Omega New Watches at Baselworld 2016

Omega challenged itself by creating the METAS certification introduced last year. This new protocol of tests applied to every watch gathers 8 criteria including resisting to an antimagnetic field of 15’000 gauss, the strongest on the market. Because of it, Omega works hard to replace a maximum of parts reacting to magnetic fields. This process implies revising all the (mechanical) movements to make them antimagnetic. And the catalog counts dozens of them. It is then a huge effort that the engineers have to make to achieve the goal of an entire METAS certified production in 2020. This year, 6 new calibers were introduced, most of them being modified versions of existing ones. Among them is the new caliber 8800 that will replace the first co-axial caliber ever produced industrially, the 2500. The new 8922 is also interesting as it is one the very rare annual calendar displaying the month with a hand. It was integrated in the Globemaster with its « pie pan » dial which facets indicate the month. The platinum version is for instance available in a limited edition of 52 pieces in platinum for 46000 Swiss francs.

Of course, Omega’s legend is the Speedmaster, aka the « Moonwatch », that comes every year in a large variation of new versions. This year, many colors and combination of materials were presented. As for instance this grey ceramic with yellow and green ceramic bezel that caught the eye of many aficionados. Or this entirely blue version that also was very appreciated. What matters here is the fact that Omega masters always better the manufacturing at large scale of the materials it introduced these last years such as the liquid metal, the Sedna gold or the ceramic. One splendid « Grey side of the moon » version with a dial made out of meteorite deserves a special applause. But take note that this model won’t be able to last after 2020 because of the major influence magnetic fields have on the dial. To finish with the Speedmaster new products, a re-release of a « premoon » Speedmaster from 1959 was presented with the manual winding caliber 1861 and the same design as the original. Called CK2998 as the name of the steel used to manufacture its case, it is available in a limited edition of 2998 units for 5600 Swiss francs.

Omega also totally revamped its diving Planet Ocean collection introducing many aesthetical new features in terms of colors, design and materials. The Biel-based manufacture succeeded in particular in producing titanium dials, a highly difficult operation as the metal is very sensitive. Omega introduced a new antibacterial rubber strap that took 2 years of research and development with 2 external suppliers. Contrary to appearances, the manufacturing of the strap is quite complex.


youtubister says:

The CK2998. Just that.

karamazov75015 says:

Omega without the speedmaster = bankruptcy
Rolex without the submariner = can I have a dayto please 😉

AnimeVideoEditor says:

Where is the Moonwatch ( Moonphase) with the Blue dial ):?

Johannes R says:

Heck that guy is hard to understand

Walaa Al Qallaf says:

That ck2998 driving me crazy

Vadim Don says:

You said “many limited editions as usual” which is exactly the problem omega has: too many limited editions and they are loosing the value

vsboy25 says:

they look so well built.

suraj801 says:

i cant understand what this guy is saying! his accent is so hard to understand!

sciuridae says:

Hey guys, cool watch shirts here: enjoy 🙂

Alexander says:

New speedys are fantastic. New PO’s……. ehh

Neo Dawn says:

2016 omega watch designs are stunners.

Rae Gaoat says: can’t really find the watch from 0:51 on Omega’s website. What’s the reference number? Thanks!

Peter Byford says:

I love Omega as a brand….I have Constellations & Geneve f300. Unfortunately, or fortunately, which ever you feel, Omega produced the iconic & fantastic manual wind
1969 Moon Speedmaster lol ! No speedy since, IMHO anyway, has the same kudos or recognisibility as this. Yes, tempus fugit, Omega have quite rightly kept the model name in their line-up, automatic , new movements, & now these ‘antimagnetic’ variants, but for this money, attractive as it is, I’d get an original Moon . I’m not sure whether a buying public should put great store by ‘antimagnetic’ properties nowadays, unless their profession calls for extra protection,….atomic, computer, Hadron Collider etc territory lol
For everyday use, most watches have materials in their manufacture today that cope well enough. If the property of ‘antimagnetic’ is truly an issue, Rolex Milgauss is attractive, but even it’s level of protection pales significantly compared to a 1980’s IWC Ingenier which had protection rating to 500,000 A/m & of course the IWC calibre 35790
@ 3,900,000 A/m . IWC were plagued with technical difficulties over both, attempting to ‘protect’ the movement rather than make it ‘ amagnetic ‘. Omega have the benefit of space-age materials & knowledge in 21st century, & I don’t think these modern watches are anything to brag about no matter how fancy the new testing standard is. Well priced though.

Obsidian Guile says:

Always wanted a a Wind movement, just love how air can be used to power my watch :^)

lucas dutra says:

Hi! Can you tell me what song do you use at the intro? (I realise most of them are Gramatik) 😉

SAMR33 says:

The meteor dial speed master is stunning!

RosenFiddlesYou says:

The one with a grey dial (moonphase) is sexy asf.

G-FORCE says:

Love the GSOTM with Meteorite Dial! Think it fits the idea quite well!

N D says:

Great work once again guys!

Barry says:

What a load off horse shit so many special limited editions. It’s a fucking joke, new this new that biiig pfffucking deaaaaL. Stick with the timeless classics

gmshadowtraders says:

What a rip-off of other watch brands like Rolex and JLC….for shame Omega, whatever happened to originality or innovation? You are just a pretender. Movements you have down perfectly but presentation I’m afraid lacks the direction.

Altex lan says:

Omega is just using ETA part. just like other swiss watch. what is the big deal.?

Steve Allen says:

Microwaved dog shit!!!!

Nick Chee says:

The last 1861? Did I hear it right?

Mike W says:

Umm….I’m an Omega fan but these new 2016 watches don’t really do it for me. Too many limited editions, and not sure how that PO comes ever close to looking better than the orange bezel/orange rubber strap version… Mike

EricMGuerra says:

Very great work guys!

Stefan Schüller says:

Awesome video like always. Thanks. BTW I would strongly suggest you add an annotation link to patreon at the end of the video and also add it to your description.

Greg Miel says:

Why not just put a faraday cage or net behind the meteorite face to stop the electromagnetic interference? No need to stop production after 2020

TimeIsMoney says:

Love the new PO with grey dial and part orange bezel. Reminds me of the Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver. Not to sure about the strap.

Edward Kenway says:

goddamn it I am muting this video I can’t understand a damn word he is saying


we just Fuckus on … lol

OG Wavy says:

well done Omega!

Swagsor Rex says:

I would really like a dedicated video on the grey side of the moon “meteorite”, especially from my favourite channel regarding watches

Loek Lodewijck says:

What is the green one? That is so cool

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