Affordable Alternatives PART 2 – Rolex Submariner, Omega Speedmaster & Breitling Navitimer Watches

Today I follow up on a recent massively successful video where I looked at alternatives to 3 of the most iconic watches ever made. The conditions are simple. They must NOT be homage watches and have their own style from brands I respect to deliver a quality alternative. This time however, I look at choices suggested by my viewers in the comments of the previous video. For alternatives to the Rolex Submariner, in this video I suggest the Christopher Ward Trident C60 and Glycine Combat Sub. For the Omega Speedmaster, the Tissot V8 and the Longines Heritage 1954, then finally, for the Breitling Navitimer, I suggest the Sinn 903 and the Citizen Promaster Sky range. To watch the previous video click here…

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Jack Cole says:

Love that Longines Heritage 1954! I didn’t know about this watch before this video. Great find! Cheers!

BadPete999 says:

Did you ever did a review for a Xezo for Unite4:good Air Commando swiss made Divers just to know i like your reviews a lot keep on the good work !

Polar Roller says:

Great report and vid . I through hard work on my own business, and in my mid 50’s….tend to purchase and collect higher end watches. I’m fortunate my business has done well, with much sacrifice, limited leasure time, etc. That said, TGV does such a great job reviewing watches, I love his channel, and enjoy learning about mid-tier watches. I enjoy learning about watches in general regardless of tier, brand, cost. Thanks again TGV.

markolml says:

Dude!, ORIS Aquis!!

Johan Stenlund says:

What kind of sunglasses are you wearing in the intro


AAHH.. This has got me Re-Thinking my Ever changing watch list!! Good Video TGV. BMJ ENGLAND!

Jake Cornell says:

Great…now I want all of Glycine’s watches, not just the Combat Sub. Thanks dude!

Legit though, I love all your videos. My bank account cries though.

TD roadster says:

Longines Heritage 1954 has a richer history & classier than Omega Speedmaster. Omega Speedmaster is one plain-looking watch, not my style at all. Whereas your Breitling Navitimer is an affordable alternative to Longines Lindbergh.

VSUKWizard says:

I’m going to say a massive thank you to you and your viewers for the massive bolt of lightning you guys just sent into my wristwatch world. I didn’t know of Christopher Ward until seeing this blog and the Trident Pro 600 is F’king me to the bone.

Darren Wills says:

New to your channel, very well done! Cheers, D

Mike W says:

Hi TGV, another excellent vid, I would most certainly echo your comments around Christopher Ward- their customer service and overall watch quality for the price is superb. I am going to look at some of the others you suggested as well. Thanks for sharing. Mike

Niklas Arnd says:

Really great video, thanks for showing the Chr. Ward. Im usually not into divewatches but the trident pro looks great.

Jim Snyder says:

3 thumbs up!

Daniel Fernandes says:

What do you thing about the Longines Hydrocontest?

Katrina Lopez says:

The cheapest Speedmaster alternative out there (might be classified as a homage though): Casio Edifice EF503D. You can get one for around, or even under, $100.

SyndicateR1 says:

Looks like we’ve veered away from affordable. Still, thanks for compliing these great watches from user comments.
Wish the Longines and Sinn could be had for under $1K though!


southerncountryboy8 says:

What about the Christopher Ward C7 rapide chronograph? It is a bit speedmaster-ish.

snorre follaug says:

Great time Watching this. Thank`s

Ken Gendron says:

WooHoo. I just ordered a Glycine Stealth Combat Sub!

Timothy Casey says:

Has something tragic happened to your fury friend? The intro is so sad as if the dog has passed 🙁 I hope not – Tim

Joseph Gawronski says:

TGV, A great viewer challenge video……I would like to submit the Bulova 96B251 chrono Moon watch as an alternative to the Omega speedmaster…and, the Steinhart Titanium
500 premium as an alternative dive watch….

manny5452 says:

ooo that glycine tho

OscarPanzer says:

TGV , I have question
Im looking for a smth similar to Omega Speedmaster MK2
Some say the Seiko 6138 UFO will do the job, what do you think

Ali Jaffal says:

Well-done, very informative video as always. For the Breitling Navitimer, I would recommend the Luminox F-22 RAPTOR 9240 SERIES. I believe it’s not a homage at all; Luminox is a well established brand, but with all due respect I think it’s overlooked by The Urban Gentry Channel 😉
Best regards,

Gabriel Gan says:

We have to include the Oris Aquis Date as well. Impeccable quality and at a really affordable price for a Rolex Submariner alternative!

rdgalbreth says:

What are your thoughts on the Citizen Eco Drive Blue Angels Chronograph Men’s Watch AT8020-54L?

eurabio says:

What music is it?

Ben Bignell says:

Great video mate- really informative!

J S says:

How about the Seiko MM300 as a submariner substitute? Probably 90%+ of Rolex quality (especially the movement) and at probably well less than a third the price of even a grey market sub.

sebo freshley says:

nice show as always! ..BUT I liked the older dilla-intro way better… it felt more urban gentry… with the new introsound it feels more ultra gentry 😉 kind regards!

Todd Howard says:

Does Seiko make an automatic alternative to the flightmaster sna413?

Keir Taylor says:

keep meaning to ask you where you got your aviation wall clocks from? Thanks 🙂

a000ab says:

Maybe we can also consider Squale as an alternative for Rolex Submariner.

Mo Mo says:

Love your screen saver. Did you compile it yourself?

chechs2010 says:

Hello TGV, I only recently started watching your channel and really wanted to ask a question that i hope you have some insight into. What do you think of the Chinese Sea-Gull watch company in terms of reputation and quality. Thank you in advance.

Andy Gary Matlin says:

Another great video, TGV. We just posted about this – pricing each of the watches you mentioned!

LCLaddict says:

The Bulova Moon Watch is another alternative to the Speedmaster.

Roberto Dionisio Kang says:

Great vídeo, I would sugest the Gc 30005g for the chronografe. It have’nt a huge history but it’s swiss made and quite good style. Best regards

ThePhiltastic says:

Will you ever talk about the Longines Hydroconquest? I can’t believe you haven’t talked about it. It’s an amazing watch for the money.

Onkelhumptydumpty says:

Thanks for the Great Vid.Thanks for lovin Germany,thanks for your afford to pronounce the German Brand Names! Germany loves u back!!!!

Joseph Gonzalez says:

Rolex Explorer: Seiko Sarb 033
Breitling chronomat b01: Seiko SSC017
Cartier ronde solo: Tissot Classic Desire
Rolex Datejust: Seiko 5

Fix00 says:

Love my Glycine Combat Sub (1 year I wear it), I was looking at a sub watch, and I fell in love with it (the blue/orange version).
Since I wear it every day, it’s been a little bit damaged, so I ordered a Seiko snzf17k1 in order to keep my Glycine away from everyday aggressions… ^^’
Anyway, nice video, I found some other sub-like that I can buy in the future (Chr. Ward, Citizen etc…)

J.f.w. Ny says:

That trident pro is really nice I like the second hand a lot

GD_24 says:

Hey man, what are your views of the Stuhrling watches? Should i buy it?

Vavazelus says:

Longines is a winner. Sinn a winner for sure! Citizen a winner. Glycine a winner. The others a good attempt.

Giannis Tremmas says:

hello!really great video.any chance u do a review on schofield watches?want to get one but havent seen any decent reviews.

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