Buying A Vintage Omega? WATCH THIS FIRST!

Don’t be impulsive, Don’t be scared to ask questions, Stay informed!

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Dean Speerbrecher says:

Informative video. I am interested in a OMEGA Geneve DYNAMIC in the future.

master G says:

I remember as a kid going through our storage in our big home and finding a very old watch that looks nothing like my Hi-Tech G-shocks, but something that an old man that plays Bingo would wear, and i remember it printed “Omega” on it with a shiny Omega emblem. And i just left it there cause why the heck would i wear this old mans watch that only tells the time and day?? (12 y/o kid thinking).
20 years later i come to my parents place (as a watch enthusiast this time) and ram through all the old storage in all of the unused rooms of the house, like a cocaine addict looking for a gram.
BOOM!… i find it! It’s a beautiful, very well preserved 1970’s Omega seamaster that my father got for his weddind from my mom’s brother.
I had it restored and cleaned and is now working accurately like a charm!
For sure my favorite watch in my collection now!

Ryandunner says:

Vintage Omegas are absolutely fantastic! That seamaster is an easy favourite of mine!

Bugster987 says:

Very easy to get stung with the vintage market even if you ask the right questions. Beware.

Mason Atkinson says:

I have the same seamaster with a blue dial!!! Such a unique watch!!!

Neill Levine says:

Just pulled the trigger on a 1971 Constellation (blue dial)!!

hambone988ubet says:

Another option is to look for vintage at an Omega or Rolex AD. They usually have some trade-ins and tend to service and provide an extended warranty. I have an AD that has several vintage Rolex and Omega’s they serviced for their lifetimes and know the person trading them in. Something to consider…..

Jay Bolton says:

great advise. keep it up buddy!

thereal men says:

Looking at omega globemaster. Opinion?

AndreMT2720 says:

Can I assume this goes for any vintage watch? I’ve been eyeballing some vintage Hamilton watches lately. Didn’t pull the trigger becauae I wasn’t sure what kind of trouble I’d be getting myself into.

kokakoliah says:

I think I’m done with watches for now. I got a vintage Pobeda, a comically minimalist watch from Project called the Nadir and some random TUW Ruhla watch I got from some subscription service. I haven’t spent a lot of money! And I feel like my watches are all very interesting in their own right.

Christopher Gustafson says:

So…You got the Seamaster for under $500 – How does it run? It will cost you $800 more if it runs 2 minutes fast…

Barry E says:

Thanks so much, Jory. As a low-budget collector, I started out my watch journey drooling at vintage (’50’s and ’60’s Seamasters) and have just about given up from fear of getting cheated. You’ve inspired me to give them another look! I do SO love that classic Seamaster style.

Manolo Lopez says:

There is a 70s omega out there that reminds me of the AP Royal Oak that I gotta have once I hit the lottery or stop this lifelong bad luck streak.

Ian Gault says:

Good morning Jory. Advice please. Am looking at a Perrelet Turbine XL at my local AD here in Qatar. I am a) fascinated b) mesmerised c) thinking of acquiring one. I really never thought that much about one before until I saw one in the metal, handled it and put it on. God its big at 50mm and weighs a ton and really is hypnotic to watch. Seems like a real nice piece and I think I should add it to my collection. However, what is your opinion? Would value your comment.

James Duffy says:

Vintage Omega can be dangerous ground with so many repainted and redials out there. Also, make sure you ask for movement photos because I have seen a lot of Omegas that are running and have clean exteriors but under the case back is a movement that looks like it was dragged through a week-old salad bar.

cottyify says:

what is your opinion about casio oceanus?

dravur says:

Wow, I did exactly that. The first watch I picked up was a 60s Seamaster DeVille. I love that little watch

Rich Dubbya says:

A lil secret.. If you find a non working vintage 70s and have a good watchmaker you can get some awesome deals since parts are plentiful. Ive bought some nonworking watches at a steal and paying $150-$250 for full servicing many cases you can be ahead. But as Tory said : DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!

Savon Jeffs says:

Great video! Hey Jory, what are your thoughts on buying watches at estate sales?

Ceaze87 says:

Dang Jory! 3 days in a row!? You’re on fire my dude! Keep it up! Lovin the content lately.

Armando Marcial Alonzo says:

Thanka Jory, u helped me choosing my firts diver watch, the SRP641K1. Now I want a SKX009 or a Seagull 1963. Still cant decide which one.

The Kavalier says:

Couldn’t agree more, I used the vintage route to get my first watch in precious metal (yellow gold) and it was less than $1,000 for a 50s Omega. Amazing. Took me months to find the right one, pays to wait!

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