OMEGA – 8 of the top new Omega watches from Baselworld 2018

Omega’s Basel 2018 collection is dominated by three main themes. The Olympics, Space, and the mighty Seamaster. We take a quick look at the greatest hits, including the smart upgrade to the mighty Seamaster Professional.


Peter R. says:

Wonderful watches that do not cost the earth


Omega’s space Speedmaster looks like an AP or Hublot a stunning watch tho.

Nexus Achiles says:

Sorry Omega, I find your latest releases boring and uninspiring. The SMP dial has been totally murdered with that loud wave pattern. It’s alright, there are still great and desirable watches in your stable.

william banks says:

Thoughts on selling my pelagos for the new seamaster professional ?

Nils Heising says:

If I had a penny for every Speedmaster re-edition Omega released then I could afford to fly to the moon myself

Watch The Hands says:

Not sure about other models shown, but that gold classic one with a red Omega logo and an enamel dial is pure PERFECTION

MrJKL Foams says:

Olympic line looks like a paking swatch nothing more. That new speedmaster is a fashion watch. PakMe Deyd!

Marsh Paull says:

It bogs me how a watch named seamaster or hydroconquest can have such a low water tesist rate

McManus Watches says:

Check out the McManus Amphibia automatic dive watch on Kickstarter:

Harley B. says:

Nice video. Well done!

Roberto Ramon says:

New seamaster diver 300 or the tudor black bay 58, which one do you pick?

cvt cvt says:

I want a watch I won’t regret buying.

John Schnorr says:

Hi, anyone know the reference number and price on the panda dial / pulsation bezel?

sik853 says:

Didn’t like the new Seamaster at first, but everytime I see it, I like it more and more. This could be my next watch

wilsen twins says:

wishlist !!

Rakin says:

Holy hell Omega killed it this year! But I agree wish they would bring back some traditional 36-37mm sized models

Aditya says:

that gold Olympic seamaster is beautiful.

VARUN U says:

Please do a video on the Seamaster Edizione Venezia ! I haven’t found a single video on that most gorgeous looking Omega imo.

Mohammed Alyafei says:

Every time I buy OMEGA watch I realize what the right meaning of Value! My friend who is a Rolex’s owner enjoys what people say about his watch, I enjoy the watch itself 🙂 the materials the accuracy the art the taste the history and reliability .. I have Patek & Vacheron they are unbelievably amazing jewelries made of time but OMEGA is a real watch.. thank you

Edward Clark says:


meyoumovie says:

Love the 1948 wish it was a more modern 40mm size

Joe McCohn says:

This guy is so fat or these watches are so small ???

Laurens B. says:

love the new SMP but a shame that there is no mid size anymore 🙁

MrBusytimmy says:

This man has been working too hard. Let him recover from his cold!

Sushil Aher says:

Good video, keep it up……..

lifematch says:

that panda dail…i’m in love with….

JBOsurf says:

Hope you’ve got a Blancpain video coming…

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