#ASKTNH Episode 17: Rolex vs. Omega for the First Buy

In #ASKTNH, Episode 17, Christian talks Rolex or Omega when you’re buying your first watch. We’ll discuss the Omega look and the Rolex look, the price points, and the sentimentality of a first watch. _________________________

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cw3extreme says:

What glasses are those Christian? Love them

nickpap1 says:

“figuring your style out” are the key words here. when i first started buying watches a few years back i brought a Hamilton ventura because i thought it looked cool and unusual. Needless to say i didn’t know enough about watches and what was out there to realize i wasnt suited to it at all

Jason Won says:

I debated this recently. Decided to get the Speedmaster Pro, Heritage Black Bay, Oris Big Crown, Glycine Combat Sub, Seiko SKX and still came in $1000+ under a Rolex Sub. I’m pretty happy.

kab_edc says:

Rolex ffs

SirStamford27 says:

First watch I always recommend to ppl, is an SKX, I know that wasn’t in the question, but you really can’t go wrong with an SKX.

gmshadowtraders says:

My fucking first watch got stolen my nigga! Tissot Autoquartz PR100, rare as hen’s teeth, and on a silver bracelet.

Black_Sun says:

this guy’s mannerisms are disgusting, very punchable fella.

Terry B says:

Good point on keeping your first good watch – just because!

Matthew Li says:

where da fuck are you gonna get an Omega for 700-1000 bucks price range?

Malte Milner says:

My first: IWC Pilot Chronograph 3777-01
Then a Speedy and then my last one, Omega Planet Ocean 600m cal. 8500… NOW i’m ready for my first Rolex 😉

Wellpinit says:

Omega is more European. A well dressed European man is more likable to be wearing an Omega Seamaster than a Roelx Sub. This is just my personal observation.

hogandori says:

Makes a lot of sense as usual. Please ignore the boorish punks below. They are probably angry because they can’t afford neither. Keep up the good work Christian!

Ricky Penson says:

My first watch was a Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

will pasamba says:

Get a Patek!

Canh Nguyen says:


Armani Nguon says:

My first watch was the Rolex explorer ref. 114270 amazing watch! I’m saving up for a omega Speedmaster, possibly vintage, I’m looking into caliber 321, or a 861. Anyways, I suggest for people to go with omega, you really get to experience the “whole watch scene.” Vintage omegas are also cheap. Their movement is well constructed, even the 70s seamasters. For new buyers if your thinking about omega, longines, Rolex. It’s a good start because most of the company I mention has a long history in the watch industry, and are good.

gmshadowtraders says:

Seiko! 4 real G

Philip Allen says:

Excellent thoughts Christian my 1st mechanical watch was an Invicta Pro Diver it has plenty of haters because of its sub look but it has one thing over my other watches it was my 1st so you are absolutely right it will always be special

Itamajano says:

Where can you find an omega under 2 grand? Pre owned?

tyrell mallari says:

Hi, so which Omega would you buy then? thanks

Louis R says:

My first watch was a blue dial 16030 😉

KingRichard says:

If you’re buying pre-owned, then buy omega because you will save more (depreciation is least significant with Rolex) and authenticity is less of an issue with omega. Get a dive watch over a chronograph because they are generally more versatile and less costly to maintain. Also keep in mind most rolexes will cost twice as much as most omegas (ex. is seamaster vs sub or speedmaster vs daytona). My vote is for Rolex simply because they are generally a better investment and look better (in my opinion).

Carlos Dinis says:

My first watch was a IWC Portuguese

Daniel Vokey says:

ill wear a omega or any watch for that matter in my postal uniform while delivering the mail.

what’s your opinion on vintage gruen watches.


specify the meaning of the First Watch

TheWickedkid101 says:

My left ear enjoyed this

Anthony M says:

My left ear enjoyed this video.

Sanjoy Saha says:

You forgot today’s wristwatch check !

coloneltheo says:

Got the Batman as my first watch. so happy with it. But still want a classic speedy pro..

Niall Murray says:

In the market at the moment for getting a new ‘high end watch’ hence checking out YouTube… Can’t agree more with whatever it is you buy…. keep it!

My 1st, what I would call really nice watch was an old 60’s omega… Looking at what is around now and with a view to perhaps collecting a few nice pieces now I’m in a better position to afford it… I’m almost in tears thinking about how stupid I was for selling it!

d29 says:

Hey Guys

I’ve been intrigued by and am truly in awe of the new ‘Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Master Chronometer Chronograph’ – Technically they seem to be amazing co-axial/Si14 balance spring/column wheel – vertical clutch/ magnetic resistance to 15000 gauss. At $9000-10000 – I’m guessing it’s aimed squarely at the Daytona…

What say you – Worth the money ?

JojO says:

Are you talking about the very first watch or is it about the first luxury, high end watch ?

Justin Miller says:

love the show but don’t take a shot everytime he says “value” lol.

Neuro says:

IMHO, if one does not own a luxury watch yet, and they have the money for a Rolex, I don’t see how anyone could reccommend Omega. Buy the Rolex, then when refining one’s taste, buy the Omega, or other brands.

This way, if after the purchase, the individual finds that watch collecting or owning more than 1 or 2 watches isn’t for them, they at least have the one Rolex which will increase in value and can be handed down as an heirloom

TheZombaslaya says:

My first watch I bought myself? A $140 Seiko automatic and a $350 Omega Seamaster.

Nicknacks Nicknacks says:

Not even a question, Rolex Explorer 1. But the Omega Rail Master is nice

Jeff's Khmer Classics says:

I would recommend againt both as a first watch. Start with something more modest, like a good Seiko or Hamilton.

Luisao R. says:

where do you buy a seamaster for 900?

Weird Science says:

Is Harris your boyfriend?

Crypsis says:

IMO, for that age, both are not very suitable yet Rolex is even less suitable as a teeny watch, especially as a non-watch-guy, because there are much more fake Rolex’s. So when I see a teeny with a Rolex, I’m quicker moved to think that he wears a fake while I would probably not think like that with Omega. Even if that teeny would wear a PP I would not have as many doubts about its authenticity than with a Rolex. Just look here on Youtube, there are so many videos about fake Rolex’s. I even personally know a young guy who owns a fake Rolex.
And my second point, because in the end of the day, it is very unlikely that a 18 yo worked for his money to buy a Rolex or an Omega. For me, when I think about Rolex or Omega, I think about an achievement in life which comes with a lot of work and time and age. Just like the car fanboys who dont even have a license that think they can buy a GT-R or Aventador right away. Its just not their league, just as a Rolex and an Omega is not their league. The watch needs to suit your lifestyle. Not only in function and design but also in price.

 No offense but its just my opinion.

TheVideoBas says:

My first will be a 1973 Omega Speedmaster 125 : What do you think of the 125 ?

Lemtem Poktui says:

$1000 for a Seamaster? Are you talking about the used market or what?

Gavin McGuinness says:

Mine was a Stowa Flieger Ikarus right before their jump in price. Beautiful grey metal dial that sparkles in the right light and lovely blued hands. Couldn’t be happier with it.

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