OMEGA Co-Axial Chronometer – The perfect mechanical movement

OMEGA’s Co-Axial Chronometers are crafted to a standard unmatched by any other industrialised mechanical watch movement. In OMEGA’s new film, the viewer is drawn into the world of the Co-Axial Chronometer through spellbinding animated sequences expressing the perfection of nature elegantly interacting with man-made gearwheels and other elements of mechanical watch movements. All of the elements – natural and man-made – appear to be regulated by clockwork gears. Intriguingly, all of the watch mechanisms and gears are perfect 3D renderings of components found in the OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 9300 chronograph movement.


Christopher Balster says:

Probably the most soothing commercial ever made.

R ICH says:

The music …. perfect

Víctor Alonso says:

se me saltan las lagrimas

Phynh says:

there are watches so expensive, they can hardly be purchased by human

King of Oxydents says:

Funny how the time always seems to be 10:10 o clock in almost all watch advertisements

Nomad Downunder says:


Shantilal Chunara says:

its movement man

Andrew says:

I saw this commercial in movie theater three years ago and it led me to actually purchase a Seamaster. I’d thought about getting one years earlier, but got sidetracked. This commercial reminded me of how much I wanted one.

Prashant Soni says:

what’s the song on background?

hưởng hưởng says:

ii ujj in. .


الفاتح محمد says:

الموسيقي حزينه

Wallace Yip says:

3 years later, I watched this commercial again, still the perfect screen on the same kind of product i have ever watched.Really Perfect……………….

HellRay says:

This commercial alone is reason enough to own a watch, preferably a Omega Co Axial.

P.O.M. Keeper says:

The only watch I wouldd buy in my whole life :3

Unless OMEGA made a watch better than this xD

Mr. X says:

Is this only a jingle, or a whoole song? I would like to know how this song is called…

FRSPilot says:

Beautiful commercial. Makes me proud to wear an Omega.

adam hall says:

I love how they fit every watch in there the first was to represent the seamaster seconded the speedmaster and third the constellation

First Last says:

Man on Fire

C. Kevni says:

If this doesn’t make you want to own an Omega Co-Axial, i don’t know what will…

Whoever this ad agency is, they should be making movies, if they aren’t already..

Gaming Gameplay says:

I LOVE THIS Commercial love the background Music and i will let my kids play this music in the day that i will pass away to this world

Fer G says:

Here we have a commercial made with the same quality of the watch. I could see it over and over and over and over again, and never feel bored of this…. This is perfection…. Like the watch… It makes me feel very strong emotions. Someday I would have an Omega… Love this Brand, and this song

r price says:

I have watched this ad countless times and it still gives me chills. It’s stunningly beautiful.

Ali Maher says:

Music very nice

DavidEMould says:

You guys aren’t the only ones. Add this Jamaican boy to your list. Tears. Brilliance. I plan drawing attention to it through a video in the making, entitled: I Feel Like Bombing A Church. Don’t let the title fool you; it’s pretty benign actually.

Trista Young says:

I am so glad that I am not the only person to cry over this commercial.

Assy Man says:

There are orgasms so perfect, women hardly think they were given to them by a human (me)!!!

shajaat ali says:

By far the greatest TV commercial I’ve ever watched.

magknight says:

This is probably the best commercial ever.

Serchpro 900 says:

The watch is for man or woman

TheFlacker99 (Flak) says:

One of my favorite commercials.

HellRay says:

I want this commercial to have my babies.

Patricio Berrocal says:

El mejor comercial de mundo, lo he visto 1000 veces y aún lo sigo viendo.

errolfan says:

As long as a life form preserves our planet, I could care less. Time is not on our side.

Om Singh says:


Jose Rodriguez says:

El reloj espectacular, y la música maravillosa,nos traslada a otra dimensión, son unos genios. saludos desde Bogotá. Colombia.

Oscar Santofimio says:

El mejor comercial que pueda existir, la vida es un cronometro marcha-atras hermosa composicion del gran Harry Gregson Williams. desde Colombia♡OSCAR SANTOFIMIO

Jean Pierre Motta Arias says:

This is perfect !


It’s a…………….

Der Elias says:

Music reminded me of lord of the rings somehow haha

Darel Villa says:


algore161 says:

This soundtrack is Smiling by Harry Gregson Williams.

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