Enough Rolex, Already! Holiday Watch Wishes & Love For Omega Watches, Zenith, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre

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Tim Mosso is back as host of YouTube’s premier luxury watch webcast! Tonight, we set aside the Internet’s obsession with Rolex and steel Patek Phlippe sports watches to reach deep into the back catalogs of Zenith (El Primero Captain Winsor Annual Calendar, Rainbow), Omega watches (Seamaster Aqua Terra Annual Calendar), TAG Heuer (Carrera MP4-12C), and Glashutte Original (Senator Diary, Vintage Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date).

Our focus tonight is on the watch world beyond Rolex, but Tim does offer a selection of insights to collectors of Geneva’s foremost watch brand. One viewer seeks help suppressing his negative associations of the ex-wife who gave him his beloved Rolex Submariner “No Date” 114060. Can the relationship between man and watch be salvaged? Tim offers guidance.

Rolex leads the line of holiday gift ideas, but not in the fashion one might expect. When giving watches for the holidays, it’s critical to keep track of boxes, papers, and accessories from the watch’s full boxed set. Often, buyers fail to collect these critical items at the point of purchase or fail to impress upon the recipient just how critical and valuable a box and papers can be. This is key when giving watches from Rolex and Patek Philippe; the latter in particular is considered “naked” without the “Certificate of Origin.”

Moreover, holiday gifting is easier when the recipient is not a watch collector or enthusiast; if trying to please a regular watch buyer, it might be best to give a shopping experience or store credit rather than attempting to shop for this discerning watch enthusiast.

Tim offers a quick insight into how viewers can find his comments under watch videos and broadcasts. Hint: Tim’s posts are signed “Tim.”

Tim offers annual calendar buying advice for a viewer who fell in love with Patek Philippe annual calendars but cannot muster Patek Philippe cash to consummate the love affair. Alternatives from Omega, TAG Heuer, and Zenith are proposed.

Finally, Tim offers his holiday wish list for the watch community as a whole. From stemming the tide of “Hublot hate” to re-imagining the relevance and roles of Baselworld and SIHH, Tim has a watch wish for every member of the YouTube enthusiast audience and the greater watch fraternity.

The top YouTube livestream for watch buyers, watch collectors, and watch enthusiasts is “Watches Live,” and the show starts now!




ordinary999 says:

If you want a Patek, never buy a Omega or Zenith – just save for 10 more years and get what you really want.

Siddharta Gautama says:

Tim love your work. Appreciate your advice 😀

paul ratheram says:

How would the New Omega seamaster 300 where on a bracelet on a 6 3/4 inch wrist? Thanks would you swap a Rolex Cermic no date Sub for an Omega SMP and Omega Speedy Pro Sapphire sand which?

Harry Joiner says:

20:39 … very smart

Jason Levine says:

I never understood why watches aren’t available for purchase during Basel/SIHH.

Imagine how many buyers would flock to Basel/SIHH if a very limited number of the new release models were available for purchase through some sort of a lottery/open bid/close bid system.

People will complain “that’s not fair” all they want, but if your a dedicated fan of a particular brand, you would find a way to make it out to Basel/SIHH just for the opportunity.

This is how custom knives, another enthusiast field, are handled at knife shows. You show up, pay for the flight/hotel/time and are allowed to bid/buy on items that usually aren’t available outside of the shows.

Dani Awad says:

Tim dresses like a used car salesman what’s with the reverse glasses. Content is great though. 😉

C. W. says:

The host’s segment on keeping the no date sub by incorporating new, better memories, was quite beautiful. Also, Tim explained his sunglasses, much to my previous confusion.

christoffer pedersen says:

great advice about the rolex vs his ex wife 🙂 keep the watch ….

and your holiday wish …. about Hodinkee … uhmmm… you confirmed my intuition about what a “watch snob” looks like 😉 hehe
furthermore Wei Koh seems simply like a cool guy …. and so are you Tim … I wish for a show with you and Wei Koh again ….

ordinary999 says:

Ok Tim, from Rolex to Patek : patek 5035 or the 5134G?
Great show btw

Firmin Shepherd says:

Relationship advice too- GREAT! Tim the guru. I love this show!

John Doe says:

Oh YEA!!! I got’s that Zenith Captain Winsor!!! Blue/black and it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

Awesome Video Tim, and great Instagram videos 😀 watch it everyday. I hope that 2019 will be a better year for other watch makers that makes even better watches than Rolex, AP and Patek but don’t get their “mainstream” respect that they deserve. That smoky dial on that Zenith, gives H. Moser a run for its money. My first holiday wish, is that A. Lange & Söhne watches to become more mainstream “in” might have to wait on this wish after i bought one. Totally agree on the GO lack of marketing, especially with such horology heritage and impressive engineering and technologies. I wish they combine SIHH & Basel World together in one week or even at one event; make it cheaper, make it more customer oriented. Wish you happy holidays, great health and more watches for you in 2019. Best, Abdul

CrimFerret says:

OK, I’ll stop ragging on Hublot (mostly). I definitely agree about GO. They have some incredible watches and they are even more underrepresented than JLC (another company that could stand to do some marketing).

RedAtticus says:

Great video Tim, as always, as an avid Zenith fan and collector, looking forward to your usual classic mono-brand series….More Zenith, JLC and Vacheron please!!

DigiDave6 says:

Dear Tim, in response to 19:23, Fuuuurget Hodinkee! I don’t trust anything I read on their website anymore. Way too much bias injected by the commerce side of their business. Ironically, despite the fact that you are part of one of the largest watch retailers, I value your content to be significantly more fair and compelling than anything those Hoes are putting out..

Anil Jethwa says:

Tim you absolutely exude watch enthusiasm. Thank you for your smart insights and you also love cycling like me. Fantastic.

Haslett says:

Anyone can know a lot.
Anyone can know a lot on watches.
Tim is an impressive host not just because he knows a lot, but because he is so FLUENT in the information and how he discusses with his audience. Every smooth transition, witty jest, and solid reference is the essential strength of this show.

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

I got one zenith rainbow on a bracelet for 3k with box and papers. I bought it because u kept mentioning it.

six and a third inches sixteen centimeters says:

Hi Tim, a great show to end a great year of providing superb watch content for watch lovers. With a 126710 BLRO on my wrist to end 2018 I might actually have enough Rolex already 😉

Hannz says:


Capt Birdie says:

Tim’s enthusiasm has me wanting every single watch! Very enjoyable to watch.

Pierre Mullin says:

Great show, and a wonderful introduction to some lesser-known gems.

William Buttel says:

I watch these to de-stress from work, somehow talking watches is soothing haha.

steven uk1 says:

Franck Muller is my latest and favourite brand, you want to see their current collection. Other favourites are Grand Seiko and higher-end Seiko. Baselworld and SIHH have totally misunderstood the customer and the market.

oxysoxos says:

I totally agree with Tim and what he says at 18:02 in terms of Glashütte Original. A kind of forgotten gem in the watchworld.

Richard Baptist says:

Tim I agree with you on your holiday wishes – stopping the Hublot hate and one hundred times yes on more marketing for Glashutte Original Watches. Those watches are some of the best out there and are so under the radar. The best big date out there period.

Omar Abou-Zied says:

I had no idea that Dr. Oechslin had any affiliation with Zenith. Now I see the brand in a whole new light. Thank you, Tim!
On the subject of annual calendars, however, I cannot appreciate any that need more parts than their perpetual calendar brethren… ahem, big brother Patek Philippe reference 5035.

Tony P says:

Hi Tim what would you recommend as a divers watch for a 50th birthday present?

Triumf Ant says:

Hello from Albuquerque, NM. You’re correct, Tim, we are bereft of many dealers. I have to travel to other states if I want to see many brands in the flesh. With only a single Omega AD in the whole state, not much chance of seeing anything that’s less mainstream or super high end. We could fill whole aircraft with people wanting to fly to Basel.

Leon Bubis says:

Best Tim Mosso show ever. Seasons Greetings Tim!

Tony Hill says:

Tim. I hope when you referred to a sporting event in Manchester you meant UK and City. The red side of Manchester is in mourning for times past and this blue Manc exile is loving it. 🙂 Excellent show as always

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