How To Spot A Fake Rolex Or Omega & Best Place To Buy Affordable Used Luxury Watches Safely

Loathe fake watches? Here at The Urban Gentry we have no time for them, so today I discuss how to spot a fake Rolex or Omega watch. I also give my personal recommendations on the best places to buy affordable used luxury watch both in the USA and the UK.
To find out more extremely helpful advice on how to pot a fake Rolex, check out this excellent article from Bob’s Watches:

For my personal recommended used luxury watch dealer in the USA check out:

For my personal recommended used luxury watch dealer in the UK check out:

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Conners says:

nice vids. why do you wear so much lacoste tho mr classy

Maximilian Lansing says:

1. On a genuine timepiece, the Cyclops is convex and magnifies the date 2.5 times for ease of readability.
2. No clear case back.
3. And Rolex does not engrave the exterior of their casebacks with words, pictures or logos. (only on the caseback of the Sea Dweller stands “original gas escape valve”..)

FurrowedSon says:

+1 for the Watchfinder recommendation in the UK. I recently bought a watch from them, which needed a new bracelet due to my fairly large wrist size, and the fact it takes a rubber/titanium bracelet that needs to be cut to fit. The bracelet was fairly pricey but they didn’t charge me extra for replacing it. They would have delivered the watch to me at no charge as well but I actually went down to their Bluewater store and picked it up so I could get the bracelet sized there. Really helpful and professional across the board, both on the phone, and in store, and they followed up by email after I’d had the watch a few days, and answered a couple of questions I had about it. Really happy with them and would definitely buy from them again.

SevenW25 V says:

friend showed me his new “rolex submariner”. Immediately alarm bells rang, it weighed nothing, the amount of play between the lugs and the strap was crazy. No way it was real, but at least he can brag about it right…

Jonatan Winge says:

Hi! Love your channel 🙂
I’m interested in buying a Rolex Datejust. Do you recommend any dealers on Ebay?
Best Regards

Luis Godoy says:

A genuine Rolex will always switch the date at the 12 mark. Have you noticed how some watches like a Seiko start changing the date at something like 11:35? Well, not the case with a Rolex. It will always change when the minute hand reaches the 12 mark at midnight. Sharp. Not after, not before, not halfway. Always at 12 o’clock. You can obviously check it by manually moving the hands of the watch.

patric dubris says:

excellent information…Thank you

Prnuv Sharma says:

Excellent vid as always.

Keir Taylor says:

Never can understand why people by fakes knowingly. ultimately you’re only kidding yourself and you’re funding organised crime. I would rather have a genuine Seiko than a fake anything.

IICrimsonII says:

A way to spot many fake rolexes is that most genuine ones have an engraved rolex crown at 6 o’clock

Stranded Alien says:

If you can’t tell the difference between a $50 and $10,000 watch you shouldn’t be buying a $10,000 watch.

TheOverkloker says:

Nice review. I was hoping since you like homages of famous models maybe you are brave enough to start testing chinese quality homages like Parnis Marina Militare etc. Those are not replicas, just homages. I really would like to see your review and your comments on those quality chinese movements, like Seagull etc.

muffemod says:

Bob’s watches has 100% mark up on watches. How do they justify it?

Clues says:

Tristano, I’ve saved up the money to buy my first Rolex for my 18th birthday but I’m afraid that my dad haven’t realized my passion for watches or even that a Rolex holds its price very well so he’ll just think that i wasted the money.. What would you do?

Stefano Marlito says:

At 3:30, why does the second hand appear to “flick”?

Dennis Barbier says:

You could put one of these next to your gen and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I bought one out of curiosity ans was very surprized!

clark busse says:

Just found your show on YouTube and I’m hooked! Love it and keep it going! Peace from Siesta Key, FL

EpicAlex says:

The speedmaster does not have a sapphire glass i think

LoveIt Loud and Sharp says:

Hey, I noticed that your Speedy has a Metalic like Omega Symbol on the Dial. Don’t most Speedys have white Omegas symbols? Is yours a special edition?

allblacksfan28 says:

Thoughts on Chrono24??

Y L Luis says:
This is the best spot the fake Submariner vid I seen in YouTube so far, by Watchfinder

Matthew Spaltro says:

I like the camera you use, great zoom on it too.

Ernani Alves da Silva Junior says:

A watch can tell a lot about a person, especialy if the person is an enthusiast. I would never use a fake nothing, let alone a watch. A fake watch makes you a fake person (I’m presuming that the person knows it’s a false watch). Also the money you spend in a fake watch goes to finance the organized crime. A lot of mafias out there uses the fake goods industry to make money and that money is used to buy weapons, drugs, all kind of ilegal and violent stuff. I think it’s not needed to find another reason besides that I referred to. There are so many true brands with nice timepieces in the market!

Alexander says:

I took a trip to Beijing and I picked up the most realistic fake submariner I have ever seen. Every detail was in there. Inner bezel markings, serial number, sapphire glass, ceramic bezel, etched crown, the “cyclops” was lined perfectly and magnified exactly, bracelet quality, weight, everything. I mixed it up with my actual submariner and I straight up panicked because I could not tell which was the real one. Thankfully the fake ran a ridiculous +15 min on the hour. But my god, the fakes are getting really good. Ran me about 75 bucks, completely worth it for the novelty.

Alice Li says:

I think the rolex replicas was now very high quality,so it was hard to find the watch different between them,and even some AAA fake low to $120 was look same like selling on there are one thing was,all replica watches store was tell you they are selling the fake Rolex ,they do not sell a fake watch with the original price.

leotreo97 says:

On Chrono24 how trust worthy is a seller that is called a “Trusted seller since xxxx”?

Thomas Gee says:

Why would you wear gloves if they are your watches?

Belal Qureshi says:

Very solid and reliable advice. Thanks! Also I have a question. I was wondering if Omega is a good investment. Say if I buy a Seamaster planet ocean 007 edition, will it be worth twice its price in 20 years?

Miika Mäentaus says:

that speedy fois is my dream watch

Loichtstab says:

love your haircut & style

ProenskiKaproensky says:

Why not compare the real deal against some fakes?? That would really show what to look for…

Jeremy Ho says:

I never worry fake. Buy from authorized dealer. Even vintage.

Maria Alice Santos Barbosa says:

y no eat food

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