Interesting things about the Omega Speedmaster (Moonwatch)

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James Ash says:

3:37 – The Speedmaster on the chicken wings.  Nice.  I own one and wore it for just shy of ten years, but have had the new Rolex on my wrist most days since the summer when I got it.

Alberto Diaz says:

Best rolex

btober15 says:

love my speedy but why is it placed in wings at 3:39 lol?

3LIT3PS3ER says:

I’ve worn this and worn the seamaster and this feels and looks 10x better.

Kevin Jones says:

Can somebody please help me. What exact reference Speedmaster did Jack Swigert use to time the 14 sec burn? Can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.

victor arcuri says:

You probably aren’t impressed with this watch because it’s for a man.

cid alarid says:

The speedmaster is the HOLY GRAIL watch respected all over the world,,,,u can wear to any event the world has to offer and u will REIGN AS THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ROOM,,:))

Noggsy Joggsy says:

So Bruce i sold a Tudor black bay black to fund this as it’s more expensive…..are you saying i made a mistakr? The Tudor was immense

Bob Moore says:

I think you are the first review I’ve heard mention the etched logo on the glass and the only one to make me rethink the purchase of one

reservoirfrog1 says:

Thanks, man!

Dag Sabot says:

Non hacking movement, plastic bezel, not a certified chronometer? Is this a seiko?

Jack Naylor says:

Ive always loved my speedmaster, Ive had it a couple years now and its currently my only watch. May get a tudor blackbay to go alongside it in the future but I disagree with it feeling like a quality watch, it feels worth the price tag and your paying to have a wedge of history.

tim gong says:

Hwy whoud i. Buy this while I can spend less on g shock doing sane thung

Božo Mihajlović says:

The thing you did with the moon xD Good job! 😀

Trim Crook says:

3:38 is the craziest shit ive ever seen on any review video. thumbs up

DLH says:

I was disappointed. If you’ve never owned more expensive Watches then it will be fine.

Mohammed Ali says:

It’s a space watch not a moon watch Americans could never go on the moon

drumdone says:

Great video Bruce. I have a Sapphire Sandwich version of the Speedmaster on the black leather strap, absolutely in love with it and from my daily timings (nerd) its been +2/3s a day so about as good as a chronometer. I’ve heard that keeping the watch fully wound everyday helps with this. I imagine with your collection and with this been hand winding that’s impractical but just a thought for people thinking about this. They wouldn’t have used it to time the engine bursts on Apollo 13 if it wasn’t particularly accurate. Quick question, what is the strap you have it on at the 2 minute mark?

leicalvr says:

Thanks for the video. i have been looking at the watch and have been taken up by some of the hype. Great perspective and great time on the video. You concisely presented the relevant information. Some folks feel that all “reviews” must be 20+ minutes. Who has that kind of time. Thanks again for the post.

Redbirdsfan1970 says:

Bruce, I have to disagree with your viewpoint here. First, let me say that I love your channel. Your video production quality is top notch and what I love most about your channel is all the HD up-close high-quality views of the watches and not just you talking. Great stuff. But on to the watch…it is awesome! On that, I agree with you. It has a very high quality of fit and finish. The printing on the dial and the case finishing are superb. The bracelet is gorgeous and extremely well constructed and executed as well. The design is unlike anything else. The engraving on the back is excellent. And the kit comes with some great stuff like the special history of the watch booklet, the high-quality springbar tool, the extra straps…. Oh, and how could I forget that you get an excellent movement too! The calbre 1861 is a great movement. It’s not COSC certified but we know it’s durable (NASA certified the watch!) and it’s quite accurate as most people get between -1 to +5 seconds per day with it. IMHO, it is definitely a luxury piece on par with anything from it’s competitors. Is it haute horologie? No, but that’s not its market. It doesn’t claim to be that.

Stone Cold Steve Autism says:

I never tire of watching videos of the speedy. It’s therapeutic.

flamey088 says:

Completely agree with your review. I remember putting on the hesalite speedy and being quite underwhelmed with the watch. It was because of the hype. TBH once you start to go up in the speedmaster range it does get much nicer, but that starting point even is quite expensive.

Mehdi Rmiki says:

I ve never been really interested in your videos because you rarely say negatif things about the waches that you reviewed in the past. but i have to say that this video made me subcribe to your channel, so you got my interest now , hope we can have more realistic watch reviews in the future. thanks.

It's Complicated says:

Given the history. Assuming you buy it at a heavy discount it’s a lot of bang per buck. Fuck the sapphire sandwich. Gotta go plastic crystal and manual movement.

TheGodEmperorofMankind says:

I’d get the sapphire dome, I ain’t going to space.

Imperial Trooper says:

Such a good video from a smart guy.

RobertKaydoo says:

The Speedmaster is an awesome watch and one I hope to own one day. But if you actually need a chronograph, as I do, it is hard to beat the Seamaster chrono.


cp1699 says:

Really? To say there is a loss in weight given quality ? Omega historically interesting side by side ‘sorry’. Rolex more gold less gold more silver, boring in my opinion.This is a great historic beautiful piece to wear everyday!!

Alexander Temkin says:

I paid $100 for its replica and it does exactly the same: it shows me time

Michael Taylor says:

Nice video! Out of curiosity, how does someone find a grey market for watches?

Cristi Neagu says:

A very beautiful watch, with lots of history, but i wouldn’t pay more than $1000 for it. I think it’s ridiculously overpriced.

justinwolfe9 says:

did the T pose at the intro

Uchiha Madara says:

Is there any “trusted” stores that they sell used watches like omega, Rolex etc.?

Ralph Menchavez says:

Hi Bruce and guys, question, where do you keep your watches when you wear it off at night? Do you just place it on the table or night stand?

X Folium says:

I have an Omega I need info on, can you help?

Big Dave says:

Bracelet is not exactly the same on both sides! I made this mistake when resizing. The 2 thin strips either side of centre is polished where as the other side is brushed. Looks like you have made the same mistake 2nd or 3rd link in. Also the lamania movement is well respected in watch circles and been used in petek phillipes and other high end luxury watches

Monkeh Monkehs says:

Great vid. I still really want one

Lucho Mazzitelli says:

El mejor del mundo un sueño imposible de cumplir una máquinaria perfecta

D.R. W says:

I Love that watch but that burgundy scarf holding it to you wrist has to go.
Great review though!
Thx for doing this.

gibson1421 says:

I have owned and worn a speedmaster every day for 42 years, and in all that time the watch as not let me down, it has not stopped work in all that time. Buy and enjoy.

Tom van Loon says:

So where does the money go…?

Dan Friedman says:

Kudos, BW! An honest look at an “iconic” watch that may be past its prime. No quick-set date either, if I’m not mistaken. Rolex here l come!

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