Omega Planet Ocean looks for 90% Off?




For all you budding 007s out there! While I appreciate that $519 is still a fair bit of cash, it is a damned sight less than $5000. I like the Sea King, it is big and handsome and has fantastic lume. Not perfect, but a decent piece for the cash. Cheers, JOMW.


Peter Sargison says:

You’ve just made it harder to pick my next Diver, I thought I’d narrowed it down!

John Dudley says:

Jody, your impersonation of bundy will improve with scotch and not with martini’s, i kid you not.

Matt Ashe says:

Invicta now have a Sellita SW200 in their latest pro diver (upgraded 8926ob) for half the price so it’s interesting to watch the micros (not including Invicta here lol) using better movements than the NH35 and not charging $500 for the same quality as your $80 pro diver. But again, at this price point they’re taking on brands like Hamilton, Tissot and Seiko, that aren’t using cloned ETA’s. Very nice watch and sponsored enabling though. And it is definitely an omega homage having taken their design cues from two sea masters, past and present.

Zuk Fea says:

More on aesthetics but not proven.

Christopher Taylor says:

Really nice watch. My niggle is that the logos on the crown and caseback are both skew. Attention to detail doesn’t cost anything, and just adds that bit of class to a watch.

hockingham says:

I love this watch… Only gripe is the 22mm straight clasp and the name

Watch Addiction Watch Reviews says:

great review!

Armando Fernandez says:

where did you get that awesome t-shirt?

William Parker says:

Great video and review.

Richard Weaver says:

That’s rather nice!

Panagiotis Skartsilas says:

More like Ray Donavon on a budget. Very cool just what I was looking for.

AL McL says:

Reminds me of the scurfa diver one auto (which comes with eta & costs less if I recall)

Marc Hills says:

If whatever watch you’re wearing to the next party fails to garner enough attention, you’ve got that killer Sean Connery impersonation in your hip pocket there pal! A very enjoyable (and as always: insightful) review.

tynan nida says:

Hmm looks good, but it’s too big for me and a non tapering bracelet is a deal breaker.

The Guardian says:

Jodi, that Sean Connery impression waa awesome.

Michael Forde says:

Dunno I think jody may look half decent in Craig’s shorts , the weight of the watch could hamper him exiting the surf though particularly if he is doing a shwartkopf with another giant diver, great lume on that bezel

Michael Orme says:

Very nice but surely they could have made it 41-42mm and everyone would be happy? That’s the only thing I can think of to criticize so pretty good.

Mystninja says:

The person after you got 007

Marcus Nilsson says:

It’s aweful.

David Pearson says:

WOW! So, if he got the next one in production he would have number 007
An omega planet ocean homage, BOND watch, production number 007? Come on, that would be too cool. And 006, sooo close! Lol sorry…

Fusion Player says:

That’s pretty cool watch…but the title is a lie

Jēzus Meza says:

This made me think of a watch I really want. The Borealis Estoril which is made in Portugal and is priced similar. Cheers!

Nate Baumgartner says:

Jodi, you did it again!

I would love an Omega Seamaster, but I’m not ready to spend all that much on Just one watch…

And here you are with another timely video about a really good looking watch.

Keep em coming, brother!

Simba Lee says:

I cried when I saw that 006 number on the back, would be hilarious if it was 007 LOL

Don Rossi says:

I agree with you in general about this Sea King…the clasp is an issue for me…needs a major redesign an the addition of micro adjustments…a nice watch but would pass this version..Thanks for reviewing this one..!!

Hieu Tran says:

Bloody hell! 44mm, it will look like a plate on my girly wrist! :/ On a side note Jody, could you get the Glycine Golden Eye for a review? It is 10.6mm thin if I remember correctly which is fairly thin for a divers watch.

Carp Andrei says:

Was that at the beginning a Sean Connery impression? Or am I totally wrong?

Phillip Hull says:

Really amazing watch I really appreciate your videos very informative and detailed thanks.

The01t says:

The connery voice was bang on.

Art Kung says:

now THIS is the kind of video you should be making ALL the time! (felt like you lost your way a bit)… maybe cause i’m a huge Craig Daniel fan, but mainly cause i like how you can search out and find little gems for a lot LE$$. keep it up.

Szymon Krasuski says:

Don’t like the looks nor the price

Perry Ford says:

J. – See the Favre-Leuba Sea King from the 60’s 70s. Best!

Nick K says:

The design is coppied from the 2254.50 not the planet ocean. Also “only 13mm “ thickness? You consider that thin by any means? That’s standard thickness for a dive watch. The 2254.50 was one of the slimmest and most comfortable watches to wear and that one was just under 12mm.

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