5 Reasons Why An Omega Seamaster Is The Best Choice For Your First Luxury Watch From $500+ (WWT#83)

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is what watch do I recommend for a first luxury Swiss watch? Today I share my top choice and personal favourite. In this video I discuss 5 key reasons why buying an Omega Seamaster on the used market is a great place to start. No matter if it is a 1950s/60s Mad Men style piece or the 90s James Bond icon, the Seamaster packs a hell of a lot for as low as $500 to $3000 and upwards.

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Prashanth Nath says:

lovely review on the seamaster, when is your review on your new solar powered casio going to come, eagerly waiting for that review

Andreas Brandt says:

Yesterday I found a Semaster Cosmic from 1967 with Box and Papers for under 400 bucks! The waiting is horrible! 😉

Mike Braykovich says:

Omega Seamaster was my first luxury time piece. Great brand, value, quality, history and I agree with you that this is probably best choice for first luxury watch! Noise is no big issue by the way… BIG LIKE!

Mikkel Leutholtz Mørkegaard says:

The seamaster 300m from 2008 in Black was in fact my first (and yet only) luxury watch. Very happy about it! Dreaming of an explorer 1 39mm

Botond Vereb-Dér says:

My first luxury watch was Seamaster 300M Casino Royale Edition.

David Kelly says:

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial is the perfect one watch collection.

Erik Warnes says:


1. The construction noise is not nearly as audible on camera as it is to you. Don’t worry 🙂

2. Dive bezels are a HUGE plus for me. I use it to time lots of things. Most notably, it keeps me from returning late from my lunch break 🙂

Erik Warnes says:

I want to know what exactly defines a luxury watch. In truth, anything more than a Casio might be a “Luxury watch.”

Luxury, money, it’s all relative 🙂

Max van Binsbergen says:

Love your vids, sorry had to laugh 3th time u stopped talking for the noice XD

champy1210 says:

Favorite: 300 SPECTRE…and a Planet Ocean.

From 500 to 1500: Based on budget: Squale 1545 ROOT BEER Mk2, Squale 1521 Blue, Sinn 104, Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter, and Sinn 103 Blue.

Tyrone Biggs says:

I’m so new to watches, watching your channel to learn. Thanks, btw are you a watch maker??

Sarcast says:

Man, you got me for the Seamaster AND that incredible RIOS strap that’ll work amazing with my cream/navy Seiko panda, been looking for something nice for it for months now! This was a double win video, cheers!

Kevin Graham says:

Love Omegas – I have one vintage that I got for a steal (repainted dial, so any collector’s value is shot, but it looks great), plan on buying a new one after my next job upgrade – a blue-dial Seamaster ceramic…can’t wait!

Jonathan Molin says:

i’m thinking that i should probably buy myself another diver. I currently own a sinn U1, and i thougt that that the Alpina extreme diver 300 would be a nice watch for my collection. Ny question to you is if you think that the 44 mm is to big for my slightly larger than 17 cm wrist at the smallest point?

itrance says:

I actually bought an omega seamaster as my first lux watch. The 300 from bond… possibly one of the most stunning omegas in recent times and even better looking then the new 2017 remake version. I of course have it on a NATO strap! As you said it is a total utility watch that can go with tux or with t shirt and it can take a beating! But I have taken care of mine!!!! I hope you can review that one sometime as the master coaxial movement is the total complete package and when you combine it with the aged look, antimagnetic properties and lifetime guarantee superluminova….definitely going to pass it on to the next generation!!!

JetEyeNight says:

Don’t focus on the noises, they are hardly noticeable

Aurelius says:

hey tgv, what happened to your non-watch videos?

Luck Ding Wong says:


Raj Sharma says:

I love the enthusiasm you show for your watches; very infectious- and indeed, inspiring. I have a ceramic Seamaster and it is a joy to wear. Hmm… I’ll wear it tomorrow, cheers!

Matzerix85 says:

Love the Seamaster Professional 300 from the 90s (Pierce Brosnan – Bond). Will be my next watch, but waiting for a good offer on eBay. Thank you for the video, was very interesting again and i didnt hear any noise, everythings fine. So carry on please. Am looking forward to your next video.

Vincent Baehr says:

I enjoy the look of the 60s era Omegas. Great first watch.

Wesley Gronda says:

Love your channel! Very informative and always interesting. I’m currently in Amman, Jordan for work and there just so happens to be an Omega store in the mall across the street. I’ve really been pondering picking up a Seamaster Planet Ocean. I just love the style and, as you mentioned, the history behind the brand and the line itself. Thanks again! Keep making fantastic videos!

thebest1963 says:

Superb video ………Seamaster was my first luxury watch, and I have adding to my collection since then

BurningAbyss Rising says:

Hi watch community,i need your ADVISE! Please READ:
I wanted to buy my first watch , an Armani fashion watch..for around 140-200 euros. Then after watching several videos like this again, i decided to get a “real watch” and i just bought the

Hamilton – Spirit of Liberty , Recerence Number H42415091, used, but only worn a few months, in a perfect condition , like new, for 400euros. With complete original box and all papers…
Did i just bought an overpriced timepiece not worth the money, or was it a good decision and can be considered as a steal?
Im really thankful for any answers. Have a good day.

I roll a Stoney. says:

Yeah, you can buy a vintage Omega for about 200-300 bucks. Problem is, the servicing is going to cost 3-5 times that.

Kenny Ramirez says:

First luxury watch was a 14k gold 1968 Omega dress watch. Now have the midsize 90s Bond Seamaster and just acquired a pristine 1970 Seamaster Cosmic from Japan. Omega is my favorite brand by far.

Kakashi Hatake says:

Can you please review a Botta watch? There aren’t really many videos covering this brand

Alexander Kovalev says:

so we can’t buy a new Omega Seamaster?

Michael DeWane says:

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your channel. I’ve been a one watch guy with a Seiko 5 for over ten years until I recently inherited a vintage Red Submariner. I immediately began researching the watch and the more I learned the more fascinated I became. Along the way I’ve kept coming back to your channel time and again and I’ve realized that I must have a bit of a thing for mechanical movements. it’s the reason I specifically purchased a Seiko 5 nearly ten years ago(they weren’t exactly easy to find in the USA back then.) You’ve inspired me to purchase an SKX009 and deliberately start a collection. Keep up the fantastic work. I’m glad to be a subscriber.

Marko Marković says:

Still waiting for tha Invicta video ;P, I am realy curious.

The Gentleman Mystic says:

Tristano – Love the channel, love your perspective. Please keep doing what it is that you do…

Drew Tokarsky says:

Love the videos TGV.  The Seamaster is certainly on my list. Any thoughts on Ball Watches?  Brand heritage, reasonable(ish) price, and the tritium lume you dug on the Marathon.  Take care kind sir.

Raga Etsenna says:

what a nice cool glass

Mike Kauffman says:

I’m afraid my 1st luxury watch doesn’t qualify for the price range you requested, but after 4 months I still love it and would make the same choice again. I bought the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black (black). This is their new all-ceramic diver that is rated to 600 meters. Bought it new while in Brussels on business. Set me back a little over $8,000, but I absolutely love the blend of ruggedness, cutting-edge engineering and aesthetics. It’s the perfect combination for me. Love your videos, BTW. Keep them coming. Noise is not noticeable.

Sean Cumberland says:

Love your channel, it has inspired me to get into the hobby, I have just got my first luxury timepiece, a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm, I did go to buy a Brietling Colt 41 but fell in love with the Rolex, I really love wearing it and it looks great. Now for my next purchase, maybe a Seamaster. Keep up the good work, I love your enthusiasm for horology and not just the expensive stuff.

Honda Game says:

would you get a movado watch or gucci watch?

Congress of Louts says:

yep, no issues with sound for me, its no worse than when its raining. I think the directional mic does well not to pick it up too much. it probably annoys you more than us because you’re hearing it ALL DAY! 😀

Juan Rivera says:

LOL, I know you’re really OCD about the noise outside, but as so many others have said, it’s really not being heard in the video. I understand that if it’s breaking your concentration you may need to find another space. Awesome job as usual!!

Corey Beaton says:

Couldn’t agree more – my dad gave me his Seamaster as a present for passing my exams. I’m 17 just now but I plan on carrying on the tradition of passing down my dad’s watch till I’m 70 (with a few luxury watch purchases interspersed, of course!). Keep up the good work.


Matthew Hibbs says:

Just out of curiosity, how long do your orders from Wrist Candy Watch Club usually take? I have an order pending delivery for 10 days now, just wondered if that was normal.
Cheers, Matt.

Jeff Cline says:

Hello TGV. Got my Invicta 8926 automatic diver Friday 5/26. Did not know there was a coin edge bezel option so ended up with a smooth bezel. Quick little review so that we can see if we have the same results. First off looks pretty good although the coin edge bezel may be preferable. Heavy with all the band links. Had to take out five with my skinny wrists. 40mm wide and about 14mm thick. The closer was when I looked at it in the store it is hand winding and hacking. It is powered by a Seiko NH35A self winding movement. After about 48 hours of not wearing and hand winding it is running 6 seconds fast. Out performing both of my Hammys as the auto with the H10 (2824-2) runs about 6 seconds slow a day and the Mechanical Field runs about ten seconds fast (2804 ETA). Letting me down about the Hamilton pieces. Overall finish is decent. Could have lived without the Invicta wings on the second hand and the Invicta inscribed on the left side of the case. The screw down crown is smooth for right now. It winds and sets smoothly. The band uses pins to adjust size. They come out easily and go back in fine. The outer edges of the band are brushed and the center smooth. I think that brushed all the way would have been better. Reviews seen to be a crap shoot. Some reporting problems, some completely happy. With hand winding and a hack feature I believe it moves it to the head of the class for a sub $100 automatic diver watch. With the 40mm width and 48mm lugs it actually sits nice on my skinny wrists. Do not know and probably never will know if it is good in water. But I see no reason why it would not be. Happy, got one with a good movement(so far). Sad, I did not get the coin edge bezel. Other than that a fine example of what American wheeling and dealing can come up with. Sorry, got to go now and get some clothes at Walmart (just kidding).

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