Omega New Watches of Baselworld 2017

This year marks an important 60th anniversary date for the brand as they are celebrating the introduction of what would become icons for them: Speedmaster, Seamaster and Railmaster. These watches all had professional reasons of being developed and find out more in this video report.


Paul Ruppert says:

Wait ! “Speedmaster is not the most ‘important watch in terms of business'”? That’s a commercial cliff hanger !

Please clarify–not the largest revenue producer, or not the largest profit contribution of profit margin? You can’t leave me hanging on that…Dish, what do you know MAD?

After all they have –51– different Speedmaster sku’s [see below] ! Really, this isn’t their main revenue or profit center? The PA outsells the Speedie?
6 Moon Professionals
17 different Speedmaster Coaxials, e.g., “Dark Side, Grey Side, White Side, etc.side”
14 “Racing” Coaxials
2 Mark II
7 Ladies variations
3 Solar Impulse
2 Skywalker 51 different variations !!! And I have to admit I own three Omegas…and even considering another–Le Tin Tin!

James Hanscombe says:

I mean “First world problems” but I’m a bit disappointed that my speed master reduced is now referred to asa ladies watch.

Thomas Christopher White says:

How unfortunate that Omega markets the 38mm speedmasters as “women’s”.

Watch Geek says:

I love your videos and your channel, great work and keep it up 🙂

Gianpa kasa says:

Can you tell us what is tge difference between 6atm (Railmaster) and 5atm (other watches)? I mean, a 6atm can survive in a very humid enviroment? Can take a swim in a swimming pool? Thank you!

Juho Ketola says:

The long wait is finally over. Thank you for this video! 🙂 I really think that Omega never disappoints with these beautiful and classical watches.

madjh says:

The Speedmaster will be my next purchase, but I think I will go for the traditional Moon watch. It will take me some time to find the watch I want. But it is part of this, find the correct watch.

Michael Frilund says:

Not a huge brand fan, but I rather like the Deville and the Sedna gold especially. But the Omega gas escape valve is silly to me. Rolex and a few others have built-in ones, Omega’s solution is something you far too easily notice.

Cliff Hung says:

Thank you for uploading so many informative videos!

Amaury Doumenc says:

Je me permet de parler français en vue de nos origines communes. Juste pour vous dire que j’admire et apprécie le travail que vous nous proposez sur the Watch TV. En tant que jeune passionné je vous remercie énormément pour la qualité de vos vidéos. Continuez ainsi merci beaucoup Marc André.

killamist666 says:

I DO like the black Railmaster.

Maxime Thériault says:

Thanks a lot. Always interesting!

João B says:

you say that the speedmaster isnt the most sold colletion… could you refer which is it?

Carlos Rolaça says:

best presentation of the omega releases and trilogy so far by, nice worldtimer; the blue-orange seamaster comes late, was the perfect colour for Moto-Laverda Racing Team in 90s, exact colour match (orange for 24h racing visibility, 2nd best after white but matching the Oranje of Netherlands, who were their strongest Dealership country and blue for contrast colour complementing it).

Mattia Matt says:

I’m not really into vintage remakes. But those 3 are stunning!

demonofwin2 says:

I want the leather couch…heu leather pouch 😉 No kidding, your channel is presently one of my favorites and what push me to finish my last semester in chemical engineering! great work!

ginge82 says:

Nearly £5500 for yet another ‘limited edition’ manual wind Speedmaster?

Omega have lost their minds.

Mads Thorup says:

Dave scott Apollo 15 has a bulova watch. 🙂

Miika Mäentaus says:

the non-trilogy railmaster isn’t 44mm. If I remember correctly it is 40mm

Bill Cull says:

You seem down 🙁

Alessandro Martelli says:

Hey Marc how are u

Phil Dix says:

I love how Omega use the term limited for their watches… o.O 😉

z00h says:

0:04 that lass deffo wanted your D.

An Sung says:

Is it a new swiss fashion to wear huge glasses? haha

Arvind Pillai says:

You’re the best Marc. Keep it coming.

RandomUser20130101 says:

When are you going to post a video on the new TAG Heuer watches at Baselworld 2017?

Zan Frangeš says:

Amazing Chanel, I am a big fan of Omega Watches. Thank you for this presentation.

Jeremy Tanaja says:

The last time I checked your channel was around the 2016 basel, but jeez, you guys really do improve!
Watched your every basel 2017 coverage and enjoyed it a lot.

Keep improving and all the best to you Andre!

Nicolás Emaldi says:

I am not a great fun of Omega but It looks that they have made the homework for Basel. Really nice vintage reeditions of their “profesiosal” watches and great idea the special box with the three watches and tools kit together

mayur kulkarni says:

only if I had enough money to the speedmaster 🙁

J B says:

that Apollo 17 watch… my goodness…. >8O

Anna Esparza says:


Fernando Marçal Menezes says:

Only wish they released some more options at the 38mm.. Realy beautiful watches but far too big. The speedmaster reduced was my favorite of omega watches.

java titus says:

leather couch.. haha..

john doe says:

I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for another excellent review. Off topic, do you know Dana Carvey?

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