5 Things I Hate About The Omega Seamaster – Federico Talks Watches

5 Things I Hate About The Omega Seamaster – Federico Talks Watches

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches. I talk about the 5 things I hate about the Omega Seamaster. A continuation of the love and hate series. I discuss things such as the divers extension and the bracelet. Overall an almost perfect watch, but it definitely has a few quirks. Let me know what you guys think or if I missed anything out.

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Wristwatch Reflections says:

I agree about the helium escape valve. I also liked the similar-looking date pusher on the old Orient Rays. At the end of the day, they aren’t dress watches, and don’t have to be super-symmetrical and understated. It’s nice for them to have some quirks and character, especially if those features are there for functional reasons. Great video!

TimeKeeper says:

Funny I’ve always assumed it was a thick watch, based on its look from head on, having not seen it in the flesh.

Rainer W says:

1 its a dive watch that no body use for diving. A diver use a diving computer for that.

2 Omegas are for people who can not buy a rolex.

3 The only Omega you should get is the MOTM (Man On The Moon) the one that comes with plastic cristal and has a manual winding.

Robert Sorey says:

After owning one I can’t believe you didn’t address the bezel. It is so hard to get a grip on the bezel to turn it when compared to my sub

peter tuann says:

OMG, you must have amazing eye-sight, I have white sword hands on my Speedy, I’ve noticed that for skeletal hands, they are hard to read at a glance. I considered buying this watch at Costco, $1199, in 2000, glad I didn’t because the skeletal hands are hard to see. I do love the beautiful blue dial.

Mike Howard says:

Far more interesting look than a sub. The case back on a sub. is similar to the bottom of my beer can.

DerpEye says:

About the thickness thing, i think the 36mm version is more proportionate.

Tomasina Covell says:

I think the first and most irrational irritant of this design is the “helium escape valve”, they should devoted the nob’s volume to add to that of the size of the crown. And why would it be manual when you can achieve the same venting via loosening the crown, or isn’t that directional polarized to gases? It’s an ungainly eyesore, almost as bad as a Gerald Genta’s armpit influenced design, and who would remember to use it anyway as it’s not even a normal diving watch feature because it’s for deephabs and bathyspheres where people live in the helium rich atmosphere, not diving per se?

Rudi Smet says:

one very big remark is that I find the DATE SIZE to small, as my eyes are not perfect anymore.

Imran Becks says:

The hour and minute hands is longer on the pre ceramic coaxial model, ref no. 2220.80. Check it out in my videos..

Barry island says:

Agree with the crown being just to small and fiddly …also the hands are just wrong..the thickness suits my girly wrists…

Darrin Nunyah says:

I can’t gripe about anything dive-related on this watch because I’m too chickenshit to wear an expensive watch into the water anyway,  I’d rather trash a cheap Casio or Invicta than risk scratching an expensive watch on a piece of coral or having it swallowed by a giant squid.

Adam Kosna says:

every time i hear your intro i think gran turismo for playstation

kakalegend says:

trying to decide between a new seamaster pro 300 black and the black bay 36.

Candide V says:

It’s such an uncool watch. It is the quintessential middle-age man, middle-management, rural town watch.

A Tudor BB is so much cooler.

Eric Jan says:

You might like the chronograph version if you like having a thicker case.  My SMPC from the same era is about 16.5mm.  (This is when the 7750 movement was still used)

Alan c says:

damn those dwarf hands

team zissou says:

i hate hate hate the helium valve. so much so i cant not notice it every time i consider buying this watch. gah.

Alan c says:

oh and the Rolex sub is a much better watch in every way

Micholas Nitchell says:

I love how your videos are short and concise. You don’t go on for half an hour. Keep it up Federico.

Will Charalambous says:

I’ve gotta say, I think the slight discolouration of the seconds hand is charming especially when it starts to match the patina of the luminova that turns a dark yellow/orange over time, just a difference in opinion, great vid fed

joergisgodly Guy says:

My seamaster (electric blue) has longer lumed sword hands. I don’t like the skellaton hands

WilsonBata says:

I also don’t like how the lume in the hands cracks and peels a bit over time

stephen rhodes says:

The wavy dial is a big turn off. I also prefer coin edge styling on my cases so this model is a big no-no for me.

Nick Post says:

all of your points are valid, but the second hand. that one is whatever.

I also don’t like stubby hands. The Hamilton Khaki has perfect length hands.

zoomvidsjc1 says:

Micro adjustment lacking on the bracelet is something I dislike.  All watches designed to be worn in a number of situations should have some sort of fine adjustment other than half links.  It just doesn’t seem that hard to drill another hole in the clasp to slide the whole assembly back 1 or 2mm.  I’ve had a number of watches without fine adjustment and luckily 70% of the time it didn’t seem to be a problem but that other 30% or when you wrist swells or shrinks more than normal just bothered me I couldn’t adjust the watch.

delesdog says:

I would disagree with the thickness. I love that it’s an easy, everyday wearing, low profile diver. A tough commodity to find these days.

Amodio Giordano says:

Another wonderful video Federico. But… you need to raise that light over your head and not below. It’s starting to look like a Vincent Price movie! LOL!

Hywel Owen says:

Looks like it’s getting cold in NY…

Curtis A.R says:

I have this piece and love it to death, but I really hate the damn divers bezel. I look is great, but once it’s wet it’s nigh impossible to grip.

Winston Tongco says:

Been a follower of ur vids! Just got the speedmaster hesalite & the Seamaster 300 diver would be my next. things i really hate abt it is the aluminum bezel that easily scratches..& hate the font. Thats why im getting the ceramic version. thanks for the secondhand fading info. Nice to know it has been improved on the co-axial ceramic model. Other than that, i love the thickness or thinness of the watch..& im a regular scubadiver. Its much lighter & less bulkier than other divers which makes it more versatile. Other factors you mentioned are personal opinions i guess. Almost perfect watch for me!

John Viano says:

Hi Federico – I have to agree with Stephen below. I’m not a fan of the wavy dial although I know it’s something a lot of people like. I stick with my vintage Seamaster for now. Cheers!

John Helwig says:

Great watch but somehow I got bored of it

celestialfix says:

Nice video Federico. I like the way this video was lit. You can see your face a lot better, and it’s more flattering to you. The one comment I agree with is the hands, not only should they be longer, they should be a tad larger.

Mike Mantho says:

Wow, we are really picking nits now brother! Beautiful watch and yeah, the fading red hand would bug me. I love the red second hand on the Orient Rays and Makos and my Seiko 5s, that touch of color is just great.

lagus76 says:

I have had my Seamaster for about 16 years. Wore it as a daily beater for about 10 years. Only things a would complain about is the pins on the braclett that tends to break. Happend to me a few times but luckily i did notice it and didnt loose the watch. Another thing is the way you shorten/extend the bracelett. Thoose pins sucks ass! Way much better on the Rolex Oyster bracelett (have a 1680 and a 16750) Other than that its a very comfortabe watch to wear (better than the Rolex Sub imo)

k0d0kan says:

I have this Seamaster with the Black dial and I love it. I also have the Planet Ocean XL 45.5mm that I love even more.
Thank you for the review.

Opulence Luxury says:

Lighting is better but needs a bit more ‘warmth’. Interesting vid, the watch is too plain for my taste. I prefer the Orange bezel versions.

Riccardo Acciari says:

Federico, I agree with you about the lenght of the hands on your model. I own the ceramic bezel, co-axial version of this watch and both hands are longer. The watch should also be thicker than in your version as it hosts the co-axial movement, if I’m right. I’m a bit of an Omega fan boy by the way, but I agree with you on most of the points in the video. Keep up the great great work and thanks for entertaining and enlightening us!


Shawn Lavigne says:

it’s an awkward looking watch to me.

john thomas says:

thanks for this……anyone know why the bezel on my recently purchased 1999 seamster is so difficult to rotate.? i not need to use this function but would love to get it working ..thanks

se4821 says:

My bezel has faded a lot.

highnrising says:

Fun video!. I have the original automatic Pierce Brosnan Seamaster from when it came out in the mid ’90s. I recently gave it to be serviced and overhauled for the first time at the flagship Omega store on Fifth Avenue in NYC. I think the actual servicing is done in N.J. Anyway, when Omega overhauls the watch, they remove the hands and install three brand new ones. I also paid a bit extra and they gave it a brand new dial (that exactly matches the old one). They gave me back the old hands and face in a tiny plastic bag, to verify that they replaced them). The old face didn’t glow in the dark anymore. The new one has brighter hour markers and glows if it’s very dark. And the second hand as a fully red tip. I can’t say if it has fade-resistant paint. The watch had been running slow by a few minutes a week. Now, after the overhaul, it keeps excellent time. I generally only reset it at the end of a short month.I agree with you that the minute and hour hands should be a tiny bit longer. As far as the stem: It could probably be a tiny bit bigger for gripability, but I think the smaller profile makes it less likely to get bumped and scratched. Now that the watch is running so well, I rarely need to use the stem, so its size doesn’t bother me. I don’t agree that the watch is too thin. I think the thickness/thinness is perfect. If it were up to me, the watch would be a little larger diameter–maybe 43mm instead of 41.5. I also like the helium-release valve, even though I’ve never once felt the need to release any helium. lol.My only real gripe with the Seamaster is the bezel. I like to use the bezel when I park at a metered parking spot. If I pay for, say, 40 minutes of time, then I line up the 20-minute mark on the bezel with the minute hand of the watch and I know that my time is up when the minute hand reaches the zero mark on the bezel. Anyway, the bezel on the Seamaster is slightly too thin and is not easy to grip, Depending on the weather, the humidity and the condition of my fingers it’s sometimes way too hard to turn.

Bryz says:

biggest hate, the threaded tube is prone to stripping.

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