My Thoughts On Omega Watches Being Sold Directly From Their Website

Just speaking my mind about Omega watches being sold directly online from their website,

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Alex says:

Good! Make the AD’s work harder to provide even better service.

John Giunta says:

Hey how do I contact you to give input on covering certain subjects?

Richard Sun says:

Hey Chris,
Love to see in an upcoming video any updates on the Rolex Stainless shortages, and if the CEO stepping down will change their future direction. Trying to get my hands on a Stainless Black Bezel Ceramic Daytona but i don’t want to pay 7-10k over MSRP. Haha

JP Davis says:

Good idea for Omega, but not the collector, lol. Those in the hobby won’t bite, since no discount on the piece. I’m in LA, easy to get 20% or more at AD’s. The market is also awash with recent pre-owned models at substantial discount.

Paco says:

For accessories like NATO straps, this is cool. For watches, no.

Amaru says:

For a brand like Omega, Good idea! sure! Why not! Probably they will now sell much more watches per year, and thats the thing!

bber45 says:

yeah I’m on board with this. Especially, with the accessories. Me personally, I love going to the AD and being treated like a king and having cash to negotiate. But, I can see why if you’re a complete noob going to an AD can be very intimidating. And sometimes, when your regular AD guy is there, some go getter will try to sell you the entire stock including the paper towels in the break room. Hopefully, since Omega is in the E-commerce, they can put on some flash sales or discounts. Either way, this is just another option for us consumers and win win for us.

David Williams says:

Good discussion. Lots of thoughts here –
-accessories availability clever move, great for gifts, strap additions, etc;
-website price can act as a heads up for starting point in negotiations at AD/boutique, easier to know where to start as it is an “official” price;
-could augment AD/boutique sales…if no supply at physical location AD/boutique can order for them…provide a code for dealer and order online at agreed-upon discount?
-could be a way to market research trend of sales, more at AD or more online?…could dictate future strategy;
-possibly provide lever to boost sales, ie if new sales slow, send out promo code to marketing list direct to consumer for ~10% (?) off
-potentially good way to increase customer data collection and purchase/interest history (ie save to wish list)?
-for buyers, provides more data comparison to grey/secondary mkt

Steve GenevaFan says:

I wonder if Omega would give up to AD’s where on line purchases were shipped. If I were an AD in that area I would be wild especially if my store was used to sell that watch or used after sale to make a bracelet adjustment etc. Maybe Omega should be compensating AD’s for sales on line originating from the AD’s territory????

Syndicated Satellite says:

If someone can afford a genuine Omega watch strap, they should be able to afford the transportation to go to an authorized Omega dealer and return again, if they have to pick up their order… But then again, there are blokes who are as broke as a joke, owning luxury watches…

Ed Heliosz says:

Good info.

Dawn Keebolz says:

why buy Omega when you can make money of Rolex

Syndicated Satellite says:

Anyone can own a luxury watch… There are plenty of fakes, Frankenstein’s, Mumbai Specials, and half broken internet deals to satisfy every budget… I would rather walk into an authorized dealer to purchase a luxury watch..

Tree Dillinger says:

Realize too: their profit margin is higher for online sales. They don’t have to go through the whole retail chain and pay commissions to salespeople. That said, they can’t cut the price or they’d cannibalize their AD’s and boutiques. If anything they can delay future increases if their profits increase.

The aim is certainly not to compete with their own dealers and boutiques, it’s to capture some of those people you mention who would rather just buy online. There are also people who don’t live close to an AD.

They’re not competing directly with the grey market because of the prices, but they’re capturing some of the consumers that generally prefer to shop online. Let’s also not forget: it’s not like they’re losing money on grey market sales- they got their full profit when the watch was sold at wholesale.

They leave some meat on the bone for their AD’s in the form of some of what you mentioned. If the price is the same most of us would prefer to buy from a dealer-check out other watches, get it today and have the opportunity to negotiate.

As you mention there’s no discount online. However, what they can do is email discount codes to previous customers in order to move models that aren’t selling.

Overall I understand what they’re doing and I approve. Thanks for another great, troll free episode of It’s Complicated.

hervé Chretien says:

I guess you’re right. Introverts would probably rather use their Visa from their couch rather than waiting in an AD store before any sales person talks to them.

Jake Roth says:

*Buying Omega at retail is like putting some money in the trash can and setting it on fire.* Be cool though to skip the Rolex AD and buy it straight online.

357MagnumPlinkster Society says:

I like the AD gig, being sucked off and treated like you are a big deal lol all part of it

1bentley4ever says:

Well at least you can actually buy what you see being advertised on the website, unlike some other companies (COUGH COUGH Rolex).

A Shot in the Dark says:

Omega nearest ad is a 5 hour drive,online doesn’t sound too bad.

lavaman233 says:

Anyone who buys direct from Omega is a dumb idiot.

I only buy if I get sufficient discount. I recently bought a new IWC Pilots Chronograph Le Petit Prince 377714 with a sizeable discount for £3,000 – that’s £1,500 off sticker. Also about to pick up a new Zenith El Primero 21 Defy for £6,200 in Hong Kong new thanks to my sister who works for an AD to secure me a 25% discount.

Regards to Omega, my sister can also source any watches that is not limited edition with 25% discount so I’ll be looking to pick up the Moonwatch soon.

Don’t be a retard buying direct from Omega.

Charles Brown says:

Good content as per standard.

mr bacchus says:

Not everyone has an Omega ad near their location.

Dr. Tautology says:

Good riddance to Omega Boutiques. Stuffy condescending shit holes with no discounts. Omega does a lot of things right. I own 5 of them so I’m well versed in everything they do. One thing I will say is that it’s fucking great that you can pick up the phone and call them and buy spring bars, bracelet screws and even clasps directly from them. Try to buy bracelet screws for a Tudor or Rolex and they will fucking laugh at you.

TinBin - Craig says:

i think it a good idea if u cannot be arsed to go to a AD and buy one… me id like to go to a AD and try and get good price.. and make sure the bracelet is sized up right… cheers

Radeon_ V2 says:

I’ll never forget my AD experiences when I was fortunate enough to purchase my GMT2 and later on my Daytona. For anything else like accessories, online is the only way to go. The day when Patek starts selling online is when Rolex should as well. In other words, hopefully never. For 2nd and 3rd tier brands like Omega and Tag who cannot support a boutique retail model, sure go online.

Mick Mick says:

Invicta is a good watch and basically the smartwatch is taking over for sure. No one wears a regular watch anymore. Only 45 and older wear this old technology. Face it.

Tom Mcdonnell says:

One more button dude. Brings the watch down with that move

BalthazarTheGreat says:

@ Its Complicated Bruh you need to seriously stop singling out classes of people, like you’re channel will never grow if all you do is smack talk people because they do things different from you. Calling all introverts out because they are to afraid to get dressed and drive to an omega store?? Sorry sir but I work for a living 6 days a week and I certainly do not have time to drive 4 hours away to look an omega speedmaster in person. Ill stick with my finger click away that take 50 seconds come on man!

Angelo Picasso says:

Omega is garbage

Brandon Cameron says:

I see no reason not too offer customers the online option on top of selling in boutiques. If most brands started doing this I would be pretty happy, I tend to buy online mostly anyways since stocks in ADs are never reliable and it would take the paranoia you get when buying grey market out of the situation. For brands like Rolex where you get marginal discounts on the grey market anyways I would totally take advantage of a direct online sales platform.

mike73ng says:

What do you think of Ball selling direct at a substantial discount compared to an AD? It seems they are also crowd funding these watches. They put out a new design, take orders and only produce them after enough orders. Thoughts?

Nate Oh says:

Love your videos man ✊

Bugsy Malone says:

I wish Rolex would do it.

Jack Purcell says:

Yeah, great idea, unless you are the AD. This guy is paying for store, associates utilities and on and on. How many people go into stores, shop the watch, go home and order online. You avoid sales tax (for as long as that lasts) and shop for a better price. While I’m not advocating just throwing money away I really don’t understand why anyone would be brick and mortar anymore. So no free catalogs, advise, or service. Your point about accessories is valid, but again what about calling AD,asking about accessories and having him mail it to you. I know this is old fashioned but if more brands start doing this, we are all going to be buying from pictures. Well maybe Walmart will have a section, I am always amazed at their customer service !!

Thomas Loizzo says:

If you have the ability to buy an omega you might use the web site. But every one likes a bargain so I think they will sell a lot of straps

Pedro Saenz says:

Omega natos have insane prices. I would not by them. Natos are fun, however, not to pay as much…

Alex Ng says:

Interesting that we don’t have the option in the UK.

Bob FromBrisbane says:

An Omega boutique is opening here in Brisbane before Christmas. This is a first for Brisbane.

Thomas Margolis says:

So just seeing the background with the nato straps, IF money was the concern, then an amazon etc would be cheaper. I get why they price things as they do, fyi.

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