannst Du, nach längerem Tragen, was zur Ganggenauigkeit des Kalibers sagen? Wie oft ziehst Du
sie auf? Gibt es erwähnenswerte Pros und Contras?

Schöne Grüße aus dem Ruhrgebiet!

Vincent Jon says:

Update video?

Mile High V says:

Does all of this (Warranty card, etc) come with it when you buy from a grey market dealer such as Jomashop?

Tim Watts says:

Nice review and thank you for doing it. I have a Speedmaster 300 GMT and am now considering the Moonwatch.

Rumman Hassan says:

great review. thanks mate!

Jason de Souza says:

is it easy to change the straps?

fatjamma says:

MOTFM!!! ❤️

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