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Walk into your nearest Omega boutique and chances are very high you’d be able to walk out again, wallet lighter, with a Speedmaster on your wrist. Not so Rolex’s Daytona, not unless you’re willing to pay the premium for precious metals. But is history about to change?

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Damir M says:

The Omega looks like an oversized, comical version of the Daytona. Rolex wins easily.

Pat Thompson says:

Exceptional video – well done. Love the history lesson!!

BeerManSF says:

It comes down to this . Omega you can wear everyday and not care , the Rolex you shouldn’t wear it everyday it’s like having 20k on your wrist and you can’t relax

林冠廷 says:

Daytona is definitely over priced, there is no question, but still, Speedmaster is no comparison to Daytona. I don’t understand why ppl keep comparing omega to Rolex. For to market, I think Tudor is their better competitor.

Sb Sb says:

Rolex is over hyped and over priced. and omega is too big size

Legendus says:

Omega is just better looking.. really gorgeus, with texture..

Carl-Victor Heinold says:

This comparison maybe close on paper and the Omega may very well be a better watch in some aspects. However the Omega Vs Rolex debate is on a completely different level, it is not about technical specifications. One of marketing’s cornerstones is psychology. And the human ego tend to want and strive for the unobtainable, in this case the Daytona. Rolex is a super clever marketing machine with a top tear product. Ad a good scoop of history in the mix and you got a winning concept. One of Omegas biggest issues is that they ARE available to nearly EVERYONE and the human ego strives for uniqueness. We are all blaming Rolex for this ponzi scheme of not supplying enough steel sports watches to meet demand and this video is even implying that this may very well be their downfall. But stop for a minute, look at Patek and the Nautilus, AP and the Jumbo, which is the exact same thing. Exclusivity is key.

khaireddine khmiri says:

Maybe its it’s just me but i find omega more appropriate for men rolex can go either way , my favorite omega is the aquatera 42 with white dial and the in house caliber 8800.

Name Nom says:

Of course it can! They already did

Don Bush says:

Could you give an opinion on the seiko spring drive compared to either omega or rolex please. I have a small collection of watches and I just hanker after a SS 38mm. many thanks. I would be gratefull of any comments.

David Sims says:

The man could be right.

Jim Beam says:

Omega for me. Too many cheese balls wear the daytona.

Joseph says:

I wouldn’t buy either. Maurice lacroix , Ebel Tekton Titanium are just 2 examples of far superior brands. Every man and their dog has an Omega. They are now so common and flood the market. Check out the Ebel Tekton 1911 Titanium aka the Hublot killer. A truly unique looking watch.

히히히 says:

Is that a blemish at 5:29?

Johan Larsson says:

Those subdials on the Omega are too far apart, doesn’t look symmetrical.

The Avid Gamer says:

DAYTONA by Pusha T > Daytona by Rolex

Fehad Bilgrami says:

Love my Speedmaster

John Robie says:

Gotta love the irony of a “Speedmaster” that went to space, and a “Cosmograph” that was famous for being associated with a race car driver / actor. It’d make a whole more sense if it was the Omega Cosmograph, and the Rolex Speedmaster Daytona.

pi hermoso says:

NASA secretly tested watches which could operate in space and would be used by US space astronauts… only OMEGA passed the test
you could always decorate watches with jewels and diamonds and brag about it… BUT with an OMEGA, you could say ‘hey my watch is astronaut worthy..’

ebradley82 says:

Omegas are wonderful watches. There is something about putting on the 116500LN Daytona that is just on another level. The 4130 movement is truly a marvel. I love my Daytona and wouldn’t trade it for an Omega. But I would happily own both.

Arab Myself says:

the daytona is still nicer

Ruben Fornfeist says:

Could you please do a review including the Oyster Perpetual 39

improbablehandle says:

Thanks for the vid. As for the featured watches, meh, veblen-a-go-go.

jason starek says:

The short answer in no.

leftnose says:

The finishing on the hands of the Omega leaves a bit to be desired.

Joydeep Sen Chaudhuri says:

Sorry I stand corrected

EB says:

For the price of the Daytona, you can get an Omega and Submariner. No brainer.

J Lo says:

I’ll take my table in Wood please

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