Juan’s Watch Collection | Rolex, Omega, Seiko

1) Apple Watch
2) Undone Watches
3) Omega Seamaster: http://bit.ly/2edA276
4) Citizen
5) Rolex Explorer II: http://bit.ly/2edxgPr
6) The 5th Watches: http://www.the5th.co/products/fuyu/
7) Sieko SKX009: http://bit.ly/2fdO9OY

Check out the review of our Seiko here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuzuVbPdseg

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Double R Detailing NYC says:

love all the videos. you guys really changed the way i dress in a great way keep it up

Luis 20F says:

Jose, do an $100 challenge for Walmart but not just about clothes but buy a watch there too! If would be interesting to see what you would chose

martinezandy15 says:

“Who tha fook is that guy?” – Conor Mcgregor

Paul Rizik says:

The final watch?? What’s the name of it

The Moe says:

omg that beard dude, please trim is asap, it looks like you shaved off your beard and glued your pubes on your face

RandomRighteous says:

Juan, where can I find the strap you have on the Omega?

ricardo cruz says:

apple watch isn’t really a watch loved by the watch comunity congrats for the skx, the rolex and the omega

K bee says:

That beard needs to go ASAP!

John Myers says:

Imona = I am going to

Learn Spanish says:

how did you get the metal buckle on the rubber strap

chevaun hayden says:

please buy a new camera with better autofocusing

Smokey Stoner says:

Echo drive, lol.

Faris Fateen says:

hey mind helping? How do you rock a white blazer?

Anmol Singh says:

focus is fucked up dude

Masterpsflood says:

The facial hair is really not in the genes for you guys

zuogehaoren says:

Could anyone tell me the model of the Citizen watch please?

oomerimunni says:

These are some hella nice watches

Blue Chucks says:

Are you and your brother from philly ?

Rye Hots says:

Are watches supposed to be the most expensive thing you wear? Some of these are 4 digit price tags

I Control My Fate says:

Two watches I wear the most, I wear my Tissot Le Locle for work and formal events and I like to wear my Invicta Pro Diver 9937, just because it looks like a Rolex Submariner and has good quality for the price in my opinion, I wear it casually

JCrossover says:

yoo juan!! do a shoe collection video and store challenges!

Yung King says:

Nice collection

Moy Vega says:

make. a walmart challange plz !

Vansh Singh says:

1st copy not original

Chen Han says:

How many watch collection does he have?


OoSuKrE-BlEuoO LuLu says:

Why can`t I enter the shop?

Michael Alexander says:

Mexicano, centro americano, o sudamericano ?

hassan tariq says:

Jose what colour shirt and tie goes best with a navy blue suit

Fanrht 101 says:

who’s this handsome guy

Stanley Okoli says:

Do you have any problems with the bezel on the Sieko SKX009 fading?

DOPE DZ says:

My bomber jackets pases my waste by two inches. Should I not wear it again?

Cmstar Official says:

Show us you’re Nail Cliper collection bet you have none

bamischijfje123 says:

I liked tge fifth and the Sieko, that are some nice watches my friend

dirtycash101 says:

Juan looks like a 50 year old dominican father that enjoys drinking presidente a bit too much

Thomas says:

1:28 is scary ugly. Right up there with Invicta.

John w says:

voice crack at 3:34

pcstudios3 says:

i throw all and i keep the Omega 🙂

Dan G says:

Love me an Omega Seamaster

Drew Seghers says:

Love the Bradley, originally designed for a vet that lost his sight in war. Great conversation piece.

K bee says:

You niggas dont have good beard genes, so dont bother growing it out
please, they look like pubes.

jeremy ward says:

Awesome watches!!

Masterpsflood says:

Has literally thousands of options (Undone watch), chooses a silver watch with black bezel and white dial… thousands of options

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