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It’s no secret that Omega has been chasing Rolex’s success for near on half a century. It must be galling for the head honchos at the Swatch Group to see the five-pronged crown take all the glory with such ease, especially since, back when Rolex was just a notion in the mind of young German Hans Wilsdorf, Omega was the force to be reckoned with. But those halcyon days at the turn of the 20th century were not to last for Omega, its dominance a withered husk by the dawn of the next. But the fight’s not over, not yet, thanks to this: the 2018 Seamaster 300M.

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Andy Hogben says:

great video!!!

aveen mahabal says:

My Submariner drops 15 secs after a week. My 2010 Seamaster 300m Diver (Pierce Brosnan blue) non 007 insignia, is dead on accurate to the second after a week of use.

Vladamir says:

They got bought out by swatch group. That’s what happened.

Watch Geek says:

The in-house movement and fit and finish are amazing, but everything else fails to move me.
I liked the old wave dial better, I like the size and thickness of the old one better, but what both have in common are the sceletonized hands I dislike on both. So sadly this cannot be viewed as a Submariner competitor in my eyes as it loses right away, BUT Planet Ocean is something else as I love the LOOK of that, even though it is still too thick..

Munrais says:

Omega has a winner.

ripperx444 says:

I like new omegas but until they stop with the million limited editions they wont get anywhere. This watch is nice. It’s half the price of a sub and totally good

J B says:

I prefer the aesthetics of the previous version. Omega should have updated that version with an in-house movement and left the rest of the watch alone.

Pojosamaneo says:

Too wide, and too thick. Still a beautiful watch, but for that money, I want a perfect watch.

Buen Provecho TV says:

I absolutely love Omega watches and that is a beautiful watch but for me the bit rate is a turn down or deal breaker, I prefer 4Hz movements. Good video!

jose pantojas says:

Absolutely love the Omega. As the name implies.. it ends here.

Phing says:

Date at 6 o’clock? Hmm….:/

mikvas says:


Meat Hanky says:

The first ceramic bezel version was in house too, was it not? Ok, produced by ETA, all who belong to Swatch, and exclusive to Omega.

Haitham Almuzayan says:

Don’t like it

Nugroho J says:

I wear my Submariner for years and I think this Omega Seamaster is interesting for its in house movement. My previous experience with Omega Speedmaster and classic blue Seamaster have drawn me to this new model. I was gonna get the Globemaster until I found this video. Thank you, and please make this kinda video for JLC Reverso and Cartier Tank.

Ibim JR says:

Best video I have watched thus far. The metaphors were outstanding!

javier lopez says:

I was looking for this watch 1 week ago, definitely buying this one

Robert Conquest says:

Great video, the new Seamaster is a lovely watch especially on the rubber strap. I wish that Omega would build a more comfortable bracelet like the Oyster bracelet that Rolex uses. Its so refreshing to be able to pick one up at the AD and feel the quality unlike the Rolex AD’s that simply laugh at you when your trying to purchase a sports watch and tell you there is no way of adding you to a waiting list and also there is a lengthy wait of between 2-4 years before getting your hands on one too. Im a big Rolex fan but I think Omega has come up trumps with this latest Seamaster.

thegeneral123 says:

My made in 2000 quartz Seamaster Professional was my first luxury watch. Still have it. It’s as the video states. Literally the watch that saved Omega.

mena seven says:

I don’t think the Omega Seamaster can dethrone the Rolex Submariner because Rolex is to far ahead. I think the Omega Seamaster with it.s beautiful wave dial, nice three hands, nice in house movement, cool display back and good price is an alternative to the Rolex Submariner. If the next James Bond is successful the sale of the Omega Seamaster will increase a lot.

MikeZ32TT says:


Thrustin Von Helmut says:

If you want a luxury dive watch, don’t bother with Rolex or Omega. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is the original, better movement, better finish and you will not have fan boys asking if it is real or how much did it cost. Best luxury diver by a mile.

Jerome Fernandez says:

Nice, but a Rolex will always be a Rolex. No comparison.

Todd Stoilov says:

Those are already on the grey market… so, no? hehe

pennfootball says:

It looks a bit like a tag. New ceramic dial is gimmicky since it changes colors from black or blue to grey or more grey. Prefer the liquid metal in the ceramic bezel over tacky white enamel. The rubber strap has a cheap tang and pin buckle and the bracelt is nice on the braclet models. the two tone is done horrible and the watch needs to scale down the size of the hands a bit in width and bring back sword hands. YMMV

Johnny Guitare says:

This is by far the most interesting offering from Omega in years. Very good product at an attractive price point. I think Rolex are playing a dangerous game of restricting supply to increase desirability, and relying on their brand equity to get away with it. An increasing number of people are getting peeved at the waiting lists, and will consider alternative options from Omega and Grand Seiko. As for this watch, if they managed to bring it down to 40mm, lose 1mm in thickness, and get rid of the date, I’d put my name down for one.

Chris L says:

I really like the look of this watch, ever since it was featured in the Bond films. Rolex have become such an iconic brand that you can only admire the fact that they can charge so much for their watches compared to others of similar quality. I found a great link on the price rises on Rolex over the years. Back when the Sub was introduced it took the average person three weeks to save for one. Now it’s something like 3 months. And while the watch is not the same as it was 1957, neither is a Porsche 911. But the Porsches price has risen more inline with inflation. And they generally depreciate like any other car. Rolex prices have risen so fast that second prices stay strong purely because the new price is so much higher. It’s astonishing really just how successful they have been. https://www-ablogtowatch-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.ablogtowatch.com/rolex-prices-past-60-years-revealing-analysis/amp/?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQECAFYAQ%3D%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ablogtowatch.com%2Frolex-prices-past-60-years-revealing-analysis%2F

john doe says:

Excellent video, as always. An FYI: the METAS Master Chronometer rating is not an Omega self-certification like Rolex’s Superlative Chronometer rating. It is an independent rating conducted by Switzerland’s METAS institute. Here’s some info:



Horology House says:

Personally though prefer the previous version without the waves.
The waves combined with the skeleton hands, mean that there is just a little too much going on for me.
Better than a Sub? Specifications will say yes, in reality it’ll be a No.

James Epler says:

The Swatch Group kills any halo effect and bastardises any idea of provenance…

MrRea112 says:

“Dastardly castration” – something Omega closely avoided when it moved back to in house movements and superior quality?

StarSn1per says:

Id say you have the best camera and lighting out of all the watch reviewers.. Really good.

Rinzler VII says:

Everytime I click on a Watchfinder video: “I just wanna take a look at the watch real quick.” 8 mins later: “IT’S OVER?! WTF MAN!!”

Ric Pollock says:

A video on where the Tissot Powermatic 80 movement sits in the In-house Caliber spectrum would be interesting. It seems to be a lot of watch for the price.

Ăla says:

IMO the only watch that can beat the Rolex Submariner is Tudor Black Bay 58 …

Vavazelus says:

Luv the 2018 Edition. Outstanding. Too bad I have too many watches.

Ian McBride says:

I personally love the blue and grey version.

Udo Willkomm says:

I guess, it´s easy. Some people don´t care at all. They buy a nice Casio, and are done. Some like Omega, and buy Omega. Some like Rolex and buy Rolex. And the rest (i´m in) wants both, of course. Who wants a collection without Rolex. Or without Omega. Not me.

2deep5u says:

Omega’s design looks like a child’s toy. although the movement used by them is quite admirable without a question. Sub for me.

john dandola says:

Brilliant photography and narrative.  Always the best discussion on the watches being reviewed.  I very much like this new 300 but not sure about the size increase.

Ryan De Witt says:

Rolex hasn’t done anything with their submariner for a long time while Omega has keep innovating.

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