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By now you’re probably well aware of Omega’s significance in the field of space exploration, from the first in space on the wrist of Wally Schirra during the Mercury missions, all the way up to the X-33s worn on board the International Space Station. This is the latest in a long line of watches designed for elite pilots and astronauts—the Spacemaster Z-33. But how on Earth does it work?

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Joseph Spacone says:

I feel like they should switch the names of the X-33 and the Z-33. The X is called the Skywalker, but is geared toward astronauts on long missions. The Z is called the Spacemaster, but in this humble airline pilot’s opinion, is geared much more toward airline and corporate pilots on comparatively short flights.

Great demo!

James NIETOPSKI says:

For puzzle lovers. Something to fill those tedious hours on the international space station on orbit number 10,000.

Bill Cosgrave says:

It sounds so similar to the Casio GPW 2000 gravity master that you need to do a comparison. The GPW 2000 is one Casio’s higher end watches and is not your father’s G-Shock! If you are going to review this type of watch then you need to abandon your pretensions and include the higher-end Casio’s. BTW, some of these high end Casio’s have significant resale value, not to mention they are more accurate, rugged, and reliable than any Rolex out there. I know it hurts all you Rolex fanboys to hear this, but technology will always beat tradition.

ah11980 says:

is it normal that the hour hand moves slightly when entering setup mode? @ 3:48 there is a slight jitter on the hour hand.

elitemathlete says:

This is like if the swiss invented the apple watch.

Alex K. says:

I would love to see this movement in a much smaller case.

Cooper Wardell says:

Your videos continue to be great. Thank you.

Alexander says:

The real smart watch

Angelo Picasso says:

The way you talk about this shit watch it’s like you jack off to it. But in old days it must have been vary advanced before the time of cell phones

macaco maco says:

the index bar at 12,00 oclock and the two side dots look like a dick.

John Kesl says:

This video should be called what do the buttons do. Not how it works as you didn”t tell us or really show it works other than it’s a “quartz analog movement”. Just a bunch of colourful language describing nothing of substanace. Unsub. Peace.

Carlos Guerra says:

So in the next 10 years we will have the Omega MarsMaster, with a totally diferent of measuring time on a diferent planet

Sam Shin says:

This channel needs more Vacheron!

Edward Bell says:

I know Breitling doesn’t seem to be that popular amongst watch enthusiasts, but I’ve always loved them and it would be great to see some of their more notable offerings if possible and learn about their history a little. Another wonderfully mesmerising film. Thank you!

Electro Tech Nerd says:

This is one of the ugliest watches I have ever seen, go learn a thing or two designing digital watches from Casio, or stick to automatics, it really puzzles me people who buy those luxury watches, It is not that I can’t buy a Rolex, I just choose not to, I would rather have 10 watches with different designs and personalities for that $3-$4K instead of of just one watch to show off people.

smr144 says:

Nothing Casio can’t to do… but 10x cheaper, at least

Allan Copico says:

Since you mentioned alarm why not do a feature of mechanical watches with alarms and the history behind them?!

ChawenHalo 008 says:

Omega tool watch at its finest (along with the PloProf). Goes to show that high end Quartz movements have their place in horology.

Calvin's World News says:

At 2:47 the second hand jumps back a bit. That makes it seem like the movement hasn’t been given as much focus as it could have, Also the “hands moving out of the way” trick isn’t instant and ‘blink of an eye’ like resetting the hand on a fancy chronograph. Combined it means the movement isn’t as high end as it could be and given that that’s the whole point of a mechanical watch, you may as well just go 100% digital and save a lot of money.

Abdulaziz says:

Your music needs to change

easa1912svk says:

Man, you could literally have a horse poo right there on the table and sell it to anyone with this narration 😀

Gaspar Gamonal says:

So it’s basically a really expensive G-Shock

Troy Lovett says:

Was this intro song developed by Watchfinder or is it an actual song?

AtitG says:

JLC polaris chrono vs omega de ville chrono please.ü

nathantw says:

I didn’t like that case one bit when I saw the photos of it. I then went to a watch store, held one and tried it on. The LED display is awesome. The watch watch was actually quite awesome. The price was not awesome. It was too expensive for my blood. However, that display is definitely quite cool when you see it in person.

pwsod says:

Simples, it is not.

Dylan Calvert says:

Ga 100 operates in a lot of the same ways.

numberstation says:

I can see why many wouldn’t like it, but I’ve loved it since I first set eyes on it. The “Brutalist” case…..oh my word, it’s stunning. Thank you VERY much for this video.

TheWheelofLife100 says:

Looks like my Pulsar watch that I got.

Shao Kid says:

Looks like a rado diastar

Abhishek Srivastava says:

Government organizations using luxury watches …. very suspicious

Dave's Watch Love says:

This really puts complicated in a complicated watch.

TheDerisavi says:

Tell the people in Switzerland: make your traditional mechanical watches and let this kind of things for the Japanese.
Sorry, but this video was not smart.

Kshitij Bagul says:

I don’t find this ugly…it’s beautiful!

Wei Lun Gan says:

it would be awesome if u guys could do a “how does it work” for the Omega La Magique

Ben B says:

Why has there not been a review on the new Seamaster 300? Anywhere for that matter.

Nicholas Joseph says:

Why did the seconds hand move back? 2:47-2:48 mark.

Nico Glock says:

I wish you would have shown the alarm function.

Does the inner minute bezel move… like on a dive watch?

Habito Kun says:

the 12 o’clock marker looks like a D….

david on says:

1. Watchfinder & Co
2. Hodinkee
3. Watchestv
4.A blog to watch

Bogdan Moldovan says:

I’d love to own a fancy watch. I hope one day I will, but for now I will settle with my Sector watch

Aby Mathew says:

Would Omega ever sell any of their watches if one of their watch didnt ever made it into the space.???
It seems like Omega is pushing their “space history” soooo hard these days..

Nicholas Joseph says:

It’s ugly but the right kind of ugly

oldfrend says:

beautiful piece. maybe has a place of honor covering my watch tan XD

Nicholas Nikitakis says:


High temperature: 48 hours at 160 °F (71 °C) followed by 30 minutes at 200 °F (93 °C)

Low temperature: Four hours at 0 °F (−18 °C)

Temperature cycling in near-vacuum: Fifteen cycles of heating to 160 °F (71 °C) for 45 minutes, followed by cooling to 0 °F (−18 °C) for 45 minutes at 10−6 atm

Humidity: 250 hours at temperatures between 68 °F (20 °C) and 160 °F (71 °C) at relative humidity of
Oxygen environment: 100% oxygen at 0.35 atm and 71 °C for 48 hours

Shock: Six 11 ms 40 g shocks from different directions

Linear acceleration: from 1 to 7.25 g within 333 seconds

Low pressure: 90 minutes at 10−6 atm at 160 °F (71 °C), followed by 30 minutes at 200 °F (93 °C)

High pressure: 1.6 atm for one hour

Vibration: three cycles of 30 minutes vibration varying from 5 to 2000 Hz with minimum 8.8 g impulse

Acoustic noise: 30 minutes at 130 dB from 40 to 10,000 Hz.

All chronographs tested were mechanical hand-wound models. Neither the first automatic chronograph nor the first quartz watch would be available until 1969, well after the space program was underway. The evaluation concluded in March 1965 with the selection of the Speedmaster, which survived the tests while remaining largely within 5 seconds per day rate.

No offense to Rolex and the rest of the chaps, but except Omega, Bulova, Fortis, Strela, and Sturmanskie, show me something else that can pass those tests…

Thank you for this amazing review…Owner of the previous X-33 .

biginterview says:

Thanks for this! I’ve owned this watch for over a year & haven’t worn it because the manual just isn’t great and I couldn’t master all the functions until now.

Jonas Butvilas says:

Could you review a tissot t-complication squelette?

Piotr Koba says:

My love for mechanical watches continues but damn, you’ve got to admit some quartz models are cool. I mean, you may get a minute repeater and rattrapante chronograph, but you won’t get such dope stuff as this in 6:12

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