Omega Seamaster 300M Review

In this video, I would like to review my new (or rather used) Omega Seamaster 300M, a tremendous dive watch with both excellent functionality and very elegant aesthetics as well as the fantastic Omega 2500 movement.

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Matt S says:

How can you review this watch without a single mention of the rotating bezel? Is it good? Easy to turn? You high?

HelloDave81 says:

That’s a stunning watch! I just can’t decide whether it’s too good to use as a daily….


Is the dial and the ceramic insert both blue or is the ceramic black and dial blue its hard to tell. not sure if i like the blue dial or black dial version of this then there’s the master co axial…..

Joel Ekström says:

Just FYI you might want to add to the video that you can have both micro-adjustments and a dive extension, if you get the 117STZ001159 clasp. I did this myself last week, it fits without any special parts, much recommended!

Tul C. says:

I love how you start your video, sir!

Gnosis Essene says:

time-keeping is poor !
Rolex is better but way
more expensive — consider !

NorBjorn says:

How did you get a logo with lume? My Smpc doesnt have that and i tried to find one on google but couldnt.

AntPDC says:

Could you state the diameter of that watch, and the circumference of your wrist Armand? It looks to be on the big side, but not overly so.

Matt S says:

How good use the bezel rotation? I didn’t see you move it

bullsharkreef says:

Long wordy review…that skip the basic functions of the watch. Does this watch still allows independant hour adjustment like the old one?

rolonow12 says:

Just found a 1yr old one for £2750 with 1yr warranty, but new at £2920 with 2yr warranty. New one for me.

Kamil Bigos says:

Ref please?

Noggsy joggsy watches says:

Good watch but as of 2016 waaaay behind the Tudor black bay

Laurence Ignacio says:

Love this watch. This exact one was my second omega watch I bought. It’s my everyday watch. Heavy but I love it.

Kurt S says:

great review. Great watch . I do prefer the sword hands model though. Folks lust after the sword hand models.

ProgramThis! says:


Barryms0083 says:


권창규 says:

is that a blue dial?

Rene Bense says:

Dive watches are replaced by dive computers, period. Nobody talks about that. The brands are Shearwater, Suunto and Oceanic. But,…..a dive watch of Omega, Blanc Pain or Rolex, gives you that look and feel of the James Bond style. Being on a boat in the Med, you need a classy dive watch. Sitting in the harbor on a terrace opposite your yacht,…you need a proper classy diver. It can be a Blanc Pain 50 , an Omega Seamaster, a Rolex Yachtmaster or a Submariner, but you have to have something of class on your wrist. Again, only when you are not diving, with all the gear in your boot and your yacht in sight. Your watch has to match your lifestyle and yes, it comes at a price. You can’t have a cheap diver and an expensive boat. Going out at night or going to the casino…change again, don’t wear a diver in a casino….unless your name is Bond, because he has to spring in action any time….

Loner says:

f**k me dead but pimple jutting out at 10 oclock is such an irritating design mistake seems the designer was stoned

toocoolforu says:

Great review! the only thing i don’t like about this watch is the bracelet look

jim dandy says:

About 10 years ago I had one with the electric blue dial for years, it was a quartz, I decided to sell and I regret it to this day, that dial was amazing

Martin C. says:

Is there such a thing as an add-on to a microphone, or an editing tool, that allows one to soften the harsh “s” sounds in a video? Would be much needed here, in an otherwise great review!!

Wilfredo Moisés Bautista says:

Excellent review, I own this watch and totally love it, you nailed every word you said, a truly wonderful iconic timepiece

Taylor W. says:

This is a beautiful watch, one I would personally love to own.

AntPDC says:

A most informative review, exquisitely presented, for which many thanks Armand. I am sorely tempted to make myself exceedingly unpopular with my bank… . Do I blame you? Why, yes 😉

The S Man says:

Do you keep saying blue?

Bruce Duncan says:

I really like the format of your videos; they are obviously very well thought out and informative.

Andy Ianniello says:

Love, love, love this watch! This video came on the day before my birthday. Im so excited to see you like it too. Great choice my friend. Congrats.

Luke Smith says:

One of these or the Tudor Pelegos……..

Arthur Montiel says:

Pet peeve of mine: when the bezel action isn’t shown in a dive watch review.

While the smp is a great watch overall, it has the worst grip and action of any diver I’ve had at this price range.

Watch Collectors Channel says:

I like this watch so much! Just beautiful!

damacknificent151 says:

What year watch is this seamaster? On an other video the clasp was different ( not flush to the back of wrist )

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