Episode 23 – The History of Omega Watches

In this episode, Cameron and Matt explore the somewhat murky history of the Omega Watch Copmany. Because of Omega’s earliest roots, they developed in a different way from other companies, and therefore, as we discuss, it can be hard to get straight information. But Cameron and Matt piece it together, and we look at some of the company’s most iconic models. We also review some watches from the Miami-based LIV Watches!
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HackiH says:

Nerd here, i like that speedmaster too 😀 It actually looks great. I personally relly do not like Rolex or grand seiko because they look so fat (the dial markings are waaaaay to bulbous and large).

mmccarthy1992 says:

Anyone have any thoughts on Ball watches? They seem to make good watches but I don’t hear much about them.

gcubed.tv says:

The bezel and hands on the Omega Grey Side of the Moon are both rose “18K Sedna” gold. It’s one of my personal favorite watches and seems extremely well priced for what it is. It’s on my list for a “special treat” someday. I loved hearing the perspective on Omega history. Keep it up guys, I’m addicted to this show.

Sundancepreacher says:

Thank God Cameron mentioned Bond… for all of about five seconds. I know its marketing but Omega would not be where they are today without the visibility the Bond movies give them.

Russell Lange says:

Question about co-axials. If normal servicing isn’t needed until parts need to be replaced is buying a pre-owned 10-20 year old watch with a co-axial a bit of a time bomb? Will the cost of servicing be high enough where it would be a better idea to buy new or just a few years old?

Godl1ked says:

What I really enjoy a lot about this show, is that you guys have A LOT of watches on display. It’s a pity about the camera, it would be nice to glare on those examples for longer. And Matt, seems like you’ve got into rhythm with the cameras, well done.

Also, did not expect that Speedmaster Meteorite. That’s really really good, got me interested in it. Awesome.

Mark D. Stroyer says:

Man, we definitely need an Elgin & Friends history dive episode at some point.

Vinh Du says:

technical aspects and precision capabilities have definately taken a back seat to aesthetics and design, but look at the Top Japanese offerings, who still regards this ( precision mechanical and Battery – Timekeeping / measuringTools) ( and Spring drive tech in between) as important as design and aesthetics of a watch.

David Steinhour says:

Can’t wait to see Super chat on this one too.

Pierre-Olivier McConnell says:

Is it just me pr is the audio stuttering at some parts ?

HowdyFromTexas says:

Thanks guys, overall good episode.

An analogy for Cameron, since I understand his opinion that the awards should be less meaningful since the movements were not Omegas.

The McLaren F1 was advertised and recorded as the fastest car in the world.
This was because of its total package. No one criticized them that it had a BMW engine.

jimf42 says:

you could have an entire episode on the history of the Speedy.

Scott Bott says:

Good episode.
From Omega to fashion watches, a bit weird. But, solid episode

Ryu Messersmith says:

omegas next model..the “lapdance timer”…yes please

Michel Thein says:

maybe not a hue market in this crowd. but i think there should be an episode dedicated to Women’s watches.

Jim Bastian says:

Those “LIV” watches are crap. Sorry.

Ryu Messersmith says:

or how bout, the “lapmaster”?

abrielle marcelo says:

Cameron, has anybody told you that you look like ashton kutcher?

Scott Bott says:

That’s a $250 Reindeer strap!

jon cave says:

No new episode?

greencomputerfan says:

Hey Matt, as far as the watch camera goes, there are some electronics repair YouTube channels that have some pretty great close up cameras that you could possibly look into. EEVBlog uses a mantis elite that looks real nice with optical zoom. Not sure of his whole setup regarding what camera he has attached to it. It also might be expensive, I don’t know what your budget is.

Nick says:

Anyone else see Weiss Watch Co. be featured on Buzzfeed. Way to go Cameron!

Harrison Gregg says:

Have you guys thought about doing an episode on some of the smaller brands (ball, zodiac, Bell and Ross, oris, etc) and only doing like 15 minute histories on each?

Scott Bott says:

A bunch of watches have been to space. I don’t get the hype. I have an Omega, but not because of the moon.

HackiH says:

Matt what about putting a mirror on 45° over the watch table and filming through the mirror with a dslr on a tripod next to the table? You would have to mirror the video but i am gonna guess that that is not hard?

Luft Waffles says:

Not bad guys. Matt, you never gave me your thoughts on the watches I sent you pics of mate.

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