5 Best Reasons To Hate And Love Omega Watches

With the Speedmaster and the Seamaster Omega is one of the most famous watch companies in the world. With it’s rich history the company have released a lot of different models. But not everything is great with Omega. In this video I give you the five worst and best things with Omega.

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fourstarist says:

I have a beautiful sea master 300 pro black wavy dial. Very pricey for me but I will keep it for life-I’m always looking at watches-online or in shops-and I’m always left feeling that I made the right choice.

Agree too much James Bond identification-though it is fun. I love the Speedmaster MOM. However, one day people will realise the moon landings were fake and that watch will be laughed at.

Joe Sax says:

I tried on a Seamster the other day . It was an awesome feeling .And like you said , versatile , because of its thin profile and ability to wear well on bracelet and different types of straps . Hope to have one in my collection soon .I want the ETA version though.

Tim Archer says:

Good commentary but repetitive. I have both a Seamaster and Speedmaster. YES, there is far too much variation in the brand—it’s confusing and confusion turns people away. Last thing…your intro sounds a bit like The Urban Gentry.

Hajduk says:

Thanks for the video.

Winston Tongco says:

Anders, very nice vid! Great points! You might wanna add #6 to like abt Omega.. The Ploprof. It’s the epitome of professional dive watches that Comex chose against rolex. It even has a book written abt it. Very iconic watch often pitted against the Deep Sea.

Hobie Davidson says:

I own a 1960 Omega Seamaster. I have not been able to find a trusted Omega watch repair firm. I have sent my watch into two separate firms who tell me my watch is too old they don’t have the parts. Can you refer me to a trusted firm?

Sjaak De Vries says:

The big brands got the design right in the early days and only Rolex seems to understand this. The case shape and dial design of the older Omega’s are amazing. New models based on this early design look gorgeous and you easily recognize them as Omega’s. The big mistake is making many colorful versions of the same watch each year. It starts to look clownish and it doesn’t age well at all. Try to keep it simple, that’s why certain models stay timeless. As with most brands, you can pick out a couple good looking Omega watches and the rest is crap to fill up the yearly collection.

Watches Galore says:

The early Omegas are so wonderful! I enjoyed this vid Anders love the history and info. Their in house movements are impressive to me. It makes me want to buy more in the future. And thats probably one of my only reasons. plus style!!

Jonathan Hansen says:

Could be Omega believes their real competition is Seiko, not Rolex. Seiko puts out a huge number of high quality, economically priced, pieces. I think the Seamaster is the most beautiful of all the dive watches made by anyone.

mario siaven says:

on your 4th point about omega putting out too many quartz models there is an exception which is the marine quartz watch of the mid 70 which is a ultraprecision quartz that even today is a marvel of technologiy as its only off a few (3 or 4) seconds a year

Aron Dunlap says:

Great video. I really love all the points you cover. Very thorough. I really like the 5 & 5 videos. Cheers Anders!

Tim Watts says:

Bravo, well thought out and well stated.

jfdomega says:

Great video’ agreed with 99% of what you said. Btw why is the crown on your seamaster you showed in the video not screwed down. Did you forget or is it faulty? All the best.


You have some valid points regarding Omega, they make some great pieces and some not so great, overhyped and overprised for what you get, not to mention the overly complicated movements and service cost,- especially if you have more than one, but for an investment its a great watch to have, however there are other Swiss watch brands just as great as Omega or Rolex, they just dont pay to have their watches star in a movie and put the cost of that on top the the watch.
Personally i would rather have a handfull of Japanese quality watches,- but thats just me !

Matthew Hedges says:

Omega have halted production of quartz.

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