5 Things I Love About The Omega Seamaster – Federico Talks Watches

5 Things I Love About The Omega Seamaster – Federico Talks Watches

In this episode I continue my love and hate series and talk about 5 things I love about my Omega Seamaster. Topics of discussion include things such as the dial, bracelet and versatility. It really is a fantastic watch. However it is not perfect. Stay tuned for “5 Things I Hate About My Omega Seamaster” which will be up in a few days.

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sandydenny lives says:

Like the watch, but it’s too small for me.

Watch Addict says:

nice one fed

Dv0inik says:

Ciao Federico, a suggestion for new content if you do not mind. Now that crazy auctions in Geneve are almost taking place, why not making a video discussing some of the very interesting pieces that will be auctioned by Phillips or Christies? I think it is an interesting topic because it involves a lot of history and very beautiful watches (a 1st series Portuguese which absolutely kills the contemporary version, for instance).

Also the Rolex Milestones auction in HK, curated by your paisano John Goldberger, should be interesting and give people a different look at Rolex and make them understand the importance of this brand.

Just a thought. Kind Regards

Red Comet says:

My grail watch ;_; I will have you someday!

On #3, the lack of a cyclops, the seamaster IMO is busy enough as is with its wavy bezel, wavy dial, that “5 piece” bracelet (I don’t know all my jargon).. a cyclops would just overwhelm it. I really feel like this watch so perfectly creeps up to the edge of flashy without ever crossing the line into gaudy.

James Drennan says:

just wondering do u wear your watches to bed. i feel like this would be a good tgv vid


Good video Federico. Tgv referred to this watch as a middle aged mans watch only because I own two the black and blue. Get well soon pal

Patrick Barnes says:

Great video. I love my Seamaster (ceramic in blue) I’m currently wearing it on various NATOs. I think this has made me love it even more. It makes it feel as though you are changing the watch just by simply switching out different colour NATO’s, it takes seconds. Also when going on holiday you can take one watch with a variety of straps. However I do also love my Sub (ceramic in black with cyclops)

Felipe H says:

I got a minty one same as yours. Although the bezel was fine I ordered a brand new one and a brand new clasp. Bezel action is on spot as well as should be. But don’t you think for what they are going now for a few hundreds more it would be better to get a brand new ceramic one from grey market or a newish pre-onwned?

D Dalén says:

Hey Federico! Just wondering here since i am pretty much a newbie when it comes to wacthes, what is a cyclops? Best regards from sweden 🙂

Georgie Bungle says:

Freddy almost every watch you wear / review, you totally love. Lol

Joe Sax says:

Federico , y u do dis to me? Ive always wanted a SMP , but I already have 4 fucking blue divers , damnit…. Speaking of blue divers , does rolex offer a blue dial sub at a reasonable price? like 8k or under?

officialpartychannel says:

On eBay there’s a VINTAGE GIRARD PERREGAUX KAMASUTRA EROTIC DIAL for $300 I heard you like that one

rgd1977 says:

Great watch but I’m guessing one of the 5 things you hate about it is that helium valve sticking out the side of the case?!

Moose 9144 says:

No cyclope….this is what you like or dislike. My points is date is already strange for a five watch but cyclope is even more too much… so if you like because there is no cyclope then you can buy any dive watch except Rolex 🙂

ripperx444 says:

The seamaster is the icon of the 90’s.

Exhale says:

On my list to get

Curtis A.R says:

I bought the one from Casino Royal, and it was my first and not last good watch. I love it, but I hate that freaking bezel.

diane oberle says:

I have the Seamaster double O7 quartz version and I just love it


You say “most” dive watches have cyclops, I can think of very few.

Victor Alvarez says:

Not a fan of squeletonised hands, but rest of the watch looks great. I prefer the pre-ceramic PO2500 XL though, a beefeer sports watch. Get well soon and thanks for uploading.

Noel de Santos says:

Love the vid. Totally agree. Would love a full review of the watch also. You talked versatility but also how great the bracelet and clasp are. Would you put it on a leather strap to dress it up or is the bracelet dressy enough? Thanks!

Frank Schroth says:

Hi Federico,
man you just fed an addict.
I just watched the Bond movies where Pierce Brosnan wore those Omegas.And ever since, I can’t get it of of my mind! 🙁 My guts tell me to buy one, but they are still very expensive. I would have to sell a couple of my beloved other watches! Damn what should I do? And now you come along with your video about the Seamaster. I hope your next video is getting me to where my urge to buy cools down so I won’t do anything I will later regret! Aaaaargh! I hate my inner devil!!!
But hey,a great video!

George Keiper says:

Nice watch, I like the Planet Ocean too. How big is the difference in quality between the two?

Polar Roller says:

Great vid Fred, I enjoy these 5 things I love and hate series.

Ooh Arhh says:

hey frederico should i get the pre ceramic seamaster or one of the new tag heuer aquaracers ?

HachiZenki says:

Federico, don’t you think it’s strange that the Seiko divers across the lines all have double deployant clasps and flip locks while both Omega and Rolex needed years to catch up to Seiko in this regard?

Rick Marsh says:

Feel better Federico!

TheDobbermn says:

I just picked up a black 2254.50 with the speedmaster bracelet last week and I LOVE it. I’ve had it for 6 days and it’s gained 7 seconds. I can’t stop looking at that wave dial and the lume is amazing. It’s a great compliment to my early 50’s seamaster chronometer.

Σπύρος Παπαμεντζελόπουλος says:

I hate not having one…

Austin Jones says:

I too have the black version of the old pre ceramic Seamaster. Mine has the applied, polished Omega logo and I just LOVE Omega’s applied logos. Such a great watch for the price.

celestialfix says:

Great video Federico. I have the previous generation Seamaster 300m, ref 2254.50 black waves dial, and I love it. It gets a lot of looks.

Jairus Dale says:

I’m a 90s kid and it is good to own this watch. A good watch to own at 30.

delesdog says:

I think the lack of a cyclops as something you love about the smp is a bit of a cop out…focus on the merits of the watch not characteristics it doesn’t have of other watches

Mike Chan says:

Great vid, Federico! I wish the new Seamasters still had the wavy face design.

Ana Isidro says:

I love this watch. I’d give the world to get one with ceramic bezel an 36mm. Get well soon.

ToxicWastoid says:

Ah, you bought one! I love mine…definitely a keeper!

ViperSRT1008 says:

Great video Federico! I have the newer version of this watch with a ceramic bezel and gloss dial. It is my first luxury watch and I love it! Do you think a good companion to this watch would be a Rolex Explorer? I am getting bit by the Explorer bug!

Claus-L. Müller says:

At the moment I’m leaning towards the Seamster Professional instead of the Planet Ocean. It’s a pity Wempe doesn’t sell Omegas. So maybe I’ll get it from a grey market dealer instead. But I’m a little concerned about the warranty…

railgraf says:

feel better Federico!

siciliangamer says:

Love this watch. Great vid as always.   I can’t decide whether to go with a two tone pre-ceramic sub or the Omega Seamaster bond version featured here.

Imran Becks says:

Mine is the coaxial variant that Bond wore in Casino Royale. Got it back in 2012. Love it and absolutely love the waves on the dial!

Tony Hill says:

I agree about the cyclops. I wear spectacles as you do and with corrected vision who needs a cyclops. With my glasses off the date through a cyclops is just a bigger blur than it would be if the watch didn’t have one. I had 20-20 vision until my mid 40’s and that’s where the cyclops comes into it’s own. In the few years between perfect sight, glasses for reading only, and finally needing vari-focals a cyclops would have some benefit. So 45 to 50 then. Ahh! I get it Rolex. 😉

santiagohigh1 says:

We can see your face, great lighting! I love the 5 things series, thanks for making these.

DAVE Francis says:

Loved mine but the blue always looked a bit washed out on it. Wish it was a deeper blue.

mt89 says:

Haha u must like the blue dial subs then

esa062 says:

For me the #1 thing is that the case shape is beautiful. Especially in divers this is rare. Compare the lugs and crown guard to a ceramic Submariner and you see what I mean.

TheBlackDog73 says:

I feel ya! I’m not diving anywhere either! lol

Arjun Thakkar says:

What do you think of the Aqua Terra? When I was a young man, and knew nothing about watches, I fancied the 38.5mm white AT Seamaster. So, as a suprise, my wife bought it for me for my wedding present.

FRonTLinES10064 says:

Would you recommend the regular version or the chronograph version of the Seamaster? I have TGV’s wrist size BTW!

Mike Braykovich says:

I like these videos with 5 things you like and 5 things you don’t like. Feel better soon! Nice job

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