My NEW Omega Speedmaster 3539.50 & Why The Luxury Apple Watch Is A Mistake +Analysis

Today I reveal my newest acquisition, the Omega Speedmaster reduced II (3539.50). I explain the motivations behind this rather expensive impulse buy. I give my opinions on the new Apple “iwatch” and why I am not ready to buy one but willing to keep my mind open to future developments of the “smart watch”. I also discuss why the “luxury” iwatch is a massive mistake for consumer AND more controversially, to Apple as a brand. I then conclude with a look on how the rise of smart watches will effect the traditional (mechanical) watch industry and give my own perspective.

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Vanessa Mercedes says:

You remind me a bit of jim caviezel, the actor. Such a fan of yooouuuuuu

1000rm says:

I just picked up a Speedster 3513.53 (japanese version). It’s in very good condition. I paid $1300us. I’m wondering if I got a good deal.

Michael Aitchison says:

Hi TGV, I have a Speedmaster reduced on the way. Purchased from a Japan seller. It’s coming with box and all the documents.

I see also that you are a fan of Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Interesting etchings he made!

Alan Ó Cléirigh says:

TGV not just a French train you know!!

Just really enjoy your vids. at first being Irish “gentry” has a rather dark conoctation but after watching your FAQ vid. I get what your doing. I enjoyed your honesty and style in your dealing with the question on your critics.

if maybe you could advise, I have 1500EUR wanting to be spent on a watch. I’m looking at a speedmaster reduced used or a tag Monaco. I have a 300m seamaster I love so looking for something different than a diver. should I save more to get the motm speedy get the reduced or find a nice tag monaco.

Popeye Doyle says:

The Apple watch is not a watch, it’s a computer strapped to your wrist. Nothing wrong with that, very accurate time keeping, and I have one. There is NOTHING like the beauty of a mechanical movement. And the ONLY pure movement is a manual wind. Sorry automatic guys.

Paul Schuil says:

Maybe check out the Garmin Fenix 3

Marco G says:

Great video, convinced me to go for the reduced.

Vince White says:

Apple watch is simply great. Works great. All complaints against it don’t matter. I remember watch snobs ranting against quartz & later against digital watches. Smart & wearable tech is here, period. Just another chapter in horology.

Bam Bam says:

Imagine what nanotech would do for the watch industry. The number of complications that can be built in with such small and strong components would be insane, as well as all the new doors that would open for features that we normally wouldn’t think of incorporating in a watch.

Phil W says:

I’ll stick with my Citizen Eco-Drive, which has radio adjustment, solar power, perpetual calendar and looks good. Don’t need data or software updates like the iWatch. I do agree with you, I like to keep my watch and phone separate.

Jason Sawatsky says:

Do you really think the astronauts, let alone the movement in the omega made it through the van Allen radiation belts. #superfaradaycage

Don Messer says:

First. I am not a Luddite. I remember when Dick Tracey first had their wrist communicators and the space coupe back in the ’60s. I was all about that. Rock on. Can’t wait.

The future is here. In fact, we are far beyond what was envisioned just fifty years ago. My hope is that the horological world will continue to respect and treasure it’s roots. Continue to innovate, but never lose sight of the historical tradition upon which it is based.

Daniel Law says:

I had two smartwatches but I am into traditional watches now.

Makpak Beans says:

Waiting for the day they confirm that the moon landings were fake.

Gonna tear apart omega.

Hey TUG,

Mate, how do you feel about girard-perregaux brand and its watches?

Smokey Bean says:

You should look into those hybrid watches. I believe only fossil makes them. I have a Emporio Armani connected, which is styled by Armani, but is made by fossil. It have an analog face, but it have all the smart features I need like step tracking, sleep monitoring and notifications. And you can change the battery only once every half a year.

Salvador Bagamasbad says:

Hi tgv. What do you think of the speedmaster racing? Not sure if you reviewed it before. Thanks.

Daniel W says:

I just purchased a 3539.50 a few days ago and its currently on its way. I found one on crown and caliber (non jap) preowned. I’m just hoping with a 6.65 inch wrist that it will be balanced as well

John Christensen says:

I purchased an Apple Watch and wore it for about 2 months, and now it just sits on my desk.  I wear watches (especially those with mechanical movements) as a connection to the passing of time.  I’ve always been intrigued, that through the art of engineering time can be measured or captured.  While I found the Apple Watch to be highly capable of measuring time, it is purely an artificial experience.  Watching a mechanical movement is mesmerizing and is a pure joy to witness.  The Apple Watch will never be able to capture that experience.

Andreas Huttenlocher says:

Hi TGV – great vid. Lot of true thoughts about the Apple Watch (also I might argue that Apple, of all companies trying to enter that space, probably is the one the most likely to get the smart watch right, and never judge an Apple product by the first version).

The funny thing is, while I might buy a smart watch in the future, the ones available right now are of no interest at all. But what did happen, because of all the media coverage around the release, I did get suck into the wormhole of horology a little bit and since then my Laco Miyota now has company: a SKX and a SARB017 is on the way…..great channel.

Keep up the work! Cheers

Alfredo Hurtado says:

TGV, I agree completely with you, I wouldn’t buy an apple watch even if they were sold for $10, instead I’d get a digital Casio anytime; but what do you think about the TAG Heuer Connected?

J S says:

There is an interesting aspect to the gold Apple watch. The apparently patented alloy is a really fascinating way to get “technical” 18K gold while minimizing actual gold material weight.

will pasamba says:

You have a modern sub, and that’s huge. There’s only one speedy to get, 42 mm with hesalite crystal.

Mark Waldman says:

Thank you, great review. Beautiful Omega.

big t says:

Great video as always! I just happened to watch this because the Speedmaster will be my next acquisition . Enjoy yours!!!

Daniel W says:

mind I ask what wrist size you are?

Luigi Casoli says:

do you like speed master gold

DaveyC66 says:

Sorry to trouble you, but you were saying at around 7.15 of your video about “not having a panic attack when washing your hands” on the old version. Are they that susceptible to water leakage? Again, sorry about this, but this is of genuine concern to me as I am seriously considering purchasing the Man On The Moon version with hesalite glass.

finna nut says:

is 1700 a good price for a used omega speedmaster

Luciano Lacayo says:

I wish I had seen this video in 2014… apple watch edition my worse purchase of my life lost a ridiculous amount of money

ams914 says:

Tristano, what’s the maximum you would pay for a reduced from 2011?

Harsha Vardhan says:

Dude, Ur Opinion & Choice is Perfect in regards to the people like us who own speed master “Man on the Moon”.

Martin says:

What a nice watch!

What do yu think about the speedaster dark side of the moon?
I absoloutly love that one. but it’s a little to expensive for me. Thats why i think I rather go for a speedmaster professional.

Thanks you very much fr the Videos! I really like your channel.

Regards from switzerland

Fethullah Fikircier says:

This guy is a genuine champion.

Frank V. says:

Times have changed. There are clocks and time pieces on everything these days. Computers have them, cell phones have them, cars have them. Watches are becoming a thing of the past and they have been largely replaced by modern devices of the digital age – cheaper to produce, and more accurate. However, I believe watches will continue to sell but as more of a jewelry piece and status symbols.

F. Scott Fitzhemingway says:

Get mine in a few days from Japan 3510.50

University Jake says:

hey there,

first of all love the channel as said before, I have one of these arriving tomorrow although its the older one (2003) box papers etc, just been serviced. You said it previous vintage omegas you had were a little delicate, do you think my one will be ok as a daily watch?

Many thanks

★ ilivill ★ says:

Apple watch… heh. Ive got an Omega SeaMaster Chrono “White” on my wrist right now OMG!! 😀 He your speedmasters like mine, but mines more scuba than racetrack 🙂

rory buckminster says:

I have to say this channel has got me farther into the watch world than ever before this is my favor Chanel in the watch world.its clean it’s higher class.this is great thanks for share info oh and I really love this watch

moldyfigs says:

Here are these melodies.
-Illa J

GetOuttaTheJohnBoy says:

I like watching your videos before I go to bed. I rarely make it to the end. Possibly consider changing ‘urban’ for ‘rural’, as these are pure sleepy, rambling country style. That being said occasionally we agree, but not on the squale.

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