Has Omega Perfected The Seamaster 300m In 2018? – A Review & Comparison Of 007’s Next Watch

The Omega Seamaster 300m luxury dive watch holds a very special place in my heart as it takes me right back to my early days of discovering Swiss luxury watches.

Forever inextricably linked to the James Bond franchise since 1995’s “GoldenEye” movie and with countless variations over the decades, how time has flown since its debut in 1993!

Today I take a look at one of the most exciting 2018 releases (Ref. for its 25th anniversary and compare it to the previous version from 2017 (Ref.

What has changed? What has been added or taken away? Will this be the next watch for agent 007? Lastly, I ask perhaps the most important question: with the rise and success of the Tudor Black Bay taking the crown of the best Swiss luxury Diver under $5000, can Omega step up its game and retake the title? Join me to find out!

To watch my full review of the previous Semester 300m Watch and the history of this historic line from Omega, click here:

To watch my full review of the legendary “Spitfire” CK2292 watch and the history of the important Pilot watches made by Omega during world war II, click here:


George Grasser says:

I didn’t miss the Wave Dial. How hard would of it been for Omega to just pick up the phone and just call me and say, “Hey George, we are thinking of going back to the Wave Pattern for the dial on our Seamaster 300 Series. What is your opinion’? I don’t want a Toy. I want a Watch that has Class and Prestige.

Paul Jackson says:

Enjoyed your review I have the older model though is 2018. Will the rubber strap and new style steel strap fit ? Thanks

Jonathan Heart says:

Technically perfect….but, my humble opinion: it looks like a bad 90s redesign. The dial, although with relief, lacks depth and the whole silver in silver scheme (to my mind) has less character than the older versions. Sorry to say, but the bigger size makes it even more unattractive… Of course I’m aware that this is subjective..
You actually said it. Great review.

Mr. Morris says:

I always know when it’s going to be a good Omega review because you pronounce it “OH Me Ga” and not “Oh meg ah”
Keep doing what you do my brother & please send my best to the Mrs

marcus szewczyk says:

still prefer my seamaster which I’ve had for 20 years
its pronounced GOWS ?

Santiago Rodriguez says:

Love seeing the movement of the watch; display it more often

SP says:

Please do this vs Submariner!

Maru Leonida says:

Torn between the blue or black dial 2017 model. The new Seamaster just doesn’t do it for me. Nice review TGV, as always.

Cranking All Day says:

The new one is too damn big!!!

David Yule says:

The watch looks better in person than can be picked up in video/photo. I have the blue one and really like it. Have had the prior version and the old wave dial 2531.80. Each has their own merit and each new model comes with mixed feelings I guess, something is always gained, but sadly something is also always lost.

MALIBUMAN666 says:

I’m not sure this idea that watches are getting smaller holds any water. Yes, I think the 45mm watches are probably on the way out, but I think the new normal will be 42mm

MutinyBurlish08 says:

Love your videos TGV! Please do a comparison/duel against the Sub!

Personally I prefer the bracelet on the new model but the watch as a whole the 2017 is the winner for me!

Dimitris Kekos says:

i prefer the old version 2017 more beautiful

luka mesic says:

Did anyone notice that the date is of center after TGV changes it ?

ThomasLaang says:

Love everything except that cone-head valve. Will buy a Seamaster today, but my choice is two generations back.

fernando adam hainim says:

I am more of a speedmaster pro guy than a seamaster pro but this watch is exquisite. I love the thought that a speedy pro is kept constant by omega while a seamaster pro is constantly updated with the latest tech that omega has. I am really considering purchasing the exact watch that you reviewed but with the rubber strap. Thank you for your thorough review. Cheers!

Evan Kenney says:

While I prefer the Speedmaster to the Seamaster myself, I have to say, this Seamaster looks fantastic. I like that it’s unique without being crazy, or over done. I may just have to add this to my grail list of watches. Along with a vintage Omega pilot’s watch. What was the model Tom Hardy wore in Dunkirk?

G Rxtn says:

Good! It has a waves again and it looks more interesting and modern.

Pablo Rages says:

Unlike most I prefer the new one …. but I have a 8.5″ wrist …. it does look big on you

Daniel Meier says:

Too big.

Michele recinella says:

excellent comparison and video TGV well done as always!

Simon X21 says:

The intro is epic…

Oleksi says:

Very detailed review! Thank you! Personally, I’m completely prefer older model (wich is much better in any aspect, perhaps, except of the movement).

william jones says:

Another great honest review..

Pablo Rages says:

Great review …. now I want one 🙁

yukinomichi8 says:

Love your review TGV. Please continue your excellent reviews!

Krystian Stępień says:

7:15 – hmm…try to do this with Sub. No matter the cotton or silk gloves, wet or oil hands 🙂

PS. the cristal is domed or double domed ?

xenox941 says:

Your opinion on Grand Seiko SBGA 231?

Giulio Cagnetti says:

Ciao Tgv. The watch is nice and i can appreciate the level of detail in it. However it does not look much like a diver, especially in that color palette ( too little contrast in the dial). Looks more like a sport/dress watch. Not a fan of those waves and that valve is gigantic! Nice video.

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