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The hand wound chronograph is perhaps the foundation of a high-end watch company’s ability to demonstrate its prowess, a complex, intricate assembly unencumbered by a rotor weight hiding the mechanical wizardry going on inside. There’s no better palette upon which to exhibit the art of fine watchmaking—but can you tell the difference between one that’s more affordable and one that’s very expensive?

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Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 3573.50.00
Breguet Classique 3237
Patek Philippe 5170J

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Dr D Evil says:

I keep thinking that if somehow we could get all the commenters into one room , then throw in some hand grenades , we could really do some good.

underclasshero24 says:

People…think about what the prices are of the last 2 chronos in this video. Now, compare it to the price of the speedmaster. According to the data collected, through this very complicated scientific experiment, derive a formula for ω( cheapest chronograph featured) in relation to δ and ε. Then, calculate the price difference between the watches to 3 sig digs.
If you follow these instructions, maybe the word “cheap” will stop offending you


Yes, very nice watches, different price points. I’m fortunate to own the Speedmaster. With the naked eye, I still find myself looking at the face and appreciating how meticulously done the design is. While watching videos showing the same at macro view I appreciate it even more. The moon watch is the most well done dial for a chronograph no matter how deep your pockets are. Historical too.

gmshadowtraders says:

Sure can brother! Sure can. I’m an expert at this shit, at this stage I’m in the elite group.

abel mukete says:

Your way with words!!!

mike sloat says:

i wonder if the idea for this video stemmed purely from a recent episode of the watch and listen podcast, they discussed the 321 in detail, and now its being discussed here, weird

Oliver H says:

And where is the cheap watch?

dimman77 says:

Needed a Lange in there…

Jason Gatelaro says:

Thé most consistently excellent watch channel imho

Frankie Jenkins says:

That patek phillipe is makes me wanna live fast

Karl Wilhelm Queyquep says:

misleading title …

ezz il says:

The Patek 5170 is the most beautiful watch in the world IMHO. No date and well balanced. I simply do not understand why all the ‘cheaper’ brands cannot produce a watch that is similar. If any of you know of a vintage look dress chronograph with no date at a reasonable price, I would be very grateful.

WIlly Tee says:

Watch arousal

Kristóf Máthé says:

“Complicated mess of organized chaos”

mah mam says:

Cheap yet more expensive than my car

Lex Sips says:

I would wear the Patek up-side-down

Hoàng Mai Duy says:

Where is the cheap chronograph?

Daniel S. Gleason says:

Around 5:33 why did the wheels stop turning? D:

Underdog says:

Forgivable, but first error in watchfinder review history calling a Speedmaster ‘cheap’, by calling the Omega cheap, the Breguet becomes average and the Royal Oak ‘good’, the ‘Daytona’ good. Should one have to spend 40k to get an excellent watch ? I think watchfinder could have thought through the use of his words for the title of this video.

Browsing Channel says:

Hodinkee also called several rolexes and omega aqua terras “cheap” “entry level” for me cheap is Timex, speedmaster is a grail. But you know, some appreciate finer things

mena seven says:

I like the Omega Speedmaster with the display case back

Will Frank says:

4:32 did Breguet forget to cross their T ?

The Old One says:

This is not cheap. Not cheap at all……

orronoco says:

While cheap and expensive are always debatable, they are actually subjective. But refer to the comparison on this post, it is sure very cheap.

Alex Gouws says:

I love this channel so much!

D BHAW says:

Can you review ksi’s terrible looking Rolex

Pedro Brazon says:

Makes me want to get an omega speedmaster more than the breguet or the PP

Radim says:

just sit and enjoy.

elitemathlete says:

I have a tissot, 5 pateks and 5 gruby forseys.

Crushenator500 says:

The Omega looks the coolest. I’d hardly call it cheap, though.

David Abraham says:

I feel like I’ve watched this video before…. still good though

Feed the Fat Rabbit says:

These videos kick ass, but the snobbery is oftentimes hilarious.

“You may be a mere pauper with your Omega Speedmaster Chronograph, or worse yet, a filthy vagabond with your Tag Heuer Carrera. There’s nothing wrong with that. Or, at a price point of $87,000 pre owned @, you can appreciate the finely polished backing plate, supremely jeweled, limitless glory of a Patek Phillipe. The choice is yours, and yours alone.”

Alex Bozanic says:

Best watch channel on YouTube, far surpassing those donkeys at hodinkee

Alex Buschermohle says:

Of all the inconveniences in life, having to hand wind a Speedmaster every other day is at the top of the list of “best things that one could be inconvenienced by…”

jacc88888 says:

The Speedmaster steals the show for me : on value for money. Agree, the finishing on the Patek is ‘insane’ but you certainly pay for it.

Srijan Tandon says:

Didn’t you post the same video a long time ago?

David Boyer says:

Two points: • I get a bit lost when movement numbers get tossed ariund. • I’d like this series a bit better if we could see your face every so often. Thank you for an excellent series.

John Dall says:

What’s a bugani…..?

Kevin C says:

Anyone else ever noticed how similar the Patek Philippe seal and Rolls Royce logo look identical.
I don’t think that Coincidence. After all, a lot believe Patek is the best of the best when it comes to watchmaking and
Rolls-Royce is the best of the best when it comes to luxury cars.

Watch Geek says:

Great video, but I can’t justify the line “it takes a lot of money to develop an in house version”.
I mean come on, Rolex, Patek, AP are NOT poor or fighting to stay in business and yet the have been using non in-house movements for decades and until recently! I was once called out for “nitpicking” when I commented on AP RO Offshore not having an in-house movement… I’m sorry but at THAT price point, I have every right to nitpick as much as I like!

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