Fake VS Real Omega Planet Ocean

Comparison between a Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean 45.5 and two clone/rep watches. While the genuine has it’s key detail improvements, the clones are getting very close. Be careful if you are in the market for a real one.


Larrypint says:

Instead of the replicas you could have bought a seiko skx,hamilton ,steinhart, junghans max bill or Junkers Bauhaus.
Fake watches for fake people

Roger Johnson says:

the number one hint is the lazer etch omega symbol on the back of the watch , i seen it on your watch on the right

The Xardas says:

I bought one of those as a real Omega years ago. It was perfect with all boxes and cards. Even my watchmaker on 47 in New York with 20+ years of experience in expensive watches had to open it to tell it is replica. I got my money back but it was ridiculously good. Even people dealing in watches everyday got confused. Mine was chrono with asian valjoux 7750. It had all omega markings but inside was kinda wrong and big 7750 on the movement is dead giveaway even for the watch noob. Nowadays you should be really vigilant buying on ebay and other sites from individuals and sometimes even reputable sellers might sell you a lemon.

StSa 104 says:

How much do you want for ver. 2?

jonathan dempsey says:

Too much waffle, and no real facts.

Sergey Koshelev says:

Hi, where did you buy replicas?

evvignes says:

Just say genuine or real, not “gen”. Annoying.

Eddie Kim says:

Video of how you did the “vinyl” would be nice =]

scriner11 says:

If you wear the replica your not obligated to take it off to give someone a better look at it anyway, it’s nobody’s business,there are so many with the real thing that have like yourself a replica to wear at certain times to keep the real one safe. Many wealthy people do this to, and the average joe can’t tell someone into Horology and has studied the brand might but to get that close to a stranger to check they run the risk of being assaulted. I like your video

FidelisPatriot1 says:

I just purchased a Rep from someone else for $88 and it absolutely feels cheap. Does the V5 feel cheap? Or have the same weight/heft, manufacture quality as the Gen?

993mike says:

Fake watches are theft of a company’s proprietary designs, no matter how you spin it. Even worse is when they are passed off as genuine on the second-hand market. I’d rather have a real Seiko diver’s watch than a fake Omega.

Vizzlemeister says:

I just bought a Fauxmega Planet Ocean to see if I’d actually love the design enough to drop the thousands of dollars for a real one. A co-worker of mine just received a Fauxlex Submariner from the same company and that bad boy looked incredible. Say what you want about buying a knock-off, scratching a $160 watch versus a +$3,000 watch gives me peace of mind. The only exception is my authentic Luminox, it’s got some decent battle damage to it and constantly stays dirty (it’s a watch designed for the military so if it isn’t scratched up you’re not wearing it properly).

Henhao Wo says:

. The vendor ask for 250usd for the middle one. Hahaha, but this is not a popular model. Cartier and IWC are much much better in quality replica. Price is about 250-300usd.

Hoang Nguyen says:

How is the weight difference? Usually Gen watches weight more?

Ronnie DJ says:

Fake people wear fake watches.

William Ryan says:

“Gen” sounds silly. Genuinely silly.

OldSkool 55F100 says:

A Gen? A Jen?

J Bender says:

why would you buy a replica for 350$, you could buy a seiko skx instead. It’s a really good watch and it’s original.
The replica in the middle look bang on btw. Really hard to tell the difference.

Mario Chávez says:

I’ve found multiple websites from trusty time. Please provide the link to the page you bought it form?

Ar Ro says:

New flash: They’re all fake! jajaja

Bryz says:

Geeze don’t support the fake crap guys!

T Man says:

what is an Omega Gin?

mychannel says:

Why would you pay that much for a watch?

Henhao Wo says:

This is poooor and low quality replicas from China. It is selling in roadsid. If u see the replica of Cartier Rolex penarei etc from n factory or V6 from China, u will be totally convinced. the difference could only be found for experts by using the microscope.

Kevin Nguyen says:

Where did you buy it?

greg55666 says:

When you say “gin,” are you saying “gen” as in “genuine”? Why don’t you just say “genuine”? Why cheapen the watch with stupid word shortcuts? Why not say “on the ri, I have a gen Om wa, with ste band and or nums”? It is only irritating to not use your words.

hero De Los Reyes says:

Who cares? Who give a damn if it’s fake or not? No one will stop you with magnifying glass. People have more something better to do in their life, unless they’re “PARANOID.”

Older&Wiser says:

What a joke. Buying Chinese garbage, then throwing good money after bad modding the garbage to try and make it look less fake. Then they start to fall apart and wind up in the garbage, where they belonged in the 1st place. Wearing a fake is a lie. Your pretending to have something you don’t, which casts you as a disingenuous person, rightfully so. Buy a real watch you can afford and appreciate. Any fool can buy garbage. Working to earn a real luxury piece is as much a part of appreciating it as the piece itself. You could buy a real Seiko mechanical diver that you could actually swim/dive with for less than this trash, and experience the feeling of real appreciation and accomplishment later when you have earned the real thing.

pavy415 says:


Buncha Kunse says:

Biggest difference is: you shouldn’t dive in the fake. The real watch is actually a tool, not just a timepiece.

HextyVision says:

I can ALMOST understand why you would buy a genuine and a replica of the same model – but TWO replicas AND a genuine of the same watch – ffs mate – you got more planet oceans than you have WRISTS man!

leanderian says:

Is the gin the real one?

Brandon Pruitt says:

Where did you buy?

Geriger1 says:

Watch out everyone, very important people with a LOT of expensive watches are on their way to this comment section XD

OG Wavy says:

those are dam good replicas, what price should I expect to pay?

Mark Solomon says:

Selling replica watches. Email me mark_m_97@hotmail.com

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