Omega Seamaster Limited Edition Commander’s Watch Unboxing and Review

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This is the big one gents. I have dreamed of a Seamaster for many years and I am elated to finally have mine. I am signed up for a full year of Watch Gang Black so I will continue to unbox those on camera because at a minimum I like to present what I receive each month to give an example to others who are curious. Otherwise, this is my watch for (hopefully) a long long time.

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Albin Wiklund says:

God damn youre a lucky guy

nim nim parvin says:

wanna trade me your nato for gem omega leather?

Mac Maverick says:


Dean Christensen says:

Beautiful watch, John. Welcome back from your vacation, now I’m waiting for you in the tuxedo pumps.

The Modest Man says:

Congrats! Looks awesome on the wrist. I agree – the NATO is fun (esp with that tie), but the bracelet is awesome. Must have been thrilling to take that bad boy underwater for the first time.

Michael Duran says:

Congrats on the timepiece. Hard work pays off. Good for you man ..

Gene Shnayder says:

Great watch. Congrats and enjoy it.

Danny Crivello says:

Great video! Congrats on the watch! 30 days in, would you mind sharing what your least favorite thing about the watch is? If you could, please don’t say “nothing.” There’s always a least favorite thing 🙂 Thanks!

Zachary Lukes says:

I suppose.. if the world was depleted of 16610 Submariners..

My Email says:

With the second hand you are telling everyone your a secret agent, not very secret is it. Is there a kids version for this watch?

Joël Luder says:

As a swiss i can tell you are pronouncing it the english way its more Oh-meg-a although from experience english speakers have a hard time pronouncing swiss watches p.e. patek philippe which they butcher so you did decent.

Matthew Pace says:

Beautiful watch. I wish I could come close to affording that but I’ll stick with my recent buy which was the Seiko SRP772. The yellow gold version of that watch is also gorgeous. Where’d you get your club collar shirt?

askaryambus says:

John, out of curiosity. What do you do for a living that allows you to travel so much? Tnks

Ron Claridad says:

Envy! How to be rich

Go Aztecs says:

Congrats! Great choice 🙂

Allan Wong says:

Congrats on getting a real nice watch

Sean Oberg says:

Looks like you have officially graduated from “watch curious”.

Свинка Пеппа says:

Позор, тупая баба ролекс от омеги отличить не может, еще и разведчик, у нее ума то на простые вещи не хватает не говоря уже про шпионаж!

Vodor says:

Finally a great watch!

Jeff Woodcock says:

I own two Omegas and I’m a big fan. That Commander watch is just gorgeous, enjoy wearing it.

Shivanshu Bansal says:

where do you think one can wear that??

Mantis897565 says:

How does it feel going from wearing this to a Daniel Wellington? I just saw your Daniel Wellington review and now I’m seeing this and it’s odd seeing you go from not being a watch enthusiast to buying an Omega watch a few months later. Anyway, Nice video!

rgpfighter says:

At first I thought you said the watch was $200 and I was like lemme go check if it’s available… Then I heard the 5k and that made more sense lol

Justin Tan says:

That is a great looking movement! Really different than the other co-axials I’ve seen. Congratulations on your gorgeous timepiece! Must feel rewarding and satisfying! Time for a “hers” watch lol, they make a 33 I think?

kongmw says:

good ol’ ross park mall! i did go there to check out the speedmaster but ended up buying a different watch at an independent AD in the city.
also, awesome watch! congrats

Jørgen Ellefsrud says:

Love to see you’ve gotten into ‘proper’ watches. Lovely watch and decision to get it.

G Posada says:

Maybe it’s my phone but the bezel red and NATO red do not match. In fact they clash. Nice on the bracelet though

VenomousGamerYT says:

Would love to see a review on Bonvier watches. I am considering getting the Monza Blue one.

Shawn Baker says:

I bought my first Omega about a year and a half ago. Now I wish I’d waited. This is by far one of the best designs I have seen. I love this watch. Not to mention the limited run makes it so special. Congrats. Great choice.

Anon Amous says:

Congrats bro but I’ll play you in goldeneye for your watch.

Kurt V says:

The review had so much promise that was until you showed up with that silly neck tie!

perrywinkle5000 says:

Bond is British…they pronounce things differently, haha.

Omar Guardado says:

THAT PRONUNCIATION IS WHAT I BASED MINE OFF OF TOO LOL. I have a couple of omega watches 🙂

Michael Sturm says:

Great video. It was one of the main reasons why I got a Commander’s Watch as well 🙂

Albin Wiklund says:

And its not 300mm diver, just 300m

Aaron T says:

Awesome watch!

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