New Omega Seamaster VS Older Planet Ocean 8500

A casual comparison between two heavy hitters from Omega in the 3-4 thousand dollar price range. Let me know what you think or which you would rather wear in your own watch rotation. Thanks guys!


Shino2600 says:

I think the Po is classic now, the new SMP looks like it’s from the year 2300

AL McL says:

PO by more than a bumper

Alfonso Abrach says:

I love the gorgeous dial in the SMP. I’d go for that one.

Andrew Hughes says:

The bracelet might be the decider in this case… I’ll take the tapered, smaller (older) one.

John Lin says:

I only wish SMP 300m come in a smaller size

JG Mtz says:

If the PO is not your daily watch, adjusting the date after 1 week it is definitely not great specially if you are in a hurry… having that hour hand turning around many many times give you the sensation that you are going to break something… BTW once again great video man!

Well Geo says:

The SMP is simply fantastic. My Marinemaster hasn’t seen any wrist time since I’ve purchased the SMP. That said, the Marinemaster isn’t going anywhere, if I can help it.

Eric Nielsen says:

Both are great. Opinion: a 7.25″+ wrist is best for the new SMP, meaning it’s a little too big for me. The PO is even thicker but something about the case flanks and esp. the *curve* across the bracelet appeals to me more. Since picking up the Globemaster, any watch with that strap curve looks good to me.

Manuel TP says:

SMP to me. I love it, hasn’t left my wrist since I bought it.

g p says:

Nice video. Let’s see the smp vs the sub and PO Vs SD

C Tizer says:

Gosh, a pretty tough choice, but the tapered bracelet, hands and readability ( plus love the orange pop) of the PO takes it by a few hairs.

Barry E says:

Thanks for the comparison. I love that jump-hour feature on calibers 8500 and 8900. It’s a shame the 8800 doesn’t have it.

T G says:

This review is exactly what we needed! Thanks Bruce!

SoCal Watch Reviews says:

Great video! Omega over Rolex all day! That planet ocean is crazy looking, so beautiful!

evvignes says:

I have that thick 44mm Seamaster 300 chrono with the shiny ceramic bezel and I like it, but that my Planet Ocean 8500 with the matte grey bezel is by far my favorite.
Getting a little weary of shiny bezels. I wish Omega had continued with the matte grey on at least some of the new models.

Great comparison video.
Now lets see some strap changes.

Robert Sanchez says:

Like em both ! PO might be the one tho

Y_u_no_ Come says:

Now that I see the smp close up, it kinda looks like the Rolex sub. Is omega trying to copy?

Spyder Webb says:

One is dressy, like a Tuxedo. The other one is like black turtle neck sweater. I prefer the subdued, almost industrial look of the PO, you could wear it everyday in anything. The SMP looks great during evenings in the bar or a lounge. A little bling for the hotel swimming pool. Two different animals, same pedigree.

Elijs Dima says:

The old one looks nicer 🙁

555 Gear says:

Great comparo! I prefer the PO, but both are stellar

Done Deal says:

I just purchased the New SMP 300 Master Co_axiel on a bracelet in blue yesterday. The AD claimed couldn’t give me discount but as they know me ordered a blue rubber strap for me and threw in free OMEGa cap,, pen and tie pin. Very happy with purchase. Every complaint I read I’m glad I disregarded.. The classic bond lives on. I was just wondering which configuration will appear in new Bond movie!

Cameron Tait says:

Appreciate the comparison Bruce, both are very appealing time pieces.

Craig Grissom says:

I love my new Seamaster Professional!

Galaga says:

PO2500 > PO8500 > SMP

Bugster987 says:

Both nice. I like the planet ocean better. A bit less flashy. I wish the latest models had stayed with the matt finishes.

ACA FACA says:

Greate comparation !!!

Nick Gatis says:

Planet Ocean 42 is a gem, smp doesnt come close

Kyle Leung says:

I love the new design that they make the clasp longer, in result the folding mechanism can tuck in entirely.

Lee K says:

Dress diver vs. Tool diver, more or less how I see it, even though both are extremely capable in regards to diving duties (not that anyone uses dive watches anymore except as backups to their dive computers). I like both, which speaks a lot about Omega’s upgrade to the Professional as I never really cared for the “Bond” variants.

“I’m not going to flip [the Planet Ocean] anytime soon…” Ha! The over/under is September, just in case Bruce’s subscribers want to make a wager.

Star Wars Mafia says:

I love my 90s and 2000s Omegas but their new designs, with all that height, is taking the Seamster and Planet Ocean in the wrong direction and is why they are getting left behind by Rolex and Tudor. Ex. the 2351.80 is one the best gentleman’s dive watch every made. It’s sporty but looks great with a suit and they took that elegant but tough design and turned into a huge hunk of top heavy metal on the wrist 🙁

Tuneitupful says:

Great video.

E Larson says:

They are both gorgeous watches. One day I’d be happy to own either one!

Lawrie Borchers says:

Easy choice for me, Planet Ocean by a mile. Have always really disliked the Pro bracelet. Much prefer the old professional wave dial from the 90s.

Excellent Listener says:

Can’t go wrong either way. I have been looking forward to this comparison. Good job, thanks very much!

Kevin C says:

The more I see an Omega Seamaster the more I’m liking them over a Submariner plus their what 1/4th the price?

Ray Caroli says:

The dial and overall finish on SMP are exceptional the PO a touch too subdued by comparison … so I would go for SMP it’s just a killer watch

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