A Watchmaker’s Collection – Omega, Tudor and Vintage Watches – Tim and Michael Michaels

A Watchmaker’s Collection – Omega, Tudor and Vintage Watches – Tim and Michael Michaels

In today’s show Tim is joined by our master watchmaker Michael Michaels. They discuss Michael’s personal watch collection. An interesting look inside the watch collection of a master watchmaker. A watch collection that consists of timepieces such as a vintage Omega Seamaster Ploprof, Tudor Heritage Chronograph, Hublot, a vintage Universal Geneve and a couple of vintage American pocket watches. Along with his watches we hear the story behind every single one.

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Firas says:

Great video and thank you for the effort. But it seems that Federico is taking over the channel. Less is more sometimes.

Ariaditya Pramestu says:

That Universal Geneve that used to belong to your late Father is one great story.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

The story of Mike’s father’s watch literally brought a tear to my eyes.

d lamp says:

This was great, my favorite show so far. Would love to see this format with the rest of the WuW crew! Any opinions on the 2010 explorer 214270 gaining any kind of collectible traction down the road due to it’s somewhat limited life and the fact the second iteration shares the same reference? Or is it a blip on the Rolex radar? (I much prefer the 2010 version over the 2016 btw)

Matthias Schnapka says:

Tim@ WhaT the heck are you wearing in all your vids this upside down sunglasses. It doesn’t look cool to have this on your head inside a house …..it doesn’t look cool at all, Sir !

Reggie Dwane says:

damn you guys rock hard ….siiiiiccccccck

mauanderuk says:

Thanks for making these videos very informative!

Roelf van der Merwe says:

Mike is awesome! I love him so much

Dan Pinkston says:

Awesome collection, Mike!

Larry Banda says:

Wow, loved the history of railroad watches, another great show gentlemen, thanks!!

mike wilkerson says:

spit gum out.

Fity7Eleven says:

Can you do an editorial on how a vertical clutch actually works and why people say you can leave it running without any adverse effect on the durability etc

Cyps Rum says:

Great show

gjaddajg says:

Don’t know if you’ve already addressed this, but in case you haven’t: next time you’ve got Michael on the show, could you touch on the subject of watch maintenance? Like, how often should you service your watch, how often should you wind your watch, how should your store your watch, etc.

Astroshot _ says:

Please don’t chew gum when talking. Thanks.

Jeb Beich says:

MM is awesome

Christopher Berkley says:

Your Wed night shows with MM are fantastic. Great format and great information. Keep up the great work guys!

creedence111 says:

Chewing gum and broadcasting of any kind together is a nono….but great show nonetheless. 🙂

Amintas Neto says:

Absolutely beautiful collection and stories Mike.
That’s what brings fun to the watch collecting!!

Daniel T. Müller says:

Just great what amount of knowledge you guys bring to the table.
Thanks. Great collection and great show.
Cheers from Germany

darson4eva says:

Question for MM for the next WatchMaker showsince WUW is an official Omega Service provider:  Is it true that the fine adjustment in the 1000 series movement in the early 70s Seamaster Cosmic 2000 makes it hard to work on?  Have you seen any of these 166.130 models “in the wild”?

Thomas Cala says:

Tim and Mike, I enjoyed the video. I own the Tudor and have never tried it on the nato. I love the sentimentality of Mike’s collection. I tried to buy vintage watches and not done very well. I might want to reconsider!

adapids says:

Thanks guys for the great history lesson!

Question: do you think it would be possible one day to make a mechanical automatic watch that has zero (0.00) sec/day precision, i.e. More accurate than quartz?

Eric Cecil says:

I’m curious what you guys think of the American watch company Vortic, which services and recases classic pocket watches. I wish we had more options for truly American made watches, being that the history is so rich, but is largely forgotten. Perhaps the history, current state and future of American watch making would make a worthy topic to cover as well. Thanks for the great content!

David Lau says:

Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge and even personal stories. You guys do so much to enrich and deepen our appreciation for this hobby of ours.

Scotty says:

Not sure if I ever will buy a pre-owned watch, but I do love your shows. I think you guys are very knowledgeable on the time pieces and for a dealer, you also give honest opinions for as far as I can tell.

Bernardo Courrege says:

Loved the video/hated the gum 🙂

G Posada says:


Nick says:

Great show guys but I stopped mid video due to the annoying gum chewing. Please, this is a basic rule.. don’t chew gum during a presentation and near a mic.

Daniel T says:

Michael is the best! Great video.

Andrew Steel says:

great video! thanks.

skrads says:

Great informative episode. You guys are a powerhouse of horological knowledge! Best watch channel, congrats!

We are done says:

Interesting collection and video but being a watchmaker I was expecting to see a vintage jlc or longines with a Pepsi Rolex and calatrava to round it off

Arthur Scargill says:

Great video guys

stephen rhodes says:

Just caught the tail end of the show last night & of course because of this my question in the live chat remained unanswered. Fast forward to first thing this morning & i checked out the full video that was uploaded. Four minutes in my question regarding a robust daily wear chrono was answered. Note to myself. Don’t be so late in future.

Luke C says:

love the watch plans mike awesome!

Jim Spiker says:

love when you have Michael on. enjoy the watchmaker perspective.

javier teran says:

one of the most interesting videos you have guys….congrats!

Gryz says:

I love your channel, and I agree with those below–Wednesday nights are the best show… Tim, your encyclopedic, unrelenting knowledge of horology combined with Mike Michael’s deep, artisan-level passion is a powerful combination and makes this some of the best watch content on the web. Thank you so much.

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