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There’s no doubt about it—Omega has made some of the most iconic timepieces ever seen, been involved in moments that have defined history as we know it today. Omega has made a lot of other timepieces as well, some more unusual than others. Here’s a selection of some of the strangest.

Featured Watches:
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Anniversary 311.
Omega Seamaster Polaris Albertville Barcelona 1992 2597.50.00
Omega Racend Timer Specialities Museum 516.
Omega Seamaster Plongeur Professionnel ‘PloProf’ 166.0077
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project 311.

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cagrigk says:

This was exquisite! Awesome to see how many variations Omega has in it’s line-up. Can you guys do Rolex next?

The Saint says:

The Alaska project would look great on the wrist at a black tie event.

Perkin Warbeck says:

Absolutely love your videos. So professional and informative.

William Feeney says:

Great video but stop moving your hands every 10 seconds. It got really annoying.

VARUN U says:

Richard Mille 67-01 extra flat please !

Jeviar Firsta says:

No omega marine? Instant dislike…

Trey Perry says:

I can’t describe how much I want that “Last Man on the Moon” one. That is one special watch. If I could get my hands on one of those one day and a Hamilton Khaki “Interstellar” to match I might be satisfied with my watch collection…maybe

TheBoss8960 says:

Can you please do a video on the Rolex Yacht-Master II?

Michael Healey says:

This really is by a long way the best wristwatch review channel on Youtube – Keep up the Outstanding Work . . .

Ph MWU says:

Interesting video but some research should be done before posting !
Alaska Project subdials are not ” rocket hands ” but ” Gemini-capsule ” hands
And the “Alaska Project” red-colored outer cases and white dial watches were used in Space as these were flown by Soyuz 25 & 26 on Salyut 6 in 1977 and 1978 !

Fuq u Plz says:

nope plz tanks plz i is turd commenter

Santosh Chawla says:

I think the Omega Chrono-Quartz launched at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games is one of the Weirdest, yet coolest watches Omega has every produced

Private Parts says:

Omega is a shopping mall brand.

Alfred Tambora. says:

Simply Amazing! You are my inspiration about watches!

Phi Huynh says:

The third one is so gorgeous

Amal Varghese says:

love your videos

Junior Figueroa Street says:

Does anyone know the name of the background song?

Munrais says:

You are a brilliant narrator.

Gnats50 says:

wonkavator button

tom black says:

That amazing..an white omega speed master

GioScorpio1983 says:

Grand Seiko SBGW253

Pluck McCruiskeen says:

The weirdest Omega I’ve come across while surfing watch blogs is the Seamaster Apnea Jacques Mayol, a watch for freedivers.

e_ptx says:

That Moonwatch Anniversary is pure beauty

Somebody’s body says:

I first thought that red donut watch was some sorts kid’s clown watch… no pun intended. Very nice watches. My dad had a Sea Master watch when he used scuba dive. He sold it for about $2000 1972 US dollars.

Luke W says:

Thanks for reading Wikipedia for me.

Stanley Johnson says:

That third omega is gorgeous, looks kind of like a Lange

Alvin Aw says:

Love all watch reviews on this channel. Truly awesome!!!
Love the moon watch w/o the red shell.

crybabyteamo says:

They are certainly weird. I commend the company for its courage to explore beyond its design DNA, but at some point it just looks like the guys over at O factory don’t know exactly where they want to go.

John Kant says:

Man on the fucking moon!

Riko Widjaja says:

Road to 100k subscribers

clickred says:

That Racend Timer is simply gorgeous.

John Gault says:

That Alaska project watch is something else…

Umberto says:

That Alaska Project without the shell is stunning

Disinf3ctant says:

I would wear that Project Alaska Speedy. Heatshield and all haha. So damn cool.

Angelo Miguel Apolonio says:

Seiko Marinemaster please

Philip A Winged says:

Man I’ve always had a thing for that Apollo dial Speedmaster. Almost bought one back in 2015. People hated it on the forums, but that is a fucking cool watch.

Starmie says:

please make more videos on nomos

Rob Ketcham says:

Another gem video – outstanding and bravo.

Blaise Ortiz says:

Such a great video ! Thank you.

Paul Brady says:

Never buy a watch until you have seen it reviewed by this chanel,brilliant source of knowledge.

Bad Larry says:

as always a really good and interesting production thanks

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