Omega Seamaster Professional 300m – review, general thoughts & comparison – Perth WAtch #5

A quick review/overview of the Omega Seamaster Professional 300m followed by general thoughts on why I like this watch in particular, and a comparison with the pre-ceramic model.
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Shortcut to comparison section: 9:28

Watches featured/referenced:
SMP Ceramic Co-Axial 41mm (
– Amazon listing:
SMP Chronograph 41.5mm (
– Amazon listing (ceramic ver.):
SMP Chronometer (2531.80.00) –
– Amazon listing:


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Channel omu says:

i have same this

Sion Dragos says:

Fellow beginning youtuber here. Love your videos. That seamaster ceramic is gorgeous and one of my grails. would love to do a video some day on one of those. What do you think about the black one?

Mark Bloom says:

My grail (2 minutes of silence please) when I get one of these I will stop buying watches!

jumboJetPilot says:

Yet another Gerald Genta classic!

ToxicWastoid says:

I hate the fat number font on the bezel on the new version.

Sanghoon Lee says:

One of those designs that are instantly likable to just about anyone with good taste. A classic in the making.

GuyBodart says:

In the first Bond movie with Pierce Brosnan ,it was a quartz one. After, he used the automatic.Much better than Rolex!!

Вадим Курбатов says:

я хочу эти часы, подарите мне их кто-нибудь…

Raga Etsenna says:

a beautiful watch that i would cry if i scratch it, but the speedmaster could still look cool even cooler if we scratch it, hard choice

MrVooLe says:

Love your videos! Especially the ones where you do “comparisons” of different price tiers of the watches. Rarely does one see such comparisons that are objective, and that does not actually compare the watches shoulder to shoulder, as such comparisons are utterly pointless, but rather focus on positive and negative aspects of the individual pieces. What I also find great about your reviews is the fact that you analyze the aesthetics in depth and point out the details that makes the watch beautiful (i.e. that the bracelet is a 9-piece). I know that everyone has a different taste, and that what one person finds appealing another one may or may not. However, the details and aesthetic aspects that you consider in the reviews are really difficult to object, even if one does not like the particular piece as a whole. Anyway, I just got a black version and could not be happier. Although I agree that the blue version is The One, I went with black, as the black version better fits majority of my daily outfit combinations, and I already have a very decent dark blue watch (Seiko SNZH53, J version, with high quality rubber strap of incredibly matching color) to go with my bluish combinations. Nevertheless, I shall probably get a blue one at some point.

Amintas Neto says:

Nice video! Thx

Yoohoo Nobody says:

Very nice watch!
I would be considering this exact model of seamaster, or an IWC Mark 18 Pilots watch for my first auto watch.
You guys have any preference between the 2?
Any facts as to which one would be “better” as to the movement etc…?

Imran Becks says:

Back in 2012 at the boutique, I actually chose the pre-ceramic SMP, the last of the wave dial model ref no. 2220.80 over this ceramic one. The one that Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale as you had mentioned in this video. See it in my videos. Same 2500 Co-axial movement and applied markers minus the ceramic. I just prefer to have the waves on the dial. I do however see myself getting this ceramic model one day, either black or blue, but currently the blue Aqua Terra 8500 is my top priority.

Chris Wass says:

someone is selling me a seamaster but the bezel is not crisp and moves abit. is it authentic?

ccw1961 says:

iI really don’t like this trend for blingy shiny pieces. Rolex have done this as well. I own the 2010 pre-ceramic Seamaster in black and the pre-ceramic Rolex Sub 14060. I much prefer them because they are understated and almost invisible. These new examples are way too flashy – IMHO

de N5XTC says:

i dont like the grey numbers on the bezel.why did they do that? why not white so you can see them? otherwise a beautiful watch.

S Fryc says:

Hi – thanks for your video. Would love one of these, still on that “bucket” list lol. I have an omega from the 70’s with a 1020 movement. Great watch. Looking at this one, thanks to you, do you think it would benefit from a magnifier/cyclops ? The date looks a bit small. Its a very small observation and not a criticism. OmegA rox. I live in Freo – Perth rox 2 🙂

TheHockeyjack says:

My 2015 model doesn’t have the ball bearings on the divers extension… should I be concerned?

Redbirdsfan1970 says:

Nice review! Good video. Just a note on the Calibre 2500 and the Omega co-axial movements in general. I’ve got an early model Seamaster PO (2007) with the Calibre 2500. I’ve had it for a little over 9 years and it has never been serviced, I wear the watch every day. It’s running at +1.2 spd. That movement is exceptional. Omega has been using co-axial escapements since 1999 (I think). So, it’s not a novelty anymore and there is plenty of data to show how well those movements run. You can also see dozens of threads on it on the major watch forums. I think it is safe to say it’s a proven movement now.

★ ilivill ★ says:

I sold my wave dial one, made 20% UP

DaVinci says:

Very informative video, I was really looking for a review of the newly added features.

Doran Maxwell says:

working class person here. I have the 300 coaxial professional … it is 10+? years old. mine is the mid size.. I do not like the giant watches. mine is 36 or 7? I am not small….over 6′ and big hands… I have custom grips on all my revolvers and 1911’s (that is a Colt) I like old stuff and quality stuff but not a rich guy.. this is a lot of value for the money to me. Much like a fine vintage firearm. I wear this watch every day and have a very active lifestyle… bracelet is the best looking I have ever seen. this watch is not babied but it still looks new from 3 feet away. yeah.. the case back is pretty neat but it is never off my wrist so… The bezel is very useful for timing stuff for me. Hate to think what a new bracelet will cost for the thing but after all these years this one is still hanging in there. The lum is very nice and lasts all night. I wear it to bed so always know the time in the dark.

Point is.. I am an average guy that does a lot of work with his hands and this watch is great value even tho the initial cost was pretty high to me… What I also like is that the watch is quality looking but not fancy looking which would not fit my style. To me.. this is a mans watch. and I really like the mid size. so there you have it.. a review of a fancy watch by someone who does not do fancy. I mean… every few years I have to by a funeral/wedding suit. I wear it one day.

Samuel Fernandes says:

very helpful video my friend. if I may ask, what is your wrist size?

Steve C says:

Another stupidly priced watch

Dean Spence says:

a single baton represents the six o’clock position, 2 batons I.e 6+6=12 at the 12 o’clock position, makes sense to me

Pojosamaneo says:

If I could only own one watch, it would be… an AP Royal Oak. But if I bring realistic, I’d go for this exact model of the Seamaster. :p

It’s just a flawless design.

Wilfredo Moisés Bautista says:

I own this same watch and I’m loving it

Winston Tongco says:

Thanks for the video. im afraid most will say i shall be creating a mortal sin by selling my iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch hesalite 1861 for this Bond Seamaster 300 Diver (Prof) ceramic blue..but since am an avid scubadiver & a huge fan of dive watches, who cares..

Daryl says:

Where is a good place to get a good 2nd hand Sea master?

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