4K Review: Omega Speedmaster Ultraman Unboxing

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This week we have a full unboxing of the Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday II “Ultraman” Limited Edition.

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Julpreet Handa says:

Not a attractive watch

Karan Vito says:

I would always choose the leather one. To me it kind of stands out and feels more manly. The other ones are good too but a little boy-ish i’d say. Great Video brother! by the way you should introduce yourself someday, like your name, age, what you do that helps you afford such watches and the like. Would be great to know. Thanks!

Watch Review says:

Excellent video!

poopy_fingers says:

natos are cool, but that flick gets to me too.

bkzlatan says:

Omega gives u all that big package the torch the leather strap cause they know their product sucks and at least they have to have a nice rapresentation..
the bigger is the eye effect target… the worst is the product

Chipchase says:

I’m happy with my 1970 Omega constellation chronometer. A small watch compared to the bedside alarm clocks people strap to their wrists these days, and very understated in design. It’s so light and unobtrusive on my wrist I often forget to take it off before going to bed. Many would be appalled to know I wear it on an expanding bracelet, but it’s so comfortable and doesn’t wear out like leather. It’s 564 caliber automatic movement is considered to be the finest ever produced by Omega, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold too.

bzg145 says:

On the leather strap

sushant mhatre says:

I would like it with leather, don’t you?

MaltLiquor45 says:

The thing I dislike about omega is the “gimmickiness” with some of their watches. They don’t need ultraman to sell the moon watch kind of cheapens it. Nothin against either omega or ultraman on their own.

Mr3lric4774 says:

What kind of car do you drive??

Bob Builder says:

put it on steel a nato is cringe

Sharing Lungs says:

At first I didn’t like it but on wrist it looks good except for that extra bit of strap.

Skot Farhat says:

I hope that in 2019 I hope I can have all series Rolex watches

Pandoran Bias says:

“Only some tiny little drops of orange, anything else and it gets too flashy for me. Also, i have a car that’s orange.”

Manny Land says:

Leather strap looks better

toutouwail says:

Oh yeah yeah

bkzlatan says:

For that amount of money u should have a TAGHEUR CARRERA 16 blue dial! Much more beautiful!

Tom117 says:

Amazing packaging !

Roy Batty says:

The Nato is supposed to be cut with a cutter and burned with a light since it comes from the rough and rude military world. You don’t need a laser or any kind of complicated technology to do that. However I prefer the leather strap.

Haroon Yousef says:

How much is it

oSJme says:

Looks like those ropes you use to fix stuff on the back of your car.

Stephen W says:

I really want an Omega but worried about the resale value and loosing to much money on it?

J H says:

wrist game is weak as f

Elliot N says:

You have a car of a similar colour? Please do a video! Something tells me it will be quite an interesting vehicle!

khmudasir tanveer says:


Marvin z Malik says:

how much is this for bro

Harsh Ved says:

What is the name of the song you use for the intro and outro?

Bob A Booey says:

I love the watch and the box is awesome; my professional came in the coolest and heaviest watch box I’ve ever seen for a watch. No I’m not a fan either of those bands. I also have a Speedmaster Schumacher that has a blue face and came with the blue leather band. I took it to an Omega dealer and had a metal Omega band put on it, looks much better and more professional.

Doom Father TM says:

Hate Nato’s for the same reason and they also hide the back of the watch which is a shame for watches with a display back.

Петр Иванов says:

Часы дешёвка, а ремень- вообще отстой! Кто такое покупает?

Gicior26 says:

Definitely nato
just a bit too long.

LOL DEY says:

What is the intro music ? 🙂

Prasenjit Maity says:

Good watch, nato definitely.

Ryan Collins says:

Beautiful watch. I like to on the nato but it should come with an extra shorter strap.

Conrad Bo says:

I am glad you bought that watch. Although it is not so expensive as your other ones I think the quirky nature of the watch will grow on you and you will keep it.

Phughy says:

Beautiful watch!

Abhishek Goyal says:

I have cheap watch shows same time as omega

True2022 says:

NATO s are a big con .Any one piece strap of normal length will do exactly the same job without all the messing around

Jeff Bankston says:


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