OMEGA Liquidmetal™ Technology

OMEGA recently introduced Liquidmetal™ to its collection when it created a bezel which blends the novel zirconium-based alloy with ceramics – a technological world premiere. Liquid metal fuses at a temperature half that of conventional titanium alloys but when it cools, it is three times tougher than stainless steel. The result is a stunning bezel which, thanks to the durability of Liquidmetal™, will retain its beauty forever. This video shows how we did it. Sometimes the most unlikely partnerships are the most enduring.


Hemen Karmakar says:

love it

Yang Ping says:

I hate the voice on this video. 

Dj Tucci says:

jajaja somos 2 bro

Vicky Sieto says:

so only omega only apply liquidmetal on their bezel? case, dial, hand, bracelet ,etc just normal stainless steel?

jgcfc58 says:

oh my god, this is beautiful.

msvanveen says:

link doesn’t work, please fix


Hello Grandpa, I wish you Happy Lucky Health

delesdog says:

Forever?? Someone had a ‘3’ get caught on his shirt and pulled out a corner from the bezel.

StukaUK says:

Lovely…. Shame it’s only on the big POs though. That’s not made very clear in the shop displays.

TimeIsMoney says:

an engineering marvel

Yulduz Saparboyeva says:


Nick Taft says:

Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM) and forged Liquidmetal… amazing materials and great manufacturing processes… yes please!

Emilio Suárez Flórez says:

Reproducción en español

wallysaruman says:

What a sexy, sexy watch…

icyua6om says:

whats the background music?

dimman77 says:

Forever, or until the liquid metal numerals start to delaminate and peel out of the ceramic. Go check out some watch forums…

die101 says:

i jeezed to her voice, so sexy

Marcus McIntyre says:

If Omega provides me one, I will only wear Omega watches for the rest of my life.

Jief Yang says:

a 8kw laser isn’t much. dont mean much either. ceramic? plain old china is ceramic too. what ceramic was it?

dwilliams851 says:

Nice watch, but why is Siri doing the commentary?

Tech vista says:

Peter made this in 1923 at casio watches

Dariusz Szeszycki says:


cecilyt006 says:

Omega is making so much money selling dopey watches to fucks like you, George Clooney is now their knob-gobbling bitch. Everything can be had……for a price.

Phil Latio says:

I’ll take 10 of them

violentyouth.mp3 says:

I’m here because of the rumors of the iPhone 7.

Bianca Vega says:

No me arrepiento de haber pagado lo que di por este relog… simplemente una obra de arte maravilloso

netnoob77 says:

Nope, the Liquidmetal bezel is not only on the XL POs. The one is this video is the 42mm Liquidmetal Limited Edition model, which in my opinion, is the most attractive PO ever made. Too bad, they are all sold out.

Alexander Karpoff says:

my favorite watche)))) all the time with me

ringo1029384756 says:

The Planet Ocean is the best watch, IMO.

배종필 says:

her voice like potal2 main com. hot n sexy   ; )


how much this watches?

Rax Deere says:

Ta güeno, ta güeno, ya somos tres ji ji

die101 says:

would love to know the title of the soundtrack used in this commercial, where can i buy/ download it

drdj69 says:

I Wouldn’t compare Omega and Rolex, they both are good in there own ways AND both are excellent .
so stop with ur omega fanboyism and saying Omega is much much better.

Long John Silver says:

@denizg6 Maybe it was the 1948 model that was limited?

Saurav Ghosh says:

I demand to know the background music track, I asked over three years ago, never got an answer.

Adam Dosskey says:

Holy. Shit. That’s it. I’m buying my dream watch.

ForeverFlame88 says:

It won’t last forever. Everything u see is temporary. What u don’t see is eternal. If it’s solid, it flows… just more slowly than liquid and gas. 

Mickey Mouse says:

Now that’s beautiful!

InSurrealtime says:

Who wears a watch anymore? Just a bracelet for Men I guess.

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