Are Omega Watches Any Good?

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Are Omega Watches Any Good?


Steve, TheDailyShaver says:

I got a chinese omega knock off (a high quality one at that), think it was about $600 and man oh man its a nice watch! BTW clones around $100-200 are shit (Ive bought heaps, they suck) but at this price point, its 99.99% of the same as the genuine one (I have then genuine but ware the clone way more as a beater). But its the same for Invictas, I have several and paid about the same as for a good quality one (talking automatic swiss here). Must also give the nod now to GLYCINE now Invicta own them, bought 2 and they are better than any Invicta I own and almost as nice as my steinheart ocean one or omega/tag ect… but a damn side cheaper! And yes, I own a lot of beautiful watches…

Chris B says:

Interesting comments there. Have you had a look at Barbos watches, they have some nice deep dive ones. I have the Pacific and I am very impressed with it. I brought it from Berlin for £208, have a look see what you think.
All the best

ChaosFlower says:

Brand. Prestige. Perceived value.

My friend bought some Prada trainers. Made in China they ain’t nothing special. I got a pair of Italian made Diadoras for a fraction of the price.

Omega expensive? It’s all relative. I saw a $750k watch in a magazine the other day.

The Timex my mother bought me 40 years ago still works.

chuxtuff says:

The last Omega TV commercial I saw, the one with the piano music and that high tech presentation blending in to that huge watch dial (which was also probably one of my all time favorite commercials. It was amazing how quiet it got when that commercial came on with others also viewing recognizing that same thing), were probably expensive enough to justify SOME of those high prices. That was for their Co-Axial Chronometer and judging by the high quality of the commercial that must be some kind of watch. Have you reviewed one of those yet? Anyway, I enjoy your channel and perspective. Here’s a link to that commercial:

Neuro says:

Invicta is making 65 to 100 million a year now…its time they consolidate their offerings, and offer a solid higher end conservative cosc piece and pay good money to a brand ambassador…they should look at musicians and athletes like mma fighters…Timex has done well there

Patrick Waldeck says:

Normally it’s the movement that drives the price of the watch for example you mentioned the Swiss eta 7750… automatic chronographs worth a lot more than regular automatics.

Timemachine Eddie says:

I own an Onega. I can get an Aragon/Android, Invicta or another Micro Brand with the Same Automatic Chronograph Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 for 500 to 760 new and from 250 to 750 used. I just could not justify another Limited Edition Omega for thousands and thousands of dollars. Rolex back in the day had this same movement in their Tudor Chronograph. Breitling uses it as do many many swiss watch companies. Excellent Points and Love the channel. What Aragon and Invicta are doing these days is amazing….

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