Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Skyfall 41.5mm Watch Review – James Bond Omega Watch

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Here’s an in-depth, detailed review of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Skyfall 41.5mm watch. This watch, housing Omega’s in-house Co-Axial Calibre 8500 movement, was discontinued in 2014 after Omega announced that the Master Co-Axial line would replace the 8500 Aqua Terra’s during Basel World Watch Fair in 2013. This is also the watch worn by actor Daniel Craig during the hit 2012 James Bond movie, Skyfall. In this video, I’ll cover the watch’s general specifications – mostly information that could be found through a quick Google search but that is still important enough to discuss in a watch review. I’ll also cover what I think are the watch’s positive features (the “pros”), the watch negative aspects (the “cons”), and an insight into the watch’s value (what it’s worth, what it costs, ect.). Stay tuned and enjoy!

Who am I? I’m just a normal, everyday guy that happens to love watches/horology. It’s a passion of mine. As such, I own many watches, and almost every review I post is of a watch I ACTUALLY own. No one sends me these pieces to review them. I don’t make money off this. I’ll always be honest and thorough in my reviews, because they’re my watches and I know them very well. I hope you enjoy these videos and that they’re useful to you.

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Keshav Ramamurthy says:

wow awesome

MoPar7055 says:

Why is it such a unique feature that I spend $6,000 on a watch but everytime I want to set the date I have to sit their spinning the hour hand through it’s paces 50 loops around to get to the proper date when my $300 seiko allows me to set the date almost instantly by directly turning the date wheel?

MisterMaster4life says:

Nice watch. I had the 8500 planet ocean. Though the crown with Omega logo doesnt always point downwards perfectly. Probably just your watch. You got Lucky I guess. It all depends on how they attach the crown on it in the factory. Even Rolex doesn’t allign there crowns. However they should. For this kind of money they really should find a solution to allign each and every single watch crown. Anyhoeee…very nice watch. Thinking of adding it to my collection. Thnx for your clear video +

frips1000 says:

what should i buy the omega aquaterra blue or the dark blue datejust ii smothbesel?

JG says:

14:48 “I say, go for it. Pull the trigger. You live once.” Love it!

Deepak Venkatesh says:

Hello there. I am getting exactly this version for 4567 dollars. A brand new one. Very nice review. This is a very beautiful watch.

Sanghoon Lee says:

This over a Datejust any day.

Harry Clams says:

I’m guessing the quartz version to this watch has the same quality-attention to detail case-band, and dial ?, only thinner ?

Argiris argi says:

practically a seiko or a casio are years infrond of this piece of ancient history.And looks beautiful too

kkevinmiao says:

I would argue the aqua terra line is not tool watches…… The new master coaxial version has polished center links and thats more align with the dress watch style.

Gary Astron says:

You didn’t say how thick it is,,,please let me and the others know. Great watch and video!

Sean Costello says:

Thanks for a brilliant review. It is indeed a beautiful watch and agree totally that new master coaxials do not look as well as the version in your video. I came across a ‘Golf’ version with black dial and green accents which in my opinion is also nicer than the updated master version with the green secondhand. Do you think it would also be a good investment and possibly appreciate?

Baraq Badar says:

i heard this model discontinued. .

Ruang Buku says:

awesome man that watches so elegance…. hope next time you review a bit about the boxes too..keep making review…

Entao Liu says:

Beautiful watch! I got the new version when I visited Barcelona two months ago. The price there is really good, let along the tax refund for non-EU resident.

Panda says:

this and rolex explorer 2016 will complete my dream. i dont need other watch

P S Atwal says:

Hey pal. I saw this today and purchased it. It’s the GMT version. And apparently it’s 1mm bigger. What are your thoughts?

Mustafa A. DEDEOGLU says:

You surely got lucky with that crown alignment thing because there’s no such thing.

ChameleonsFan says:

I still can’t believe that Omega replaced this near perfect version of the Aqua Terra by an inferior successor with two major shortfalls: the new date hole (I refuse to call it a window) and the polished center links of the bracelet that makes it look excactly the way it’s seen by people who don’t like the brand: a watch for people who would prefer to buy a Rolex, but can’t afford one.

Thijs Fange says:

should I buy a tagheur or omega for max 2500 whats better?

Explogaming513 says:

Please make more videos

Harry Clams says:

Does Omega make their own quartz movements or do they use ETA ?

Colours of the Rainbow says:

An extension would be a nice feature but you were incorrect in saying this is a divers watch. The Aqua Terra is a seamaster but its not a diver, luxury divers are rated to at least 300 and have a uni directional rotating bezel and must have and extension to so that it can fit around a dive suit. Because this isn’t a dive watch that feature was overlooked since its not a standard feature on most watches and is more of a perk if you have a regular watch that can do that. Also, it being a non diver makes the way it opens with the buttons not a problem as its not meant to be taken diving in the ocean. I agree that a clasp with a latch is better for a diver.

Ian Wei says:

Hi The Watch Mister, Ijust like to know if you were to choose between Omega Constellation Co-Axial 38mm and this one, which one would you go for and why? I look forward to your advice as I wanna puchase one of these two. Thanks!

Alpay Bayraktar says:

Grail watch over there. In my honest opinion, this is the best watch in the history. Stainless steel case and bracelet, automatic self-winding movement, simple yet mesmerizing design… I cannot ask more than this. Simply beautiful.

Peter Esposito says:

why do you bite your nails?  very unclassy for such a classy product.

Mike Pressley says:

Great video.  Im about to purchase one in 38.5 mm so I wanted to see it a little more in depth.  Thanks for all the helpful info and opinions.

Josri says:

What is the full model name?

Khizar Hayat says:

Can you please mention the model reference number

Jake Twitchett says:

How much is the Quartz version?

honey mehmood says:

Excellent review for a Great Watch. Your thoughts / view on The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Day Date ?

Gerd Schirmacher says:

Wie genau geht die schöne Uhr?

T Muz says:

I absolutely agree with your review.. I have an Aqua Terra 8500 41.5mm (black teak dial, not the Skyfall…) and the only issue I have is with the clasp. In my case, however, my main complaint is that it is very uncomfortable on my wrist regardless of adjustment. I find that it has slightly sharp edges that cause a constant pressure point on my wrist which can be very annoying after a few hours. For this reason I always wear it on a leather strap- which works really well!

Eric L says:

very nice watch. ¨Probably my next one, but 38.5 mm much more cool and chic in my opinion.

TaiwanLYC says:

do you mind tell me how much you got it for? i’m trying to see if the price an authorized retailer gave me was good

muffemod says:

Daniel Craig wore the 38.5mm version in the Bond film, not the XL version.

Stelios Tesera Dekatria says:

If only Swiss watches weren’t so damn expensive…. my _Citizen Signature Grand Classic_ is $3000 dollars less and almost the same….

Elvira Salvador says:

I love the Watch Mister


Beautiful… nice way of reviewing the stuffs

Gary Astron says:

Is it a ETA Movement?

tommart123 says:

Hey man. Thanks for the reviews. I’d like to know if you’ve had any experience with Sinn and if so what your thoughts are on the brand.

Wissam Al-Ashaq says:

Thank you, I enjoy it, one of the best watch review vid. More contents please….

kauai diver says:

Is this the same as the 2017 model? Also do you recommend buying on or as I’m far from authorized dealer? Thanks

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