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Stop the average person on the street and ask them if Rolex is better than Omega, and there’s a high chance they’ll agree. Rolex is a bigger brand, sells more watches, has a stronger following—yet here’s something that proves that Omega is, in fact, the champion.

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MetalEngineer says:

Watchfinder, the most over priced watch company on the planet!

Douglas says:

thats a very nice piece. wow. I have a planet ocean and a Rolex submariner. I do like the omega better.

Chocky Pants says:

that is disgusting

theonlyredspecial says:

It’s a good video if a little click baity to me — but Id like to argue that omega don’t have anything close to the Rolex SAROS mechanism found in the sky dweller. A tourbillion is without doubt a nice feat of engineering but it’s been implemented by other manufacturers to a much higher level than omega. I’m not a personal fanboy of Rolex but they do get a lot of negative press at times for being the market leader. It’s not just marketing. They do implement some remarkable ideas often even unique to their brand.

Guillermo Rodriguez says:

Please make a comparison between the squale 1545 ceramic and the subby

Truthfears Guilty says:

any OMEGA, is better the rest especially….ROLAIDS(Rolex)

Kun Cahyono says:

SEIKO is always the real best!

mtasuarez says:

Would you make a video about the watch you would wear for going to mars? (A really reliable one taking into consideration there’s no service or anything there)

Steven Liberato says:

Mvmt better than my friend, good video tho.

iDid says:

Yes…this is true, a watch maker told me this years before he passed away!
Awesome watch btw!

Lynda Linkedin says:

it’s too bad that Omega didn’t capitalize on any of the shit you just said, instead they create dog turd ugly shites and are a greedy corporation without any passion for watchmaking in 2019. Owned by SWATCH.. what more do you have to say about that?

Raymond Lee says:

Better is such a BIG word. Better in what sense? Precision? Quality? Style? Or all the above? I think at the end of the day, better is determined by demand. You can have the best of anything and if no one buys then it’s not very good isn’t it.

Murder Bong says:


michael oles says:

There are many niche brands that are more innovative than Rolex…popular yes but sitting on their laurels AKA derriere as well.

Eivind Thoresen says:

Stop the average person on the street and ask them if Rolex is better than Omega, and there’s a high chance they’ll tell you to fuck off does it look like i can buy either?

Alex P says:

In reference to the Omega Tourbillon… Wow!

orlando124431 says:

Good argument. Rolex is overpriced and while solid are not exactly anything special. There is a cult following that has pushed prices into the stratosphere. Limiting supply had helped.

Panna Theodore says:

Wtf. ,work hard all my life and aspire to own a omega! I would like to know what toilet paper you use to wipe the verbal diarrhea from your mouth !!

Luis Eduardo Parra says:

Wonderful piece that Omega De Ville!

lucarioxis says:

Is a Hermes watch worth the price?


Can you review omega commanders watch 007 .

SunsetSheen says:

Omega are fantastic no doubt. But they have line extended and oversaturated the shit out of their speedmaster and seamaster lines. It is confusing even to an avid watch hobbyist. How confused do you think the average consumer is? It is a shining example of the paradox of choice. It sabotages your sales. Omega unfortunately don’t realize this. They should have a reach in the industry far greater than they currently grasp.

David Watson says:

The Omega De Ville Tourbillon limited edition 38.7 (Red gold on leather strap 513. is listed at £130,550, on the Omega website. You could buy a very decent Rolex watch for a whole lot less as a daily wear.  I doubt you’d want to wear the De Ville as such. Better or not.

agon336 says:

I feel like the title is click bait. They’re better bc Rolex doesn’t make a Tourbillion??

ivanocy says:

review the celestia astronomical grand complication 3600 by Vacheron Constantin pls

Rashad Omran says:

The one million $ Question: from where you got all these timeless watches.
The answer deserves a video of it own!

plumbandsquare1 says:

I’ll purposely never own a Rolex.

Matthew Scott says:

Both are great. Omega is the top of the bottom, Rolex is the bottom of the top. Omega makes better watches, but Rolex is the better brand…

Omega tends to water down their offerings by putting out 9272629 special editions. Rolex is more consistent (boring?), but it works for them.

F C says:

Interesting, I’ve always kind of thought Omega is better maybe because of the sports timer systems.

Allan Copico says:

Ulysses Nardin is making waves both figuratively and artistically with some erotic dials at SIHH… could you educate us on the subject by reviewing the RM 69 or the Blancpain Villeret?

RAZIEE says:

just take care for the ETA Movements… Disgusting, sorry.

brett run says:

Stop with the click bait titles and “this is better than that” type of content. Your videos are the best when they express an appreciation, admiration and education about fine timepieces. This world already has too much this vs. that type of negative mentality. Take the high road.

Heath says:

Casio protrek WSD- F30 all day long for me. Tissot when I go out of course.

ZCT808 says:

Honestly, that is like saying VW is better than Ford, because VW make the Bugatti Veyron.

Even a basic example of this Omega watch is $45K used, but rarer or more sought after examples can fly past $250K quicker than you can say Richard Mille.

But if you just bought an Aqua Terra for $8K, and it just depreciated to $3500 on your way out of the AD, does it really matter that the Swatch Group who made your watch, also own the trademark Omega, that once produced this watch you can’t afford?

Simon Howson-Green says:

MVMT? better wear no watch at all.

TKD CHAD says:

But I got a Rolex Quartz Tourbillon from China for $37

Dapdoi Ardon says:

It isn’t.

19JUN67 19JUN67 says:

They are both Great watches. It’s all about preference.

John Carter says:

if you buy an over price rolex. you always buy a fake, even if it is real. people always ask first, Is that “” Rolex real “”if you wear an oris or an omega people say, Wow nice watch

Carlos Rolaça says:

haldimann launched H1 with a central mounted tourbillon 5 years before. ok, no coax, but that wasn’t your statement.

pplpilot says:

Rolex are the watch worn by the type of people that come into a little but of cash and want a ‘good’ watch so automatically go Rolex, much in the same way a middle aged man whos children have fled the nest and wants a motorbike so goes out and gets a Harley Davidson, or the pools winner in the 1970’s who had a mock Tudor house with a 12ft snooker table. No imagination, no idea, go with the crowd. Rolex are to watches what Burberry are to clothes for the Chav.


yes..BUT can you hack it ?

Sarah Gaga says:

Someone leads(luxury and price), others are copy(replicas)

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